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Dark meat turkey temps?

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I didnt know where to ask this as its a combo question:

if you traditionally roast a whole turkey, and have done it correctly, your dark meat will be tender and juicy as will the white.

what internal meat temp would that dark meat then be? 160? 175?

I ask as Im about to SV two turkeys, white and dark separately. im very happy with white 140 3 - 4 hours.

for dark Ive done 160 x 24. that makes for a difficult SV with one bath. I usually do the white first, the increast the temp for the thighs and legs that are skinned and in separate bags.

can I get a similar result on the dark after 12 hours? maybe 12 x 165?

Baldwin recommends dark:

160 x 24 Well, slow

175 x 8 - 12 Well, quick

your thoughts based on the 'traditional' roasted dark meat temps?

many thanks!

gobble gobble!

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OK nobody knows. thats fine. :huh:

but if you roast a turkey in the oven, and get that dark meat 'perfect' and have a thermapen,

would you consider recording you Meat Temp and how well you thought the dark meat was done?

for future ref.



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I am not sure if this will help but when I cook poultry I cook the breast at 60C (140F) and bone-in thighs at 65C (150F).

There is a discussion of cooking turkey sous vide at this link.

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