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" What Good Cooks Know "

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recommending a book from the Test Kitchen Cabal ?


In need of a Head Examination Me ?


What Good Cooks Know: 20 Years of Test Kitchen Expertise in One Essential Handbookir?t=egulletcom-20&l=am2&o=1&a=194035266


in fairness this book showed up as a new book at my library so I check it out and took a look.


If you are waking up from a long nap , say 20 years , and have not heard of the


America's Test Kitchen Cabal and Rx Churning Machine    


this one book summarizes most of their strengths  and might be quite useful


given the above.


they recommend equipment , and ingredients commonly found.   they cover some basic cooking techniques  .


can't say if there is anything new in this book.   Its a compilation churn.


one of their several Achilles Heels   ( more than two they have )


is they completely missed the Electric PC   ( iPot ) ,  they mention the Anova on 384 , but that might be all ....


and of course  the CSO or Steam-Cooking is not mentioned but I didn't look very hard.


if you have nothing from ATK , and your library has this book 


take a look.


no more   no less.



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I don't understand this rotuts writing style - or why a book that is explicitly about their last twenty years needs to include something new.


We know that they don't do sous vide, or apparently the Insta-Things,  but if you're a person who knows this, then this book isn't for you.

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