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In search of a cocktail name/recipe @ Death&Co.

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Hi all.

I'm searching for the name and/or recipe of the most sublime riff on the old fashioned that I've ever had. A few months ago at Death & Co., Phil made an awesome concoction of pecan-infused buffalo trace, [rittenhouse 100 rye?], and another spirit. I'm not sure on the bitters and syrup (maybe Xocolatl/ango and demerara?) It's not the Buffalo Soldier -- I've got the recipe for that.

I wrote down the recipe for this drink but can't find that notebook anywhere! I think Phil may have called it a Nutty [Antler?] Has anyone had this cocktail? Trying to remember this has been driving me crazy and my companion that night has no memory of this cocktail.

Thanks for any help!

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