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Silver City, NM Restaurant Recommendatio

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I seem to be seeing more eGers stopping into our little town so I thought I would give a quick rundown of the local restaurants from my skewed perspective

Shevek & Co (formerly Shevek & Mi)

Shevek is CIA trained and a very solid chef. When I go out for a celebration, this is where I go, but I never order off the menu. I always call ahead and tell Shevek how much I'm willing to spend and trust him to do the rest. His menu is very good, however, but a bit too much to digest for most people. I would call his food Mediterranean Jewish Fusion. Of all of the restaurants in town, his is the most likely to result in a good meal. Be warned that a mild case of Soup Nazi might show its head, but if you're prepared for it, its all part of the show.


I don't have anything positive to say about this "award winning" restaurant. I think for tourists, you'll find it decent, but as a local who has seen their menu remain stagnant for literally years with mild degeneration of quality, its not a place I would recommend. The staff is always friendly, and the owner really is a gem for our town but the place needs a shakeup something fierce. I find the prices too high for the quality of what you get, but you're paying for the extensive staff.

Diane's Deli

I don't have much to add here except if you like Boar's Head meats you'll see familiar faces. If you don't then don't bother. Her bakery is much more extensive than mine and does good business.


The owners wanted a bar and not a restaurant, but unfortunately our town needed a restaurant more than a bar. Standard bar food with a slight upscale. I don't like paying the price for their food, but if you go for drinks and chase it with a bison meatloaf you'll do okay. Nothing fancy and definitely not typical eG fare.


Jake is the chef/owner and used to run Spaghetti Western. If anyone gets to claim the title of our local soup Nazi, this is the guy. I went to his previous restaurant a few times and was always disappointed. I've been hearing about his new place for a while and finally went this past weekend. Asian/Latin fusion would be the best descriptor. Prices are right for the quality, and his quirky way of doing business is refreshing. For a guy who throws a fit when you ask for salt, I found his dishes all underseasoned - but that's a matter of taste, isn't it. I can safely recommend this restaurant even if he did go and talk to every table in the restaurant except ours - a bit petty and unprofessional I think.


A nice lunch that is Mediterranean inspired. Sandwiches, soups, salads. All nice. Price is fine. Won't wow you, but you won't be disappointed either.

PeaceMeal Deli

Our local organic/vegetarian deli. Good food but a bit pricey as you would expect from that style of cooking.

Cafè at the Kumquat

My place so I'm biased. We're clearly the rising star, but my passion is for sweets or high end dinners, not the panini and salads that I do here. I make gyros, green chile corn chowder and my weekly international specialties are what keep us fresh every day - Greek, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian...you name it, and I'll cook it. If you're ever in the area let me know so I can tell you if I'm hosting one of my molecular gastronomy dinners or cheese parties.

Mexican food

Oddly enough we're not really known for having good Mexican food. That said, here are a few places to hit up:


This is where we send all of our tourists, but we rarely go there ourselves. They have the rare liquor license and decent enough food, but you pay way too much for it.

Mi Casita

Little hidden lunch joint that does great local fare dirt cheap.

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