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Tuckee Cups, Far Rockaway

zoe b

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I was just visiting friends and they were talking about a stand on the boardwalk at Far Rockaway that sold these--apparently they were fried noodle cups shaped something like an upside down top hat, filled with chop suey, or whatever Chinese food of the day that you wanted.


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I don't remember Tuckee Cups in the Rockaways, but I seem to remember that Nathan's sold a chop-suey like dish. Only thing is, it was served on a hamburger bun :shock: .

A little further searching produced this web site, where they say about the Tuckee Cup...

Mr. Tuck Yee Lee, the owner, ran a big prepackaged chop suey/chow mein factory in NYC's West Village for years and they ran Tuckee Cup before their kids took over.
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