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  1. Streusel ( pronounced (STROIZEL" ), from German 'streuen', to 'litter', 'strew' or 'scatter'. In German baking, never used as a 'component in a baked goods', but always as a 'topping' 125 gr Flour ( 41/2 oz) 125 gr ground Almonds 125 gr Butter soft 225 gr Sugar sort of 'knead all together and then crumble up
  2. I normally do not read this site as I do not drink alcohol anymore, but the word "Colombian" interestedd me. I lived in Colombia in '56/'57 and then used to prefer : " RON VIEJO DE CALDAS "
  3. Do they have large Goose Eggs and Foie Gras ? Just kidding
  4. Got to chime in at almost 68. First Filet Mignon ever, at 18, right after three-year apprenticeship in Germany. Remember the Waiter (yes with capital W) in tails. Also remember a quasi 'Automat' in Leipzig, having some kind of 'Oxtail Soup' with my Grandmother in '43. Then the real one: "Horn & Hardert" Philly in '57, Liverwurst Sandwich for 30 cents through a glass door in a huge wall. Funny times in Massachusetts, late fifties - early sixties: Ladies were not allowed to sit at bars, could only stand and imbibe. (Blue Law). Also Sundays, no sitting at bars, for anyone, ingenuety was to remove seats from these perma installed stools, replace with a wooden top just 6/8 inches below bar edge, then regular chairs in front of that and everyone still at bar. Restaurants served 'Relish Trays' usually some kind of lazy susan with cottage cheese, three bean salad and some celery. Also clothes napkins were common. Five piece combo and dancing Friday Saturday nights at Terrace Dining Room at Bradley International (BDL) in CT. High experience in '66 at Lutece with Caviar blini and Russian Vodka as appetizer. Boss paid. Jaegerhaus, Kleine Konditorei and Cafe Geiger in Yorkville came close to the real thing. I have yet to learn to drink out of paper or plastic, even if it is just water.
  5. Did anyone know the "Krauts" have their hands in this? http://www.dw-world.de/english/0,3367,1431...106_1_A,00.html and... http://www.usenews.org/group/rec.food.cook...age-127622.html and... http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/busines...z0b21green.html
  6. I posted this somewhere else Nice article I found in "FORWARD" see : " http://www.forward.com/issues/2003/03.12.12/living1.html " " ..."Latke" is a Yiddish word derived from the Russian oladka, the diminutive of oladya, defined as "a flat cake of unleavened wheat dough." This would seem an odd derivation for a dish that contains only a few tablespoons of wheat flour, certainly not enough to form a dough — that is, until we recall that the potato is a relatively recent invitee to the Chanukah table. In Eastern Europe latkes were long made from buckwheat flour, in the fashion of the Russian buckwheat cakes called blini...."
  7. So, what is bad/good about that? The 'water laden' weighing in at 4 oz., sponge type cushion, often smelly addition, I just do not like to pay for.
  8. This is exactly what irkes me the most. No exact labeling about the butterfat. And no one is willing to tell me the difference in fat content of "Heavy Cream" and/or "Whipping Cream" I have called different dairy plants and non is able/willing to devulge that Info. Does anyone out there know? (maybe by 'naming' the Dairy?!)
  9. I very often end my posts with "I stand corrected". This does include my grammar (remember I am a Krauthead) But nobody 'aks' me.
  10. Better late than never: Just counted 187, with at least 15 or so in German.
  11. What are your thoughts about Cow's Udder? A dish served during the 'Weimar Republik': Berliner Schnitzel. Utterly delicious.
  12. Here is mine, proven to me for years, although with slight deviations yearly. Boil in salted Water, skin-on Yams/Potatoes, slightly 'under-done'. Peel when cool, cut into desired size (maybe of a med-size white Potato) Important: refrigerate over-night! My trick: either fill a skillet with about two inch of frying Fat or, if you have a deep fat fryer, heat to 375F and brown your potatoes, so as to have them get a slighly crispy skin. This will prevent them from totally soaking up the following Syrup (for 'candying') The Syrup: Make a fairly light colored caramel, using brown Sugar and Honey, when at the desired stage, add frozen, but thawed - not diluted !! Orange juice. Whatch the splatter. Fresh lumps of Butter and chopped candied Ginger or Frutta Motarda (Italian Mustard Fruit), sliced, toasted Almonds and a sprig of Thyme gives additional flavor. Add Potatoes, simmer just long enough to heat well throughout. Please do not add any of these icky looking and tasting Maraschino Cherries. So you don't want to make the Syrup ? Just heat a bottle of Sour Cherry Syrup or Raspberry Syrup from your favorite Eastern European Grocery and stew the pots in that. Now tell me your way(s)
  13. To add a bit more of confusion. All "Basic Sauces" will need basic "Stock" ! These are needed to be 'Grandparents' As not to ".....worrying about who is the mother, who is the step-mother, and who is the red-headed step-child...." To name a few "Stocks": 'Fond brun / grand jus' (for Espanol) 'Fond blanc' (for Bechamel/Veloute) 'Fond de poisson' (for Veloute) 'Fond de volaille' (for Veloute)
  14. You seldom see me posting here. But I love reading about the subject (I do not drink any alcoholic beverages - what a shame!?), found the following at 'Nota Bene': http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/Article...P_Article=12300
  15. 'What's this stuff"? "I don't know" "Let's give it to Mikey, he eats everything" "He Like's it !!!"
