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Road trip UT NV

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Leaving NY next week for a couple of days in Las Vegas, through Escalante to SLC for another couple of days, and then to Reno-San Francisco-LA-San Diego for another week ( but that belongs to another board).

I searched and read the past postings but there's not a lot of recent info on SLC. We're looking for off the beaten path, $-$$, any cuisine. Made a note on Elko NV for basque- any specific recommendations? It might work great for lunch on our way to Reno.

Thank you in advance.

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It's quite a few years since I last got there, but I've had some delightful dinners at Bombay House. The food was excellent, and the price was modest. I also liked that the place was staffed by family members, and tips were shared throughout the operation: the cook got his share.

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