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Another cookie question!

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Hi! Thank you for helping with the chocolate chip cookie troubleshooting last time. I'm fairly confident in my recipe for the huge 6 oz chocolate chip cookies I've been baking. These cookies, in a conventional oven at home, are baked at 400 F for 13 mins or 410 F 11:30 depending on the mix-ins. They're baked just enough to set the outside essentially. This keeps them moist for a week! However, when I make them in a smaller 4 oz size, they are visually too small. As in, since they set quickly with minimal spread, they are thick but pretty small in diameter. It isn't a problem for gifts but for business they look like they should cost less. The simple answer would be to use a lower temp. I've tried various temps and times between 360-390 F. All temps fix the size issue but create another problem. 385 F for 12 mins creates the right shape/size but more spread + longer bake time dries out the edge! Reducing sugar + adding oil helped just a tad but was also slightly flatter. I'm trying to avoid adding egg yolk for ease when baking at a higher volume. I don't want to cause extra spread because the shape is great. Ideas for fixing this? Currently working with 112g brown sugar + 48g white sugar for a 1 stick of butter recipe. Maybe somehow adjust to incorporate liquid sugar like molasses or honey? Thoughts?

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