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  1. Start taking notes, notes about what is not working. Form an outline of what is not working and think about solutions. Get the two captains and any other captains (suggest you promote someone, no overtime right?) and your boss in a room. In a room for a half hour as in schedule it. Now you've got you boss and them and you can go over every little thing. Your boss may be able to placate them on their own but now you are present and logic will need to be addressed.
  2. It won't be long before people will pay you for your waste oil. Biodiesel really taking off.
  3. Cheese? For the love of God man tell me you will offer cheese. Come to think of it though what the hell do I know about business. Cheese could force you right back into the corporate world.
  4. You quote a line from the movie "Gone Baby Gone". I quote my First Sargent, "We are in Hell, we volunteered now get back to work!"
  5. You ever wonder why there is not a great deal of abhorrent behavior at most McDonald's? I think it's because the management is disciplined if they allow it. They don't take the path of least resistance, they are not afraid of loosing the business of twits.
  6. Well we do deal with the public, all of it. You see 100 plus people on a Friday night you will see what escaped for the night from the zoo. Ever wonder how many of your patrons are recently released convicts? How about the rest of the staff? Has anyone seen a couple out dining and the husband or wife will grope or ludicrously flirt with the staff. What the hell is that? Do they want to piss off their spouse, publicly embarrass them, want a threesome? I have waited tables and can think of many times another server has asked me to take one of the pervert encounters. And it damn near always has gone something like, "OK I know you're a pervert, I'm not your type what do you want so we can get you on to your next victim, (unspoken for the most part). LOL or "no I didn't forget your appetizer I ate it myself and it was good. Lets see if you catch it on the cheque. I mean it's only fair your going to stiff me on the tip anyways right?" Or even taking over a table and they ask what happened to our server. What do I tell them? "Well she was going to come back and stab you in the eye with that salad fork you didn't even know is a salad fork so we thought it would be better if I served you. Less lawsuits, you understand."
  7. You nailed it. We have to pay for the food. The experience, a good one that is, is what we hope to get. It's the bonus. It's what's behind door #3 when we've chosen door #1. Luck of the draw. Obviously the experience part doesn't always work out for everyone. The obnoxious people probably thought they had a good time though. There's no extra charge for the experience whichever kind we get. ← Hmmn I have an expectation of atmosphere when I pay more than $30 for anything on a menu. Not even atmosphere really as the expectation that some old boy, frat party sales group whatever is not going to be obtrusive or down right obnoxious nearby. Some one else mentioned is it worth it to be arrested for refusing to pay for such an occurrence? Good question. I know you argue in court and not on the street but what would the cops say if you wanted to press charges against the obnoxious in question.
  8. Actually I think your experience is a lot more common than most people know. This site tends to focus on upscale establishments where I get the feeling it does not happen as often or openly. If this individual is a regular customer I'm sure his behavior has been observed before. I'm 46, I've been employed at various restaurants over the years. I've seen a lot worse. Even if the guy is a sweetheart and meant it in the best way it's still inappropriate behavior. For your own self esteem and you are still working there I would mention it to chef or management. If they ask why you are bringing this up now just tell them the truth, it's still on your mind, your concerns. I'm a guy. I know guys and we talk. I know guys that talk about getting the make on women in just such ways. I don't want to know guys like this but I do. I avoid guys like this and I'm a guy. Seek out some of the women that work there and let them know, women that have worked in the industry for a while. They should educate you. Ask them what other restaurants don't tolerate this. We are an industry that networks more than many other professions, they will probably know a more professional atmosphere for you to work in. They will probably know the people that hire at such establishments. You buss tables, you're a professional. You show up on time, you add to the bottom line more than most people will acknowledge. Professionals that hire professionals will not tolerate you being abused even if it is an innocent misunderstanding. If this happened a couple of months ago and you have not witnessed anything like it since you are probably working with professionals. Professionals that will respect you even if you are bringing it up months later.
