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Anna N

Cuisinart Convection/Air Oven

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I was just in Costco and spotted this.  I am sure the price at Costco was $199. I was quite taken with it but then remembered why I gave up my Phillips air fryer — it’s just not the kind of cooking I normally do.  But I thought some one else might be interested in seeing that there is another option if air frying is your thing. 

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Posted (edited)



its available in USA from


Gourmet Kitchen Gallery

via Amazon USA for 199 USD  free shipping


maybe no tax unless you haven't left NJ just yet.




[ed.:  He knows you've been waiting for it money-mouth.gif.c5f777d6e331e933f1fbaeb7da7b402c.gif ]


no steam




also some reviews on Amazon suggest very poor support


unlike what Ive experienced w the CSO


I wonder if this is just a ' branded' product and not a product created from scratch by Cuisinart.


200 USD for baking seems nice, if the support were there.

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