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  1. timing is everything - I just dropped one of my lids in a parking lot & snapped the handle (along with scraping the enamel a bit ) and I wouldn't have known about the Stainless replacement handle without this thread - thanks!
  2. Re the judging That's great to hear - thanks. When you're talking to said Bravo & Magical Elves people please do let them know how much more we're enjoying the professional personal-drama free atmosphere of this show in comparison to the regular TopChef!
  3. They are! Having my favorite Kefir nearby seems like it will be a good thing in spite of the tiny spaces (as long as most of us continue to do our primary shopping at local places like the Ballard Market so TJs doesn't drive them out of business...)
  4. newspaper covered with (sterilized) steer manure works nicely too.
  5. Eden

    Onion Confit

    I am considering using the crockpot technique on some leeks - I want to see if they behave similarly...
  6. I used to love Worldspice back when Tony was still the owner, but both the quality and the customer service have plummeted since he left. The people behind the counter have been downright surly to me at times, not to mention claiming my cooking groups spice blends, which we had shared with Tony, as their own recipes
  7. Last night was Beef roast and Broiled (green) Beans, Baked polenta gnocchi and Beverages from Bottles Beef roast is actually an anomaly around here for some reason, so it really was breaking out of the mold for us. The Polenta & the greenbeans are in regular rotation...
  8. I'm rerally surprised they didn't send Fabio home, rather than Jeff. He keeps skating through on cute accent & charm, but on the actual cooking side my impression is that he is tutto fumo niente arrosto.
  9. Didn't Lord Byron used to drink vinegar? I would grab the occasional swig of vinegar for years til the moring I was stressing out before cooking a large banquet & gulped down the last bit of a bottle into my apparently already acidic stomach - results were not happy & I can't bring myself to pick the habit back up....
  10. we use trays when we have guests, but don't bother when it's just the two of us. They're great when serving ice-cream especailly. Bill will scoop out his creation of the day into a dozen tiny bowls & bring them all to the table at once.
  11. Eden

    Cheese and my Crock Pot

    so how DO you make mozzarella in a crock pot??? I have a friend who is lactose intolerant, but can hnadle small amounts of goat & sheep milk, so being able to make a mozzarella for her would be lovely. Note that I have made both firm & soft cheeses in the past but never Mozz.
  12. Eden


    in addition to these & subsequent items mentioned, over the dairy department you have yoghurt & sourcream to add a nice acid component to a dish. Green gooseberries can add sour as well.
  13. my sweet cicely thrives in a similar bed. and the lovage did well there till it got truly cold...
  14. Great idea. Our fridge is clearly a refuge for stray condiments, because half the time there's no room for anythng else in there & moving things aside to see what's in back, or clean up any spills is no small task.
  15. Our party here in Seattle (far far from the maddening crowd) will also be fairly casual, but with some appropriately themed treats. Because they're local AND we know that the Obamas like them we'll be enjoying Fran's Salted Caramels (yumm) Of course there will be arugula - if it's wrapped in prosciutto with some pomegranate glaze it should be elitist enough for anybody Cribbed from a local bookstore there will also be "campaign trail mix". Purplechick I like your suggestion of something Kenyan, I will look into that, and am considering Mr. Obama's chili recipe as an easy "leave the crock pot on low & people can serve themselves" dish. I'm leaning towards Martha Washington's Rum Punch, and of course we'll be imbibing a lot of sparkling beverages! I feel like we're neglecting Mr. Biden, but a Pot Pie is nust not a good party food...
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