  9. Wow if you want to see sexual harassment at it's worse observe what goes on at the clubhouse at most golf courses. You think you know people observe them at a golf club house. I've heard horror stories about girls working out on the course beer gardens or what ever too. I think it's almost institutional, a given. Guest that mortify you? I have one Aunt who actually looks forward to dining out so she can belittle the staff, very confrontational. Almost always insists on singing for the entire restaurant. If we have a family get together in public I make it a point to distance myself as much as possible from her.
  10. I like the idea of research and development. They did a local story on Alinea - Grant Achatz here in Chicago. I was impressed when they mentioned most of what they do has been developed up to six months before it ever gets to a tasting. Something like a certain ingredient may only be available for a month out of the year. So it's possible they are working on a menu a year in advance.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. A postman knows more about you than they want to know. You want a good read on a neighborhood ask a good bartender.
  12. Over the holidays this topic came up in conversation among others. We discussed why are we taking a day or two's pay to dine out and then subjected to abuse? Should we have to pay for that experience? I can't think of one time that I have refused to pay a bill. This and other situations are making me question why I do sometimes. I like to think I let the management or server know if something is wrong however I know I often just put up with these kinds of things. Back to the topic though, why do we pay for this kind of experience?
  13. Did Amtrack know you were cooking? They provide wifi?
  14. Wow excellent question. I am by no means a professional. I have participated in catering "events" at some one's home though as well as entertained our own guests. These don't really address timing or technique in you questions but I do hope you find them useful. If you really want to impress your guest, are meticulous and still want to enjoy your self enlist a helper or hire one. If your other half is not concerned about this don't volunteer them. You'll be better off served if you use them to stall or deflect people from interfering with your service. Some one in your midst will understand this and be happy you have chosen them. It's kinda like hockey or basketball, sometimes ya need an assist. Plastic wrap is your friend. Buy the commercial stuff that restaurants use. It's wider than what you find retail, better quality, easier to use and that roll will probably last you five years. Wrapping in plastic will hold moisture so keep that in mind. Nice way to hold dinner rolls but will make them soggy, like some wine they need to breath if kept in wrap. *you'll want to test this* A dishwasher makes an excellent place to hold things at temp for many things. You run the wash cycle and time it to end about ten minutes before service. Open the door and let the steam out. You now have a vessel that should stay at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes or more. I recommend testing that. A dishwasher also makes an excellent plate warmer. For your "service platters" or even your actual plates. Invariably some one is going to want to make a toast, give a blessing or both. You would not want to run fine China through a dishwasher but after that cycle they can get awfully cozy. *run cycle two or more times cause you don't want any soap essence competing with your art, goes for the little water spot remover thingy, make sure that damn thing is not in there* Think about the last time you were at a wedding reception and they served maybe 200 or more. The reason your meal did not go cold waiting for every one else to be served, a blessing and a toast is because we heated those plates. Then we covered them with stainless steel covers for added insulation goodness. Think about your service ware, the covers, the stainless steel ones are for more than just looks. We've been know to warm the covers too. *I know what you're thinking, why would anyone serve and then have a toast, blessing etc... I blame our ancestors* Ah the pizza man/woman. You patronize home delivery pizza? They owe you and if not you can buy them. Deep dish pizza, delivered in those boxes? They are designed as insulators also. They won't keep a temp for long but they will help. Need to keep it cold? Fill a freezer bag with ice and place inside the box for a half hour, two or three hours is better, one less thing to do in that last half hour. *make sure you know how to put the box together, ask them to show you, they take pride in what they do too* **don't use a box that a pizza came in, that essence is for pizzas** Need a bigger box? Drop by the local UPS, Fedex, Postal Service or anyone else that charges to ship stuff. They will have the corrugated box you need. Preferably plastic coated. No plastic coating? No problem, wrap it yourself with that plastic wrap I mentioned above. Cooling racks. The kind used for bread, pastry, you get the idea. They are not just for cooling. Let's say you made your Uncle "fill in name here" famous chicken breast what ever and it involved olive oil and butter. Well if you have to hold that at temp you probably don't want that sitting on a flat surface. Elevate with a cooling rack, in a disposable brazing pan if need be. *plastic wrap, did I mention plastic wrap? Will keep things from drying out while they wait their turn* Ok I better stop now, I'm getting food service obsessive and it's almost 3:am here.
