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Peaberry type coffee beans


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peaberry coffee bean: when a coffee cherry fruit produces one bean instead of 2. This is supposed to result in more concentrated flavor supposedly. 


I read online that its just nothing but marketing hype but some bloggers say it does make a difference. 


I tried some from Invalsa today after roasting at https://invalsacoffee.com/collections/bolivia/products/bol-peaberry


It does taste very good but a lot of high grade beans, AAA, 87+ points etc. taste good also from Invalsa. 


The price is the same for high grade beans so I thought it is worth a try. 


Available at $9.99 lb with free shipping if you are interested in the link. 


I hope this supplier survives the Covid-19 recession because their products are great. 

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Just now, weinoo said:

Also allegedly more caffeinated?

I read more on google that high quality beans should be less caffeinated - which is ironic since many drink coffee for the caffeine (and not always the taste). 


The lower grade robusta has more caffeine than higher quality arabica generally. I guess the "coffee judger-people?" thinks the caffeine should be more mellow - resulting in a better drinking experience? 

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Due to the limited market of the peaberry beans, we have only a few studies about the caffeine content. One of them published in the book “Caffeine and Activation Theory: Effects on Health and Behavior” by Barry D. Smith, Uma Gupta, B.S. Gupta. And it is stated that Tanzania Peaberry has 13.6% higher in caffeine than average arabica coffee beans





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I’m just about done with a bag of a Burundian peaberry by my favorite NYC roaster. It’s good coffee—not my favorite flavor profile, but I’m not sure this has anything to do with it being a peaberry. It tastes to me like a washed East African bean that has some peach a melon notes. The guy who roasted it says cherry and honeysuckle, and he’s got a much better palate than I do. 

are peaberries known for any distinctive characteristics?

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I went to SweetMaria's


as in the past I think they had an article about peaberries


but I couldn't find it


Google got me a lot


then this ;




this is more or less how I remember it from SM


of note :   there is not ' peaberry ' strain .


peaberry beans are had selected from the same group of plants


so an individual plant might have some peaberries and mostly regular beans


My guess ; identical roasting of both types of beans would give you 


a very similar cup.   it is alleged peaberry is sweeter than its regular bean neighboor


but id say a lot of marketing is involed


and the price increase for peaberry ( from a good supplier or not )


reflects increased labor costs.


all if you roast ( from the same plants ) both types of beans together


the peaberry will not roast the same as the regular bean when roasting together


peaberry is significantly denser.

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