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Large batch of caramel sauce


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3 parts sugar with 1 part water to prevent scorching. Add a little lemon juice or other acid to prevent crystallizing.

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This is our large batch caramel sauce:


3# heavy cream, warmed


In a large braiser:

1# 8 oz water

9 oz corn syrup

5# 4 oz sugar


12 oz unsalted butter, chopped


mix it gently (because I never wash the sides down with a wet brush but you don't want to leave a giant mound of sugar in the center either)


Moderate heat til it starts to color then watch it carefully.  When it's the color you want,  turn off the heat, add the cream in a slow stream, starting and stopping as the bubbles rise and subside; when the cream is added, add the butter and 4 tbl vanilla and stir with a whisk.


If what you were looking for is straight caramel (for dipping or making a cage) then what Drewman said.  I like to rub the pot with a cut lemon first.


ETA: forgot the butter quantity

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