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Friday The Firkinteenth [PLAN]

Rich Pawlak

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In beer aficionado circles, the "best" beer festival is always fodder for serious suds talk. I rank the Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland and the Great American Beer Festival in Denver among the finest examples of beer festing in America and I'm still waiting to go to my first Toronado Barleywine Festival in San Francisco someday. But for 12 years I've been attending the best beer festival in America, and only in the past few years did I come to realize it.

I'm talking, of course, about Friday the Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge Pub in Philly, the only beer celebration dictated by the calendar: it occurs only on Friday the 13th. 2009 has been a very good year for FTF; this Friday's FTF will be the THIRD one this year!

They start tapping the firkins at NOON this Friday. Here are the details, excerpted from my blog The Omnivore (see link below in my signature) and the Grey Lodge's website:

Kitchen will open at 11am serving our full menu.

Number of firkins is still TBA. We expect 20+.

With 20+ firkins, we should have cask ale going until at least 9pm. Time permitting Scoats will be updating the news page and tweeting throughout the day with cask status.

7 firkins will be pouring at any time (except when we get down to less than 7), tapping a new one as one kicks. The order of the casks will be random, but hey there should be no stinkers in the line-up.

Current Cask List (likely to change, it always does): more to come!

Arcadia London Porter, a robust London style porter 7.2% ABV

Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, a triple hopped IPA 7.25% ABV.

Coronado Islander IPA, West coast IPA . 7% ABV

Cricket Hill Col. Blide's Bitter, 5.5% ABV

Dock Street Rye IPA, an aggressively hopped American Pale Ale 6.8% ABV

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA, a blend of its 60 and 90 Minute IPAs 7.5% ABV

Duck Rabbit double-dry-hopped Brown, 5.6% ABV.

Earth Tappist Pale Ale, ? ABV.

Flying Fish Grand Cru, strong golden ale. 6.8% ABV.

Iron Hill Totally Inappropriate. An Octoberfest primed with fermenting Quadruppel and dry hopped with American hops. 6% abv.

Iron Hill Hopzilla IPA. Classic rendition of an English IPA. 5.8% ABV

Lancaster Celtic Rose, traditional Irish Amber Ale. 5% ABV.

Manayunk Old Ebenezer Barley Wine, traditional English barley wine 9% ABV.

Nodding Head Anomaly, an unusual beer without any unusual ingredients… 5.25% ABV.

Philadelphia Brewing Co. Joe, brewed with locally-roasted, fair trade coffee, 5% ABV.

Sixpoint Otis, an accentuation of stout beer. 6% ABV.

Sixpoint Vienna Pale.

Sly Fox Chester County Bitter, dry -hopped, quaffable session ale. 4.5% ABV.

Sly Fox Rte 113 IPA, big, strong IPA for all the hopheads. 6.6% ABV.

Stoudts Winter Ale, a new version from Stoudts. 6.2% ABV.

Troegs Hopback Amber 5.6% ABV.

Victory Yakima Twilight, 8.7% ABV.

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, a double IPA using exclusively Simcoe hops! 9% ABV.

Yards ESA dry hopped with East Kent Goldings True British cask conditioned flavor 6.3% ABV.

I expect to get there at the midway point. Hope to see you there!

HOST'S NOTE: This is an member-organized event, not an official eGullet Society event. Please see here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums.

FTF Firkin Tap.jpg

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Rich Pawlak


Reporter, The Trentonian

Feature Writer, INSIDE Magazine
Food Writer At Large


"In Cerveza et Pizza Veritas"

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It was another great Friday The Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge. Unfortunately I woke up with laryngitis and the best voice I could muster made me sound like Mickey Mouse. Great hilarity among the friends I encountered yesterday.

Here's what we sampled:

The Victory Yakima Twilight was teeth-rattling hoppy, but with a nice malt balance and a crisp finish, reminding me of one of my favorite beers on earth, Deschutes Twilight;

Next up, Sly Fox Rte 113 IPA, another hopmonster, with a really bitey tart end. Nice, but the Victory blew it away in comparison;

Arcadia London Porter was next, recommended by good friend Cary Smithson, and it was a lovely porter, deep, round, roasty, chocolatey;

Kevin Romer who blogs as the Big Beer Guy raved about the Nodding Head Anomaly, but it was gone by my arrival, so I went with his other strong rec, the Manayunk Old Ebenezer Barleywine, a magnificent beer, deep and caramel and nutty and very rich. I wish I had a cigar to enjoy with that one;

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe was my next buy, a big citrusy double IPA, all Simcoe hops, and it has a spicy finish that I kinda liked; it would be a great beer with hot wings or some spicy Asian food, like a Thai green curry;

I took a break from all the hoppiness and tried a Sixpoint Vienna Lager, and it was light and refreshing and pleasantly nutty after all those ballsy bitter beers;

But my favorite beer of the day was the Dogfish Head 75 min. IPA, a blend of their 60 min. and 90 min. IPAs. It had perfect balance, sweet and tart, grassy and citrusy, spice and honey. A brilliant beer. Blew away everything I had previously;

My final beer of the day was a Yards ESA, dry-hopped with East Kent Goldings, in the true British fashion of cask ale, and it was a terrific farewell beer, big, round and full, the best beer with which I could toast the portrait of our friend Gary Bredbenner (RIP) that hangs on the 2nd floor of the Grey Lodge, and toast all my friends as I bid them goodnight, in my best Mickey voice: "See ya real sooooon!"

And lest you think I was leaving the Grey Lodge in a state of absolute blotto, I drank only small 7-ounce cups of the beers I tried, seperated for the most part with equal cups of ice water, over the course of my almost 3 hours at FTF. Clean palate, barely a buzz, no hangover in the morning.

When I left, there were only 7 firkins left to be tapped. The crowd had emptied 18 firkins in just 6 hours. I learned later from beer blogger Dan Berger that all the firking were kicked by 7:30PM.

Amazing. There won't be another Friday The Firkinteenth until August of 2010. I can't wait.

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Rich Pawlak


Reporter, The Trentonian

Feature Writer, INSIDE Magazine
Food Writer At Large


"In Cerveza et Pizza Veritas"

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