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  1. Trust me, while I won't cut into your steak, I would have fingered it and tasted everything else on your plate. The nicer the restaurant, the more fingers that have touched, tasted, etc. your food. Then again, I don't serve steak, so who knows what I would have eaten off your plate before it goes to you.
  2. With the flavor profile, sounds like you very well could have gotten insipid Oregon truffles. Or as others have suggested, old ones.
  3. No worries, as Marco Pierre White would say, "We are all commis." We all have something to learn. Keep on researching, keep your ideas fresh.
  4. Ha! We used to make this joke when we were getting punished with menial tasks as commis.
  5. You are very incorrect to state that Maillard Reaction starts at 338 degrees. Maillard reaction can happen at room temperature, even below.
  6. You may have done a lot of research, but not enough. A maillard reaction happens a much lower temperatures than you think. You can achieve a maillard reaction using sous vide technology. Check out La Cocina al Vacio by Joan Roca and Salvador Brugues for further information.
  7. Roasted beets, chevre, pine nuts and drizzle with a little aged balsamic.
  8. wallchef


    Mate, uncover your cricket bat from distant summer memories. Whack the shit out of it, marinate in a little ginger, scallion, garlic, sesame oil, and soy. Fire up the barbie and run with it. The first time I had abalone was after the first match of rugby I played in Australia. I'd been picked up by a semi-pro team and during the social a guy was griddling up heaps of them and serving them on white bread with tomato sauce!
  9. Correct, I whip the egg whites until you can pull the whisk from the whites and have a continuous 'string' of egg whites out of the bowl. Then I add my lean protein, acid, and vegetables into the bowl, then into a pot with cold broth.
  10. I've always whipped my egg whites to make a consomme. It promotes the necessary coagulation of protiens to clarify the broth.
  11. wallchef

    Pork Confit

    Just a quick suggestion for all involved in confiting delicious swine, try confiting any applicable pork product in rendered bacon fat. Let you head explode!
  12. Tabasco in the drinking straw. Freezing personal items in buckets or bain-maries. My favorite is taking the brulee torch and heating up people's bake pans or the handles of their reach-ins.
  13. Au Pied de Cochon It fulfills about every requirement you stated.
  14. wallchef

    Piquillo Peppers

    Stuff with saffron-scented rice, aromatics, and chorizo, top with some manchego cheese.
  15. I remember being in either portugal or spain and eating a pork and persimmon skewer that had been grilled. The pork had a slightly spicy marinade and was really nice dish. Not much of a recipe but depending how skilled you are, you could easily pull it off.
  16. Coming up in the industry, if we forget anything my lovely French chef would just smack you in the head.
  17. Mate, you won't last bloody long eating in London. I'd say go east. Yes, the flight to Asia is more but the food is cheaper. Vietnam, Thailand, Korea just go for it. You'll have to take out another loan to pay for everything in Europe, with the dollar being so weak.
  18. Women are viewed as a liability in the kitchen, regardless of what anyone wants to say or admit. Is this 100% true, not a chance. However, there are many things wrong with society, so just work hard and prove people wrong.
  19. Porcini mushrooms are far nicer than cremini and portobella (which are just large cremini mushrooms). They shouldn't even really be included in the same category. Use butter to saute.
  20. I was supposed to cook a dinner for a couple next weekend (Nov 10) and they have had to reluctantly back out. I was wondering if anyone would be interested having a 7 course Beef Tasting Menu cooked for them at their home. I will be more than happy to provide you with the menu (privately) and discuss any questions you may have.
  21. Depends on volume of the restaurant, but no, 35% isn't out of the question. I, however like to stay around 30%, usually end up around 32%. It is uniform across the board, you may have an entree at 37% but have a couple of apps at 28%.
  22. Send immediately to North Carolina for quality control...
  23. wallchef

    I'm a fraud

    My swedish ex-girlfriend was convince that ketchup was an acceptable tomato sauce replacement for spaghetti.
  24. I love pig ears, they definitely have any awesome look to them when julienned. I went pig ear crazy at one time in my life, but I admitted I had a problem and that was the first step to recovery. Overall, congrats on a successful offal dinner.
  25. wallchef

    Pommes Souflee

    CHEATER! I've seen them in various foodservice promotionals but I've never been tempted.
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