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Sweet Potato Pie

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Sweet Potato Pie

Serves 8 as Dessert.

Southern Sweet Potato Pie

  • 2 c sweet potatoes, cooked & mashed
  • 1/2 c butter, softened
  • 1 c sugar
  • 2 T heavy cream
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • 1/4 tsp salt

1 (9 inch) pie crust

Preheat oven to 350. Blind bake pie crust until barely golden.

Mix together butter, sugar, sweet potatoes, spices, extract and zest. Adjust to taste. Mix in beaten eggs and heavy cream. Pour filling into pie crust.

Bake at 350 degrees F until set (doesn't jiggle when shaken) and toothpick inserted in center isn't wet.

Keywords: Dessert, Pie, American

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    • By Keith Orr
      Sorta Secret Aardvark Sauce (Habenero Hot Sauce)
      I thought I'd submit my recipe which is a clone of a locally available sauce here in Portland OR called Secret Aardvark Sauce.
      Sorta Secret Aardvark Sauce
      1 – 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes or roasted tomatoes chopped - include the juice
      1 – 14.5 oz of rice wine vinegar. Use the now empty tomato can to measure
      1-1/2 cups of peeled and grated carrots (packed into the measuring cup)
      1 cup of finely diced white onion
      1/4 cup of yellow mustard
      1/3 cup of sugar
      2 teaspoons of Morton’s Kosher Salt
      1 teaspoon of black pepper
      13 small Habaneros – seeded and membranes removed. (This was 2 oz. of Habaneros before cutting off the tops and removing the seeds and membranes)
      2 teaspoons curry powder
      1 cup of water when cooking
      5 or 6 cloves of garlic - roasted if you've got it
      Put it all in the crockpot on high until everything is tender. About 3 hours  Note: I used the crockpot so I don't have to worry about scorching it while it cooks. 
      Whirl in food processor – Don’t puree until smooth – make it lightly/finely chunky.
      Makes 3 pints - To can process pint jars in a water bath canner for 15 minutes
      I've thought about making this with peaches or mangoes too, but haven't tried it yet.
      Edited for clarity on 11/9/2020
      Keywords: Hot and Spicy, Carribean, Condiment, Sauce, Easy, Food Processor
      ( RG2003 )
    • By shain
      500g short hollow pasta - I use Gomiti (elbows) but you can use penne or any similar shape. 200-250 g sour cream 300-350 fromage blanc or another mildly tart "farmer 's cheese" such as tvorog or quark 6 medium eggs (or 5 large ones) 8-10 spring onions, thinly sliced apx 6 tbsp chopped parsley 2 garlic loves, minced Optional: 2 tsp nutritional yeast (or a bit of MSG) salt to taste (1.5 tsp) 1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper Bread crumbs topping:
      apx 15-25g butter 9 tbsp breadcrumbs (divided 7 + 2) a large pinch of salt  
      Mix everything but the pasta and bread crumbs topping in a large bowl. Boil pasta in salted water slightly short of al-dante. Briefly wash the pasta to stop further cooking and drain well. Mix in with the batter. Melt the butter and mix with 7 tbsp bread crumbs and a bit of salt. Grease a baking pan or mold - I much prefer a silicone mold, but you can also use a springform pan. Cover the bottom of the pan with the buttery breadcrumbs. Top with the remaining 2 tbsp of breadcrumbs. Gently pour the pasta mixture on top. Bake at 190dC for apx 35 minutes, until set. You may need to cover the pan if it seems to be drying. Cool for a few minutes before flipping over a sheet pan. You may have loose breadcrumbs, put them back on top. When ready to serve, put under a medium-strong broiler until crisp and browned.  
      pictured before broiling.

