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    Steven Shaw

    My heart goes out to Ellen and PJ. This is so shocking and unexpected. We worked together for a long time and he was a dynamic and driving force behind eG. So very sad.
  2. Great to see this thread pop back up. We gave up our RV a few years ago when we bought the cottage, but as we are nearing retirement, we have started looking at 5th wheels. In the meantime, i'll follow along with Smithy. Great meals!
  3. It is so great to be in Oakville for a few days, and even better to be able to once more, be part of the Ladies Who Lunch! Thanks Anna and Kerry for a fabulous day, a great lunch and some great shopping. I even found something that will work great at the cottage!
  4. I have two of the Breville XL ovens. One at home and one at the cottage. The one at the cottage is going on 4 years, no problems. The one at the house is coming up two years and I use it quite a bit since I have only one oven here. No problems.
  5. When I was testing for Twenty, Michael wanted me to do a french onion soup with water. I thought he was crazy because I've always used stock. The results from using water just totally blew me away. it was a much lighter, clean tasting soup than I ever expected. French onion soup can be heavy when stock is used. This soup had all of the flavour and none of the heaviness.
  6. Steven, thanks for the years of service and fun. I always enjoyed working with you. Good luck on your next adventure!
  7. Kerry, what rum are you looking for? If there are any at the Bracebridge or Gravenhurst LCBO's I could pick them up for you.
  8. And that is more or less how Jake and I met through egullet (jake also being a girl), and we've been best friends ever since. And I miss you guys. Wish I was closer to the Island.
  9. When we were in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, we discovered Casa di Amore way off strip. They'll even pick you up in their limo and take you there and back if you call them and request it. The food was amazing. And Vic and Anthony's in the Golden Nugget,down on Freemont , has one of the best steaks I've ever had in Vegas.
  10. Marlene

    Ribs in the oven

    If I don't do ribs and kraut in the oven, this is the recipe I go to most for bbq'd ribs in the oven Sticky oven ribs
  11. What cuts is she sending you? Berkshire pork is amazing and tender and flavourful!
  12. I'm so not going to ask how you got that stuff across the border! I miss Oakville and you guys. This summer, I'm coming down for lunch. Or you can come to the cottage. And Kerry, if you make that spread, please pass along how you did it!
  13. Thanks! I have his cookbook and I met him once at a Gourmet event. We're going back to Vegas in April and thought we might try Central for dinner one night.
  14. What about Michel Richard's restaurant in Caesar's Palace, Central. Is it any good?
  15. Yes that's a bit of a drawback.
  16. We also added baking powder to the Twenty recipe. I am not a huge fan of Keller's recipe and I always left out the onion and used a little bit of garlic salt. There are lots of recipes I love in Ad Hoc, but the fried chicken isn't one of them.
  17. How big is your roast? When I do this, I roast at 200 convection. I do not sear it first. An 8-9 lb roast should take about 4.5 hours. Smaller roast, say 5 lbs, should take a little over 3 and a half. But do use a meat thermometer and roast to temp. I take mine out when the thermometer hits 135 (for rare) and let it sit for 25 minutes or so while I do the yorkies.
  18. I Like all of Reinhart's books, but my favourite is Artisan breads everyday, then Bread Baker's Apprentice and then Crust and Crumb.
  19. I didn't say it wasn't worth it, (in fact, I bought it) and I do know something about what goes into an electronic version, but I was still surprised at the price. The article does say it is the most expensive app in the store. I used to lug my hard copy to the cottage with me, and now I won't have to!
  20. It might be the most expensive app I've ever seen!
  21. Lovely, Anna and Kerry! The one thing we've really started to enjoy out here is Indian food. Don's always been a fan, but me not so much till we moved here. It's now in our regular take out rotation and I've done a couple of Indian dishes myself. Love, love, love onion bhaji!
  22. I actually prefer Bouchon for breakfast/lunch over dinner.
  23. yeah it will be insane. We've got our restaurants booked through the 31st and then we'll see about the Monday Tuesday. It will be a lot quieter on those two days. They do shut down the strip to cars on NYE, but i can't remember what time and I believe the hotels lock their doors at 11:30 and don't open them again until 12:30 so if you want to be in your hotel, make sure you do so before 11:30. I'd forgotten about the law regarding hailing cabs. As often as we've been to Vegas, we've never done NYE so it should be interesting. I'm thinking champagne in our room at midnight watching the fireworks is going to work well for me.
  24. Hey! We are arriving the 28th and heading back the 3rd. We must meet up for a cocktail. We'll be staying at the Encore at Wynn.
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