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  1. I enjoyed the article greatly. Tried to get some 'friends' to read it and get 'educated', but 'Lobstah people' in Maine don't go for anything than Cabot Cheddar and American slices. Never shopped at Murray's. Wish I could.
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    I do not know for sure whether "Braunschweiger" is supposed to be 'smoked', but "Braunschweiger Leberwurst" in Germany is not as well known as famous 'Thueringer', 'Schlesische', 'Schwarzwaelder' or 'Westfpaelische' and 'Hessische'. I think in the US the term 'Braunschweiger' was adapted/adopted because 'Liverwurst' being a national German product (Leberwurst). Now, if any and all can tell me what brands do YOU prefer, plus where they are available, I will stop lecturing and start eating (even without Onions). But on real Rye Bread from this source: Berkshire Mountain Bakery Inc.- Housatonic, Mass; 367 Park Street (Route 183) P.O. Box 785, Mass. 01236; (owner - Richard Bourdon); (413) 274-3412; fax: (413) 274-6124 (M-F 9-6, S 11-5, S 11-6) Mass Pike (I-90) from Springfield, Exit # 1, south on Rt-41 for 5.5 miles, turn left on Main Street for ¼ mile, turn right on Pleasant Street (Jacks Grill on the Corner), go on Pleasant for about ½ mile (turns into Park Street after river), go to # 367
  3. There has to be more to it: The French are ready to issue new postal stamps celebrating the 'regions' And yes , one will honor "Clafoutis" "Dans la série “la France à vivre”, la Poste propose une nouvelle planche de timbres illustrant les trésors de nos régions. Affichez le clafoutis, la quiche lorraine et autres spécialités sur vos lettres ! La planche de 10 timbres, 5 E, en vente dans tous les bureaux de poste et sur le site www.laposte.fr Pascale Mosnier " http://www.cuisineetvinsdefrance.com/ Click on: " Le chiffre Changez de confitures! C'est nouveau, vive les régions françaises... "
  4. La Grand Dame , A Lady with Character ! As somone once said : " Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. "
  5. Not in Bochum, but in Castrop-Rauxel, yes that's a city name, closeby. "Restaurant Goldschmieding", Dortmunderstrasse 49, Tel: 02305-32931 Try a national dish (actually from Silesia [now Poland]) 'Himmel und Erde' A delicate mix of Potatoes and Apples,hot, served with sauted Duck Liver "Brinkhoff's Stammhaus", actually in a suburb called 'Harpen', Harpener Hellweg 157, Tel: 0234-233549 (only eves) Here is a good 'Italian': "Il Pastaio", again in a suburb: 'Wattenscheid', Lennestrasse 6, Tel: 0228-263833 And there is a 'Metzger' / Butcher / Deli: "Delikatessen Steffen", Hellweg 6, Tel: 0234-964960. Exellent pates, Salads and 'zillions of 'Wurst". Try the 'geraeucherte Leberwurst. Good luck and let us know.
  6. Monica, I would be interested to see any unusual (to us 'Westerners') cooking utensils, appliances and prep-methods. Also uncommon fruit and produce. Thank you and I wish you a successful voyage with a happy return (to report).
  7. Mr. Jenkins, I really enjoy all your answers, and am particularily fond of your honest 'down to CHEESE' comments. Does Fairway carry any 'decent' Quark, you have been to Germany and must have tasted/tested various 'fat' content versions (10, 20, 30 & 40 percent) anything like that available ? Also 'Harzer' or 'Mainzer Handkaes' ? Quark is needed to make a 'decent' Cheesecake. Thank you
  8. Harvest , 44 Brattle Street, Cambridge, 617-868-2255. Finale Desserterie , 30 Dunster Street at Mt. Auburn , Cambridge, 617 441 9797 SANDRINE'S BISTRO 8 Holyoke Street Cambridge, 617-497-5300 Don't know many more, but 'Sandrine's' is preferred by me. "Desserterie" is similar to "Chickalicious" in NYC
  9. This is a question. Years ago someone pointed out "Ben's" (?) was carrying the best Schmear (Cream Cheese) in Greater NY. Straighten me out, who does, in your opinion, has 'The Best' ?? And, while at it, the same for Olives by variety and cost in relation. Burough does not matter
  10. Marburg is, yes, a University City, mostly medical. Not everyone gets drunk. Try these places: "Alter Ritter", Steinweg 44, "Das Kleine Restaurant" Barfuesser Tor 25 Both 'reasonable'. Sushi Bar , Krummbogen 12, Hotel-Restaurant Dammühle Dammühlenstraße 1 35041 Marburg-Wehrshausen The last one "Dammuehle" I find best
  11. Does anyone believe that showmakers/producers looked at last year's responses on this forum? If they had they would have noticed some very sharp comments about the show and could have done better this time. I like to quote myself: "Wait personell still pre-sets tables with their fingers in glass ware" or "Rocco's restaurant marquee name sake was 'washed out' before the show started". An 'indication' of 'down hill' ???
