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Jim D.

Boxes for Chocolates

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I have seen Nakazawa (available in the U.S. from Unger Co. in Cleveland) mentioned as a good source for boxes for chocolates, and they certainly have some very nice looking ones. Unfortunately 200 appears to be the smallest lot in which these are sold, and I am looking for smaller amounts of various sizes. Can anyone suggest other sources?

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There are lots of places that sell smaller quantities: US Box, Box and WRap, Bags and Bows, Nashville Wrapes, Glerup Revere.

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As Cassie says, lots of places that sell smaller quantities. Unfortunately, the price per box seems to go way up when you purchase in small quantities. Purchasing from package nakazawa seems to be the first price break point, next price break point appears to be when you by a few thousand and go the custom set up box route.

Here are a few other places that sell smaller quantities:

- www.sweetpackaging.com

- www.aspecialtybox.com

- www.modpac.com

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fantastic resources. Thanks!

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