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Jack's Abby ' Craft Lagers '

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I only recently realized there is a Brewery one town over from me :




at a friend I had one of these :




and Im having one right now.  ice cold.  Im not much of a beer drinker.


I get it as cold as i can w SE/Chinese/Mexican and etc fair.


Ive been known to ask for a cold glass w a few ice cubes in it so I can pour my own beer into that glass


w was little foam as possible.  that to qualify my evaluation of this beer.


for me it is sharp , fruity , w significant body.  I like it.  very cold.  I figure I may self , in the mouth 


will warm it up .  I can't cool it down.


it reminds me of this Indian Beer , which i can get locally and many local Indian Restaurants offer it :




why do I mention this beer ?  for me its also fruity :  apricots Id say.  look for it at your next Indian Reastaurant


and report back .  even if you didn't get ' Apricots '


I know this review will not help many beer drinker in the Vast eGullet Space-Time


but if you see it , give it a try.


I was to lazy to go to the brewery 


i pick up a 12-pack at TJ's that features 4 different brews :


the above , and :








Im looking forward to trying the other three


ice cold.

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I like my beers ice cold as well.  In fact, I put mine, from a very cold fridge, into the freezer for 10+ minutes before drinking.

(depending on whether it’s in a can or bottle.)

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I do that myself.


I have a few very thick Beer Glasses


I put those in the freezer along w the beer.


I like a tiny bit of ' Beer Slush ' on the top of the glass


no worries.  it melts quicky.


and tickles the throat on the Way Down



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I just finished a 6 pack of the pilsner


I heard about J's Abbey on Beer Advocate 


I like the detailed info about the plato number / beer gravity, bottling date, and so on on the can 


it's like the brewer cares about his product and is honest to the consumer about it 


I'll be buying again to try his other stuff like House Lager etc. 

"Hmmm....what would Don Quixote do?" 

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I AM a beer drinker.  I've seen that Golden Eagle beer in the local Asian market.  I'll pick a bottle up to try.


I like my lighter beers 4-6% "American Cold" unless it's a stout or porter.


I like my higher alcohol beers 7% and above "European Cold" (including stout and porter).


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very pleased someone else has tried Jack's Abby.

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Ive worked my way through the 4 beers mentioned above


before me now is the Orange Wheat.  the last ive tested


I was prepare to not care for it , Orange ?   #R(#$%^^@#_R%^ ??


but its quite  nice .  the orange is in the aftertaste and nice !


as mentioned I not a beer drinker , but I think you will find the Pilsner to be a pilsner


and the Lager a lager


all quite nice


fav for me is the Union.

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I went to TotalWine to renew my Hoponius Union cans


and I got this as a single :




Is , obviously a dark beer , and quite nice.


JA's has sample packs , the the current version is one Ive already tried.


once it cools down , Ill go visit the brewery , at 11:30 am when it opens


and see if they have small sample sets in the tap room.


Ill try to remember to take some pics , if allowed.

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Very interesting.  Not many new micro/craft breweries do any lagers.  These folks seems to have declared it a specialty and do only lagers.  That must make their beers quite unusual.  I recall having something by them a year or two ago... I'll have to see if they're distributed in PA. 

Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

Learn to brew beer with my eGCI course

Chris Holst, Attorney-at-Lunch

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remember , Im not a Beer Drinker


except in restaurants w spicy food or sushi.


Im now a big fan of H.U.


to me, the House Lager is a bit less sharp , not very ' fruity ' and w a little less body.


the Pilsner continues this trend :  not sharp , not fusty , and less body.


Id say if I were the Idiot some claim I am


and went outside now to Mow the Lawn   ( 92 F  82 % )


then came in and wanted a very icy beer , chugged right down


the Pilsner would do the trick.   if I chose the HU , more a sipping beer


Id keel right over , for some reason.


Im very much looking forward to visiting their tap room.


its < 20 minus away.

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