    • By shain
      For 3 medium pizzas (4 large-ish slices each) or 2 large pizzas (I recommend that you stick to medium sized ones).
      425g (15oz) high gluten (bread) flour 272g (9.6oz) room temp water (based on hydration percentage: 272=425*0.64) 10.5g ( 0.4oz) salt 16g (4 tsp, 0.53oz) sugar 17g (1.5 tbsp, 0.6oz) olive oil  6.5g (2 tsp, 0.25oz) instant yeast (or 2.5g dry) If you have non-diastatic malt powder, adding a little will add a nice flavor Note: edited 2020, since my recipe changed since 2016. The original version called for 6.5g salt, 21g olive oil, 12g sugar.
      If using dry yeast, dissolve it in the water, instant yeast can be mixed with the flour. Mix all dry ingredients, pour in the water. Using a mixer, knead 5 min, let rest 10 min, knead 5 min more, or until well developed.  If you use your hands, it's better to knead more times, for shorter periods and shorter rests in between.   
      Put the dough in the fridge at least overnight, preferably 2-3 days and up to 6 days. Once the dough is risen, Take it cold from the fridge and place it on a dusted surface. Divide into as many pieces as you want pizzas. Shape into tight balls. Use semolina or flour as needed, try not to overuse it, but it's better than having it stick.  Place the balls on a generous dusting of semolina or flour so it won't stick to the surface. Keep it covered. I use an upside down bowl, but a dusted towel will work.  Let it rise for 1 to 2.5 hours (1 in summer, 2.5 in winter). Don't forget to preheat your oven at least 40 minutes before it's time to bake (even more time if you use a stone instead of steel).  You want as high as your oven will go (mine gets to ~270C). When the dough is risen, puffed and slack - Place a parchment over a peel or upside down oven sheet. I like to cut the corners of the parchment so to not risk it burning.   
      Shaping takes a little practice and is up to personal preference. There are good videos online. 
      Take a ball and dust lightly. Flatten it gently, don't remove much air. Do pinch any large bubbles. Put the dough on your closed fist and gently shake to extend the dough edges downwards. Hold the dough with two hands, using your finger to grab it slightly inside from the rim, as to keep the air in it. Let gravity stretch the dough downwards, as you rotate it in the, much like a steering wheel, gently stretch the dough sideways between your hands as you do so (I hope this description made sense).  When the dough inside the rim is thin and almost, but not yet allowing light through, place the dough on the parchment. Lift the edges and stretch it to its full size and restore its circular shape.  Top as desired. Use cold ingredients, especially the cheese, which is also better cubed than grated. I'll use apx. 90g (3.2oz) of mozzarella per medium sized pizza. Slide the pizza and the parchment together into the oven and set the oven to top broiler/grill. Bake until getting slightly charred, but avoid browning the cheese.  Let the oven reheat a little (back in regular, non grill setting) before baking the next pie.   
      Please tell me if there is something you'd like me to clarify. 
      My favorite toppings:
      All are for medium sized pizzas, scale by 1.5 for a large pizza.
      The amounts are in grams, but that doesn't mean it needs to be precise at all.
      All toppings should be fridge-cold, especially the cheeses.
      Classic NY style:
      5 large ripe, sauce tomatoes (like roma or san-marzano) either fresh or canned - peeled , chopped, salted , drained and crushed (500g / 17oz) 100g cold semi-dry mozzarella (3.5oz), chopped Fry some garlic in olive oil. Add the tomatoes and cook until slightly thickened but still bright tasting.
      Add salt to taste and some basil, chili, etc.
      Spread the sauce and sprinkle the cheese.

      90-100g ricotta (3.5oz), mixed with some salt and pepper 50g cold mozzarella (1.8oz) 100g pesto, semi frozen or at least fridge-cold (3.6oz) 5-6 cherry tomatoes, halved Spread the mozzarella evenly, drop chunks of pesto and ricotta. Scatter the halved tomatoes.
      Eggplants and mushrooms:
      1 small eggplant, sliced and baked, grilled or fried about 5 button mushrooms, sliced and sauteed. 80g ricotta (2.8oz), mixed with a minced clove of garlic 90g cold mozzarella (3.2oz) - optionally smoked mozzarella Some salt, pepper, oregano and thyme
      4 large ripe, sauce tomatoes (like roma or san-marzano) either fresh or canned - peeled , chopped, salted , drained and crushed (400g / 17oz) 110g cold fresh mozzarella (3.9oz), teared by hand (or roughly chopped)  basil leaves Some sharp EVOO Salt the crushed tomatoes to taste, spread it and place the cheese. Place the basil and drizzle olive oil immediately after baking.

