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The Duluth Grill -- Duluth, Minnesota


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Over here in the Bibimbap Cook-off, I posted about attending a wedding reception with a bibimbap buffet table, something I'd never seen in these parts before. I decided I needed to check out the offerings of the restaurant that had done the catering: The Duluth Grill, which is part of a local group of three family-run establishments catering to different crowds. The business model for all of them is to provide organically grown produce and humanely raised / butchered meats, all from local businesses to the degree possible.


It was too cool and rainy to want to sit outside, but their yard / waiting area is inviting on warmer days.




The front of their menu describes more about their business model.






We were shown to a booth and given menus. Oh, what a dilemma! 















It had been the bibimbap table at the wedding reception that had intrigued me so much with its collection of dishes to try, but in the end I chose their Korean Toast. This was a kimchi-stuffed omelet atop toast, gochuchang-tossed pork belly atop the lot, and chopped green onions and herbs scattered atop it, and drizzles of their soyoli. I asked for marinated kale (yes, really) as my side dish. There was also a small bowl of their Thai green curry sauce. 




My darling chose their meat-lover's omelet, with its delicious assortment of sausage, bacon and pork belly.




I sneaked a sample of each of those meats. They were quite good.


Kambucha for me, latte for him.




These portions were huge, and we ended up with take-home packages for later. 


The verdict: I'm glad I tried their Korean Toast once. The pork belly was superb: tender, with a happy blend of spicy heat and cooling soyoli sauce. The eggs were tender and nicely wrapped around the filling. The kimchi filling was something I'm glad I've tried, but I don't think I'd try that one again. The entire plate had too busy a flavor combination for me, and it may be that kimchi isn't really something I want at breakfast time.


His meat-lover's omelet was perfect, as far as I could tell.


While we waited for our breakfasts, we admired their series of hot sauces set at the table. I tried one for fun, but really, my breakfast didn't need any helping heat.




One other delight about the Duluth Grill is that they'll happily provide recipes for anything they make. I came away with a stack of things I'd had the previous weekend at the wedding: their coconut rice, larb, Thai green curry, Korean barbecue sauce, kimchi, pickled chilis, pickled onions, soyoli.


Now I'll have to try making them, while cutting them down to size. These are restaurant-sized portions. In each case it gives the equipment needed, the proper method and storage technique after it's finished, and the finished batch size. In most cases it's a 2-gallon bucket worth. The larb portion? "Saddle bag"! 😄


More gratuitous menu shots:





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