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  1. So, is the Brooklyn some variation of a Manhattan?
  2. I agree with philadining. Yakitori Boy can't be a dinner type place, it'd be too expensive. The interior is nicer than what I remember Yakitori Taisho to have been, way back when I went there in 2002-2004. Food isn't tasty enough. They probably should also develop some kind of signature dish, a la Kobe sliders at Barclay, etc. Something that people talk about. I'm not sure if they'll fill the niche that philadining refers to or not. If they can improve their food and attract enough non-Chinese, success!! Disclosure: I know the partners involved with this particular Japanesey joint.
  3. Thanks, already did it before. Not just googling it, but remembering it is very important though. I really like this raw beef, egg and vegetable dish that many young Koreans seem to not like.
  4. Okay, that's next on my Korean food love affair, actually learning the dish names!
  5. Best fried chicken I've ever had in US (not having had it south of M-D line) is Korean fried chicken. Cafe Soho on Cheltenham Ave. just east of 5th is only place I know of in town. Of course, it's $20 for 20 pieces, so it's expensive, but dammm good and not greasy at all. RIP Big George's is no longer there, and since I've heard nothing about a move/replacement, I have to assume it's finito.
  6. Andrew Fenton, You kept this from me?
  7. Quick note: none of the places on N 5th are Mexican. Generally speaking, Mexicans stay south of, oh let's say Girard, the exception being Taco Riendo @ 4th and Thompson. N 5th is Puerto Ricans, and I guess Cubans and Colombians. It's not a good idea to mix up Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, at least not to the Puerto Ricans' faces.
  8. Also Mission Grill at 19th and Arch, same owners as Public House. Cascamorto Piano Bar @ 20th and Arch. Neither is especially expensive, although a glass of sangria at Mission Grill, a little more expensive then I'm used to, but fairly large and probably a fair price.
  9. Hmm, wonder if I should make a post in every thread with the word "snozberry".
  10. Never had the pho dac biet, but my understanding is that the bun bo hue is really the only thing to get there. This from my boss, who's tried it at many of the other places around the area.
  11. I'm just happy people are starting to differentiate between going to different kinds of Chinese restaurants for different foods and quality levels.
  12. Make a reservation for next weekend now, ahead of the review.
  13. I'll eat either kind of noodle. The standout about their bo bun hue is the pig's feet. Very tasty.
  14. Just found Cafe Diem's Bo bun hue a few months ago, and I have it at least once a month now. I suppose I can try one of the others, but I'm happy going with pho there.
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