  15. I cannot tell you how long I have been wanting these recipes. When I left the Marine Corps, I kept the ones I liked at that time, but have been looking to replace the whole collection to use. This will suffice nicely. Now if I can still remember how to do the math to adjust the recipes to 10 or 1000... We had to make 400 of this or 600 of that abd multiply the ingredients on a worksheet. Con vert standard measurements to fractions and decimals and such, then revert them back to consolidate quantities. ← Search software, there a few threads here that recommend different recipe software. Most do conversions if you ask them.
  16. Don't know if it has been linked yet but saw this in another thread and thought it may be of some use. Index of 1,500 Naval recipes. Recipes for 100. There is an old adage, "The navy gets the gravy and the army gets the beans." Hope it is of some value.
  17. I agree, this is pretty much my approach to eating out. I've been treated and the host will look at me funny when I order pasta and they are suggesting steak or lobster or both. They don't understand the chances of me getting all these ingredients and having the four hours it might take to make this sauce isn't going to happen often at home.
  18. Extremely interesting thread. USAF, whole new meaning to the word chow hound. Civilian contractors for much of the food service. Food prepared by the lowest bidder. When deployed or to a new duty assignment my first priority was to learn how to get into a flight line mess. Not always an easy task but usually worth any trouble I would get into. Have to thank a Chief for the education in how to eat well while in the service. Next you sought out the Philippino kitchens I think Panamanian would also do. It was the same ingredients but they seemed to care about the food not the regulations. I understand they really drove the supervising NCOs nuts. If there was a hospital that was also worth trying to get into. I think they tried to motivate the medical staff to re enlist by feeding them better. Actually I think that is where you see more actual military doing the cooking. Sunday brunch at the officers mess was a sought out destination. I never crashed that but did get invited enough. Lo and behold many NCOs impersonating officers to get in. Those guys had guts. You could loose a stripe in that situation. Remote assignments could be interesting. Often you would get vouchers or even extra ordinary separate rations pay. Extra ordinary usually meant enough for a good meal at a casual restaurant. The holy grail of separate housing allowance and separate rations pay was in the Philippines. I think they came out to three times what it actually cost to live and eat local. We were in radars, radars usually located far off base. Some times being located far off base was a good thing. I always thought sea duty was probably a good trade off. I imagine you're out two or three months and if you didn't gamble you probably had decent money to spend in a port.
  19. I have never seen Rachel Ray, possibly the only person who has not.
  20. Chicago roosters lay eggs? When I lived around Damen and Erie a neighbor had a rooster. Really ticked people off as it crowed before the sun came up. Didn't really bother me as I had to be up anyway. Found out later they were raising gaming cocks.
  21. I bring my own. Next to my knife and comprehensive medical plan my thermometer sees a lot of action. People think I can cook because I have a thermometer that looks like a pen. Pfft, "victims".
  22. Thinking outside the box I'd like to see the Entertainment Industry make an effort to make pedal power cool. I remember after the movie "Breaking Away" all of a sudden everybody wanted a bike. We need the next "Get Shorty" movie have John Travolta being reduced to using a bike.
  23. I really hope farming turns out to be more economical than harvesting. I think it is the only way the the fish populations may recover. Molecular gastronomy may be another hope. I know there has got to be some chef out there researching making cockroaches the next foise gras. Lotta protein in a cockroach.
  24. Is there a difference between open water Atlantic and Mediterranean Bluefin? I mean in market price? Another question would be is there a difference in taste and texture between a 1,500 pound and a 500 pound Tuna?
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