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I hate slice and bake cookies! Any hints for avoiding fissures in the logs of dough?

Kim Shook

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My most recent batch of gluten-free shortbread cookies did what Kim Shook's cookie log did in the first posting...just kind of fell apart.  (The recipe is actually supposed to be rolled out and cut into shapes...definitely not my thing and so I just make a roll, chill it and slice it before baking.)  But this last batch was not behaving well.


So I dumped it back into the bowl, added a small chunk of butter and began the roll again.  Success this time.  Probably not something that most cooks would never do...no doubt the dough is handled too much...but I can be extremely lazy and nonchalant sometimes, and for me, it worked perfectly.  


I'd rather do slice and bake any time.  Hate doing roll and use cookie cutters.  

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