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Heston B it seems is leaving the UK band the Fat Duck for AUS


any ideas in your Pond as to why ?


here is a ref. to tow SBS shows about his move


any ideas \?

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well here is this :




""   Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal says he will shut down his Fat Duck restaurant and temporarily relocate it to Australia for six months next year.  ""


temporarily ?


he did have an " intestinal "   issue, but seemed to recover 




who's Up ?

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Interesting. Sounds as though he is 'testing the waters' in Melbourne. He will try out both the Fat Duck and Dinner there in the same venue, one after the other, so presumably (unless the 'experiment' fails) it sounds as though all his equipment, etc. will remain there (so it won't be returning to Britain - guess he is re-outfitting the Duck completely) and eventually it will mean that he has at least one Australian restaurant presence under either Fat Duck or Dinner name (or at least in the genre of one or the other) unless they both flop.

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got it.  HB is in deed a fan of publicity :


HB went down under as the Fat Duck is being renovated to be come the Fatter Duck


and he then might have deux Ducks  Some maybe fatter then the other



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You chaps are a little behind the times - the Fat Duck has been and gone from this end of the world, and our very own Chris Taylor posted this review of Dinner, its replacement, back in February.

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Haha, Lesliec. And we in the 'western world' pride ourselves on being up on everything important first. Or at least some do. I personally am not surprised that even in this day of the internet and instant gratifi(oops communi)cation we are far behind the times here in North America. We are sometimes (oftentimes) very insular here, while touting that we 'know everything'. Thanks for the 'update'.


I do now recall seeing Chris's review of Dinner but I guess it never sunk in that it was in Australia (since I know about the one in London - my daughter has been there - and didn't know it had been replicated in Australia). Chris didn't mention that in his introductory pictorial coverage. Someone in passing mentioned Melbourne later on in the thread but I guess that went over my head.

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Im pretty sure, every thing Down Under  works differently.


not better , not worse.


after all, then you 'Drain your Bath'  or consider a flush of the Toilet, 


the whirl Pool, you know, goes the other way.


so maybe other stuff does too ?


unfortunately for me  Ive never been Down Under.


but I must say, Heston is a Very Crafty guy


if you see any of these vids, he of course take some sort of airplane that has ' compartments '


looks like European Train Compartments.  but much snazzier


love to find out the airline and the Bill Heston got !


not knowing enough about it, but full of Full Flavored Opinions :


the Down Under Heston's     seems to have more  "" Food "" on the plate than the Fat Duck.

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