  16. here goes my line: "Muesli" (Trauben/Nuss) only from 'ALDI' stores, about 2.00 Euro p Kilo! "Nutella" one third or one quarter the price here. All "Knorr" soupmixes, (2 or 4 plate packages: Pilzsuppe, Kartofffel, Lauch, Spargel etc. cheap and excellent. Further to take care of your stomach problems, at any 'Apotheke' : NERVOGASTROL !! even good for Ulcers
  17. Oh well, laugh at me, just not 'again' me.
  18. Steve and Katie, to only clarify my point I was trying to make. I completely agree with both of you and really do understand your points. It is just the ‘usage’ (misusage? or common use?) of a word in the English language (and words in other languages as well) that I seem to be picking on. Steve your quote: “……to reduce and level the meaning of "professional"…… “ My question, first who or what elevated ( in order to reduce it) the word ‘professional’ to it’s level as it is commonly understood in English (or rather stands for in it’s context of ‘Doctor/Lawyer’) Second, why would the meaning be ‘reduced’ if used by others? Webster does not single this out. (unless one goes to the root ‘profession’; to quote Webster: “The body of qualified persons of a specific occupation or field”) So, the doctors and lawyers ‘grabbed’ it ? Look at any classified ad page in your local paper, under Professionals, that’s what’s being looked for. All others are ‘also ran’ But yes, this reminds me of (see quote above: ‘and words in other languages as well’), Germans use the word “Akademiker” (N) referring to a Doctor or other “Professional” the same way. Although, one that attends any ‘Academy’ (or for that matter any University) does not become an ‘Akademiker’ automatically. What do I know? I don’t even have a High School diploma. Plus, as always: I stand corrected.
  19. Katie, Rick Bayless is a 'Professional' !! This ' bullshit double standard ' is something always bothering me. Why is this term always and only granted to Doctors and Lawyers ? I have been and still am (although retired) a "Professional Chef" Give me slack or tighten the rein. Enlighten me, please.
  20. Never had a problem with that. (while I was still working as a chef). Years ago, when a guest stuck his/her head in the kitchen door, and complimented the food, four words rang out in unism coming from the crew: 'Say it in 'Schaefer', meaning: Buy a round ! The place I worked at, it was the owners policy that no one cook/chef was singled out. Either you buy the 'kitchen' or none !! And that included KPs. When I cook today at home, I only invite guests that are not too sophisticated to know what is real good, so they have to and always will compliment. (Just kidding)
  21. Why not? Every either new or well known product being marketed today are automatically labeled "GOURMET" Read all the press releases manufacturers send out, everything is 'Gourmet'. Even peanuts are 'gourmet', I mean they are good, they are delicious, and even nutritious, BUT "GOURMET" ???, Come on !! And you are right (in a way), the next marketing strategy will be "Haute Cuisine" ('gourmet' will fade) Am I sarcastic ?, you bet your sweet 'gourmet' bibby !
  22. Robert, found something in my archives: Girona, Not far from Call Ros is Albereda, at Albereda 7, (22 60 02) an elegant and pricey restaurant Cipresia at General Fournas 2 (21 56 62) has Catalan fare with a French accent. Casa Marieta, on the Plaça de Independència at # 5, just across the river from the old town, has been serving home-style cuisine for over one hundred years. Pastries at Puig, at Argenteria 8, Can Roca at Abeuradores 4-6, Castelló, Santa Clara 45. Charcuterie is found at El Petit Paradís, Travessia del Carril 1, Valimañas at Plaça Calvet i Rubalcaba 12, Moriscot on Ciutadans 4. Liquors at Agustí Ensesa Vins on Santa Eugènia 7. Antiquities at Claret on Cort Reil 14. Handicraft stores are concentrated on Carrer Ballesteries, La Carpa, at no. 37
  23. No Robert, but funny , the ICE is not a word per se, but three individual letters and pronounced "EE" "Tzeh" "A" like the first letter in the Eng. Alphabet (InterCityExpress) And yes, the 'Deutsche Bahn' website ist besser. http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en If you want me to, I'll navigate for you.
  24. Mr. Lobel, Sir, Your preferences in the subject matter are most likely esteemed by many of our readers. First, after answering Jason's question, please tell us what size 'grind' (millimeter blade) do you favor? Second, what in your opinion is an acceptable patty weight for a 'decent' Hamburger, plus do you like a 'thicker' patty with less diameter or a thinner patty but a larger one? Thank you.
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