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French influence, version 2


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The French influence on the American cuisine and food marketplace cannot be understated. But, I feel it was a combination of chance and deft market awareness that has let it establish its current influence. The 1939 World's Fair in what would become Flushing Meadow New York (The Last Days of Haute Cuisine by Patric Kuh) allowed France to send a team of superb chefs to introduce French cuisine to Americans, as opposed to Britain sending the Magna Charta. To send people to produce an experience was, in my opinion, a deft move. That the American people at that particular time were of the right mindset to accept such food was both a lucky coincidence and a keen observation.

My question is: If France did not send such a group of chefs at that time, would the French influence on the American culinary scene be as strong as it has been?

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France (especially at the beginning of the 20th century) was very influential in the world for its food, perfumes and fashion.

Escoffier was exported to the Savoy in London. In Russia the Tzar had only French Chefs etc....Maxims had a large rich American clientele, La Tour d'Argent as well....

France is really obsessed with food and it is its first exported specialty; it's a cultural fact. Even today I think France is one of the most influential players. French cuisine is a good cuisine with real techniques and real quality ingredients.

The British and Americans have great Rock and Roll (The French suck). But in food, France still influences a lot of people. I do not think the visit of those Chefs in 1939 influenced the cuisine of America at the time. Later Julia Child did a tremendous job promoting it.

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