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Sous Vide Cooler Hacks


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OK, someone in an earlier thread asked me to post photos of this effort to make insulated, evap-resistant bathtubs for my new Anova ciculator.


I decided to make two.  The first was to just use my medium-sized Coleman PolyLite 40Q cooler.   This is my Go-To grocery cooler, so I didn't want to sacrifice it just for SV, so I cut a plexiglass scrap into a cover that sits down inside on the cooler's interior rim, and then hole-sawed the corner of the clear plexi to accept the Anova.  Someone specc'd the hole at 2.5" diameter, but I found that's a bit too large.  2-3/8" or 2-7/16" diameter would probably have been better.  I solved the issue by adding a toilet flush gasket that seals the hole and stabilizes the Anova.


The second was a smaller 9Q Igloo picnic cooler I never used, is only $15 new , and therefore didn't mind sacrificing.  This I hole-sawed directly through the cooler's removable lid.  Because the lid was hollow, I sealed the thing up with squirt foam and silicone caulk.  The gasket seals this one, too, just moving from one cooler to the other with the Anova.


So far, after a few uses, I can say that the setups hold heat extremely well, and don't lose much water by evaporation.  The 40Q only dropped a few degrees after being banished to the back porch overnight in 40F weather.  It would not have taken much time or juice to get it back on-temp.


I'll break out the Kill-A-Watt later, and compare energy use.


Cost was $6 for the IKEA rack, and $3.49 for the gasket.  I had everything else.  


eG Large Cooler Setup 2.jpg

eG Large Cooler Setup.jpg

Small Cooler Setup.jpg

Small Cooler Hole 1.jpg

Small Cooler Hole 2.jpg

Small Cooler Open.jpg


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