      Ricotta & figs
      100g ricotta (3.5oz), mixed with 1/3 tsp salt and some pepper, and optionally, 1/3 tsp of ground anise or fennel seeds 80g cold mozzarella (2.8oz)  4-5 large ripe figs, sliced. The narrow top-most slices are the cook's treat Bake until the figs gets caramelized.

      Goat cheese and olives
      About 5 tablespoons of cooked tomato sauce - enough for e thin even spreading Dry chili to taste 55g cold mozzarella (2oz)  75g cold soft goat cheese, salted (2.6oz)  About 7-8 of olives of your choice, chopped About 5 cherry tomatoes, sliced (using multiple colors looks better)
      Apples and blue cheese
      About 5 tablespoons of cooked tomato sauce - enough for e thin even spreading 65g mozzarella (2.3oz)  65g strong blue cheese (2.3oz)  150-170g tart apple (I used Granny Smith), cubed (apx 1/2") Some salt, depending on your cheese of choice
    • By Kasia
      One of our friends said recently that he doesn't cook for himself. He eats what his wife prepares: sometimes it is something healthy and other times something yummy. It was a joke, of course, because his wife cooks really well, but this sentence is now in our friendly canon of jokes.

      Inspired by our talk about groats, flakes and healthy food, I prepared a dessert which combines excellent taste and healthy ingredients. The original recipe comes from the Lidl cookery book. I would like to share with you my version of this dish. I recommend Crème brûlée with millet groats to everybody who counts calories. It is mild, not too sweet, wonderfully creamy inside and with an incredible crunchy crust on top. That's why we love crème brûlée, don't we? I prepared a cranberry-orange preserve to offset the sweetness of the dessert. The whole dessert looked beautiful and tasted perfect.
      Ingredients (for 4 people)
      crème brûlée
      100g of dry millet groats
      350ml of almond milk
      1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
      2-3 tablespoons of brown sugar (3 additional tablespoons for the sugar crust)
      juice and skin from one orange
      150g of fresh cranberries
      juice and peel from one orange
      4 tablespoons of brown sugar

      Put the millet groats in a sifter, clean them with cold water and then douse them with hot water. Put the groats, almond milk, sugar and vanilla essence into a saucepan with a heavy bottom. Boil it with the lid on without stirring for 15-18 minutes until the liquid has evaporated. Leave to cool down. Add the orange juice and peel, mix it in and blend until the mixture is perfectly smooth. Put the dessert into small bowls and leave in the fridge for one hour. Wash the cranberries. Add the orange juice and peel and the sugar and boil for 10-15 minutes. Try it and add some sugar if you think the dessert is too sour. Take out the bowls from the fridge. Sprinkle them with the sugar and burn it with a small kitchen burner to make a crunchy caramel crust. Decorate the dessert with a small teaspoon of the cranberry preserve. Serve the rest of the preserve separately in small dishes.

    • By Kasia
      Pumpkin pancakes with fig preserve,
      Once, when I planned pancakes for dinner, I always used to think about potato pancakes. I prepared them with onion and pepper and served them with sugar or cream. A few years ago, when I was carving a Jack O' Lantern, I made pumpkin pancakes for the first time. I prepared them like potato pancakes, but they were milder, and we liked them so much that we forgot about potato ones for a long time.

      Today I prepared these yummy and very simple pancakes. I used butternut squash, which is my new favourite food. You can prepare the fig preserve from fresh fruit. We brought some excellent fig preserve back from our summer holiday. It went very well with these summer pumpkin pancakes. For anyone who doesn't like fruit in their pancakes, I recommend maple syrup or natural yoghurt.

      Ingredients (for 20 pancakes)
      600g of peeled pumpkin
      half an onion
      5 tablespoons of flour
      2 eggs
      salt and pepper
      oil for frying

      Peel the fresh pumpkin and grate it. Add salt and leave it in a bowl for an hour. Dice the onion. Drain the pumpkin, then mix in the eggs, flour and onion, and then spice it up with salt and pepper. Fry the pancakes on a low heat until golden. Serve with your favourite condiments.

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