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Food Engineering Reviews


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I'm an engineer by training and get spammed by lots of technical publishers. Normally I ignore this kind of junk email, but the one below from Food Engineering Reviews caught my eye. I imagine this journal is obscenely expensive (as most technical pubs are), but the publisher is providing free article downloads through December 31, 2010. These articles may be interesting reading for curious foodies and budding food engineers, and may provide some insight into the next advances in modernist cuisine. For example, their December 2010 issue has the following articles:

Mathematical Modeling Procedures for Airflow, Heat and Mass Transfer During Forced Convection Cooling of Produce: A Review

The Use of Electric Fields for Edible Coatings and Films Development and Production: A Review

High Pressure Processing of Meat, Meat Products and Seafood

Polymeric-Based Food Packaging for High-Pressure Processing

Some interesting articles from earlier issues:

Nanoencapsulation: A New Trend in Food Engineering Processing

Enhanced Extraction from Solid Foods and Biosuspensions by Pulsed Electrical Energy

Shelf-Life Testing of Coffee and Related Products: Uncertainties, Pitfalls, and Perspectives

Selected Applications of Ultrasonics in Food Processing

You can find all of the issues/articles at this link:



A Message from the Editor-in-Chief:

Welcome to Food Engineering Reviews. To briefly summarize the goal of this journal, Food Engineering Reviews endeavors to present high quality reviews of state-of-the-art identified topics that range from the classical to modern engineering aspects of food processing, in which authors are encouraged to include their own work.

In addition to unsolicited reviews, the journal also publishes Special Issues including 6 to 8 peer-reviewed articles and focused in a given topic proposed by a Guest Editor and approved by the journal editors. To suggest and lead the publication of a Special Issue is open to the readership, and we encourage submitting proposals to any of the members of the Editorial Board.

We want to make this journal one of the main sources to find the leading edge information on food engineering. This is the commitment of the editors, the editorial board and Springer.

Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas

Submit Online

Food Engineering Reviews publishes reviews covering all engineering aspects of today's food industry. Coverage concentrates on classic as well as modern novel food engineering topics, exploring such essential factors as the health, nutritional, and environmental aspects of food processing. The journal identifies and discusses trends that will drive the discipline over time.

The scope of topics addressed is broad, encompassing:

 Transport phenomena in food processing

 Food Process Engineering

 Physical Properties of foods

 Food nano-science and nano-engineering

 Food equipment design / Food plant design

 Modeling food processes

 Microbial inactivation kinetics

 Preservation technologies

 Engineering aspects of food packaging

 Shelf life, storage and distribution of foods

 Instrumentation, control and automation in food processing

 Food engineering, health and nutrition

 Energy and economical considerations in food engineering

 Food engineering education

Fast and easy submission via:


Free Access to Selected Articles

I would like to invite you to read the following articles published in Food Engineering Reviews for free and find out if your next article fits the scope of this journal.

The free trial access is valid until December 31st, 2010.

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