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Gas BBQ grills in Australia

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I believe in the USA the gas used for BBQs is 100% propane. In Australia the fuel can vary from 100% propane to 100% butane depending on the source.

If you visit:

You'll see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propane

"North American barbecue grills powered by propane cannot be used overseas.[citation needed] The "propane" sold overseas is actually a mixture of propane and butane. The warmer the country, the higher the butane content, commonly 50/50 and sometimes reaching 75% butane. Usage is calibrated to the different-sized nozzles found in non-U.S. grills.[citation needed] Americans who take their grills overseas — such as military personnel — can find U.S.-specification propane at AAFES military post exchanges."

Depending on your grill will depend on if it's worth dragging over. The BBQ industry here isn't as big as the USA but there's readily available things such as Green Eggs as well as local varients. I'd suggest considering charcoal if you're interested. The gas powered BBQs here can have a bitter edge when used for grilling... but then again I eat plenty of grilled gas food which is good *shrug*

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If your grill is from Weber or a similarly prominent company, you could try calling them, explaining the situation, and asking if they'll send you the relevant parts to convert your grill. On most Webers it's a straightforward operation to convert from propane to other gases.

John Rosevear

"Brown food tastes better." - Chris Schlesinger

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