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Changing the name of a restaurant

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We have the opportunity to move into a larger location (26 seats to 55) and into the downtown core of the city. We have a good reputation for our food and service. Our regulars would move with us. So we are not afraid that we will lose anyone. One of the compliants that we receive on a regular basis is our name. Now granted it's hard to pronouce but Weczeria (Vah-chair-eia) means evening meal or supper in Polish/Ukrainian. Our concept is based on the idea of the hospitality of the Ukraine and the farm culture we have in our home province. Any thoughts ?

Dan Walker


Weczeria Restaurant

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Use your old name in your new name, for example:

Ukraine Cafe by Weczeria

Obviously Ukraine Cafe isn't a good name but create something and add "by Weczeria" and that should work out quite well. People who are fans of the old place well instantly recognize it and also know it is new, exciting place.

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Keep the name. It's obviously special to you or you wouldn't have chosen it in the first place.

I think it would look interesting if you had the restaurant name with the pronunciation in IPA underneath. Maybe not true IPA, since people still wouldn't be able to read it, but a modified version like what your wrote above.

So in IPA, it would look something like



But in a modified version, it would look like



Sorry, I think I did that last syllable wrong.

Even though your regulars will follow you, will you have enough additional business at your new location? Or will your current regulars be able to support the new location (ie pay for the larger space). Downtown Edmonton kind of sucks. Or at least it did 4 years ago, the last time I was there. I can see business picking up at lunch, but not for dinner. And will you have reliable staff to turn to for the increase in business/seats?

A friend of mine is going through this right now. She's moving into a larger space (about 20 more seats), but she barely has the FOH staff to cover the space she has now, so I worry about what happens when she moves to the larger space. Sure more customers will be able to get seats, but will they be able to get service?

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hey Junior ,

congratulations !!!

I say DO IT !

MOVE, downtown Saskatoon IS where you want to be , and , forgive me, change your name !!

I owned a small cafe in Ontario for several years named (not by me ) The Runcible Spoon. It was a great place, tons of fun, and everyone called it The Spoon. If I had been older, smarter, or maybe just less tired I would have changed the name for real !!!

Since then I cheffed for 6 years in Saskatoon. People are great and they NEED you there ..... but why not make it easy for them to find you , tell their friends about you, look you up in the phone book.....

cograts on your growth man.... way to go !!!

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your regulars and your reputation won't move with you if you change your name.

i think adding the pronounciation will help clarify for those few folks who aren't fluent in the Ukraine language.

the people who are quote unquote "complaining" are actually telling you that they secretly remember your name more because it's hard to figure out. it's like that cute boy who is so hard to figure out you just want him more.

Growth is a big step, starting over if you change your name is an even bigger step. be sure to proceed with caution either way with good planning. by all means, good luck and best wishes.

Stephanie Crocker

Sugar Bakery + Cafe

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If it's not broken, don't fix it... people know your name and know of the restaurant, and if you keep it the same but move to the larger (and presumably better) premises they'll understand... if you move and change the name, people will think it's some entirely new restaurant and you'll lose the following.

Putting the pronunciation on your sign is a cute idea...

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