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  1. I just got back from Dubai and I think my conclusions are that I've got to stop going to the restaurants inside of the hotels. They are consistently decent but no better than that. We went to Karam, Zheng He, Spectrum, and to the little Italian cafe in the Emirates Towers because Al Nafoora was closed due to an unforeseen emergency. All of them are decent to good none of them are great. I still think there's great food to be had in Dubai, I just now think its probably at a restaurant not linked to a hotel. Something more frequented by the locals... I'll try to find it next time. My favorite place for the mezze is still Chandelier. I have pictures of the food at all of these places... I'll try to post them when I get a chance. Oh, the dates from Bateel continue to be absolutely delicious. I just bought a box to take to America on a trip to visit family next week. They think they don't like dates, wait until they taste these.
  2. Thank you prasantrin, I guess the Kempinsky doesn't consider it inside the hotel. Instead its listed as one of the restaurants in the mall of the Emirates. I'm going to try and get there, I'll let you know what its like. Has anyone been to Zheng He's? I've been hearing good things.
  3. Does Karam still exist? I'm looking at the Kempinsky website and I can't seem to find it? Has anyone else been recently? I'm thinking about visiting the restaurant, provided it still exists!
  4. Yes, Jellyfish. It is delicious. Cold julienned vegetable, pork, and various seafood, with Jellyfish. All tossed in hot mustard sauce. I've never seen it offerred at any other Korean restaurant but my Korean friends all recognize it at once so I'm assuming this is a Korean dish and not Chinese. Or a Chinese dish that is much more popular in Korea than it is for the Chinese (we usually have people of both nationalities when we go for dinner at Great Seas and the Koreans are the only ones familiar with it).
  5. In Chicago there is a place called Great Seas that does amazing gampoongi (fried chicken in spicy/sweet garlicky sauce). The version is done on the bone (instead of just cubed pieces as I've seen elsewhere) and they've done a wonderful job of balancing the sauce, making sure their version is not overly sweet. Its delicious. I have a picture, if you'd like to see. Click on the link in my signature and then hit the link on the archive category for Chicago. This will lead you to a post on Great Seas.
  6. Chryz, I love Jajang Myeon! I've never even thought of trying to make it myself. I'm inspired, I'm going to have to try your recipe.
  7. Dejah, that's fascinating. As a married daughter you're not allowed to eat at your mother's on New Year's? Is this because you're meant to be hosting your own NY's table? Or should be at your Mother in Law's table?
  8. There are also the three inexpensive korean food joints across the street from Centre Point. I've only been to two of them but they are both decent and I'd guess the third is pretty similar.
  9. Bryan, I'm joining this thread late so I might second a lot of the other recommendations but I have a few new ones. Marlebone Farmer's Market is not so far from Marble Arch and if the friend is interested in cheese then she should definitely go to Fromagerie (Neal's yard is also not to be missed but Fromagerie is closer). Pork Pies and other wonderful goodies can be bought just a hop down the street from Fromagerie at Ginger Pig. A bit farther away there is great seafood (on the more expensive end) at J Sheeky. Dim sum here is generally better than in New York and (in my opinion) just as good as in Hong Kong. Hakkasan does it very well, go at lunch, no dim sum at dinner. Royal China is also decent and not too far from Marble Arch - Get the peking duck here that everyone seems to be so crazy about in London. I don't know why New York doesn't seem to do it. There is a variety of Indian food here that is not available in New York, I second the rec for New Tayyeb and if there is interest, maybe trek out to Southall to see the area and eat what they have to offer (I like the street food at Gifto's). And if more foie is of interest, Comptoir Gascon does very decent tapas style smal plates of different preparations of foie (at least they did the last time I was there a few months back). But while not wildly expensive, this will end up being a more pricey meal depending on how much you eat. Harrod's food hall is fun to gape at but even better is on saturdays at Borough market the cheese sandwich that people have already talked about and the chorizo one shouldn't be missed. Try not to let the crowds make you crazy. Its really hard to find good cheap eats in this city, especially when you come from the states and the exchange rate is currently so hurting! Oh and I agree that St John's and/or St John's Bread and Wine shouldn't be missed for true English food... Anchor and Hope is another good one for gastropub English/French style home cooking but the no reservation policy there is very annoying.
  10. Cathy, Why stop at the PH books? I stock up on his chocolates when I'm in Paris. As well as Christine Ferbier preserves both the ones made espressly for Pierre and her regular ones (picked up at bon marche or galleries lafayette). Also if you like it, a jar or two or confiture de lait, as it might not be so easily found where you're going!
  11. Oh, but what if you were to make your own potato chips and then toss them in yuzu kosho while still hot? That would be delicious... especially if you made the crosshatch ones. Or perhaps a sweet potato version.
  12. dabestspooner, you've completely simultaneously intrigued and made me feel behind the times. What is bit torrent and how can I watch those things too?!
  13. I think that is enough of an endorsement for me . There are a few places out there selling a few of the issues and I'm going to order them. Shame, I'd much rather watch the anime but I don't have a multiregional dvd player (I should really get one).
  14. Hiroyuki, Have you ever tried to use tempura ko AND Shochu? I wonder if that would lead to even better texture and crispness that lasts.
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