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Mandoline that cuts on the round

tony h

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Help. I am looking for a special type of mandoline – not the usual ones that slice veg in small discrete slices or the Japanese ones which create long spirals – but one which creates very long slices by turning a cylindrically shaped vegetable on its axis and shaving off long thin pieces to create sheets.

I can’t find using google as I don’t know its name.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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That is fascinating to watch.

The procedure is similar to the much rougher technique I use on a center cut pork loin so I have a long flat slab of meat to stuff and roll. (also top round of beef)

However I cut away from me rather than toward my hand - my knife skills have a long way to go before I can do even a small chunk of vegetable that thin.

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^ That's your ticket right there.

Hah right when I read the first post I was going to bring up the serious knife skills of Japanese chefs. Just watch a iron Chef battle with Michiba or Morimoto and 8/10 they will sheet a vegetable like that.

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du buyer mandolines have an attachment that allow you to slice vertically creating longer thin sheets rather than round ones


And the shun mandoline lets you slice either way, long or round.

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