  12. In Frankfurt, I recommend: "Bistrot 77", Sachsenhausen, Ziegelhuettenweg 1, tel 069-614040 "Humperdinck", Westend, Grueneburgweg 95, tel 069722122 If you let me know in what direction (N/S/E/W) your friend lives, i'll give you some very nice 'Outdoor'/"Garden' restaurants. Otherwise, make sure someone will take you to the "Kleinmarkhalle" in downtown Frankfurt, plus walk by the 'Gourmet' shops, Cafe's/Konditoreien on the street called "Fressgasse" (Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse) especially 'Feinkost Ploeger' !!
  13. Germany : Leberwurst und Sauerkraut Switzerland : Holes with cheese around them Scotland : Haggis-Baggis Belgium : Brown Beer Colombia : Sancocho
  14. Your husband is right, and not 'nuts', the only thing nuts are the nuts in Nutella, specifically "Hazelnuts" in the German version plus: NO 'peanuts', as in the American version. I still have my friends in Germany send me each year about six (larger then US size) jars for my daughter who grew up in Germany. Even the additional shipping brings the price not too high for a better product (Just opened one this morning / on Bagels)
  15. I did, for 48 years, but never after 'plating' !!
  16. Mags, to comment on your quote ".......I don't know if that statue is there as a function of Rocco's religion or as a kitsch-reference to Little Italy red-sauce joints ......" a statue like this in a Restaurant is always "KITSCH", and, it is certainly not needed to a ' Little Italy red-sauce joint ', as in my opinion Roccos is nothing but such place. ( that's from watching the show )
  17. jhlurie, your quote: ".........So did we learn anything new of substance in this episode ?........" We might, but they did not: While setting tables, glass ware was handled (still) with fingers 'in them' Rocco was tasting 'dished' food with his fingers directly from a plate server was supposed to have been picking up.
  18. Recommend the following URL: http://www.munichfound.de/dininganddancing.cfm It's in English, click on choice of type of cuisine, many then show web-sites. My personal recommendation Cafe Kreuzkamm, Dallmeyr
  19. I can not vouch for the reliability of mentioned addresses below, but these were given to me by a friend whom I trust. I you visit any , please report about them. Les Heritiers 4 course dinner: around $35 (Canadian) / BYOB 5091 de Lanaudière (on the corner of Laurier) / Montreal, Canada / 514-528-4953 A la Decouverte 4 course dinner: around $35 (Canadian) / BYOB 4350 De la Roche & Marianne / Montreal, Canada / 514-529-8377 *Patisserie de Gascogne Sandwiches and entrees: $6-9 (Canadian) 2 locations: 4825 Sherbrooke St W / Montreal, Canada / (514) 932-3511 237 Laurier / Montreal, Canada Chez L'Epicier Appetizers: $7-9 Entrées: $19-34 311 Saint Paul E / Montreal, QC / (514) 878-2232 *Au Pied de Cochon Appetizers: $6-8 Entrées: $18-26 536 Rue Duluth Est / Montreal, QC / 514-281-1114 *Poisson Rouge 4 course dinner: around $33 (Canadian) / BYOB 1201 Rachel St E / Montreal, QC / (514) 522-4876 L'Express Appetizers: $5-10 (Canadian) Entrees: $14-22 (CA) 3927 Saint-Denis / Montreal, Canada / 514-845-5333 Difficult to spot because the only sign is in the sidewalk *Toqué! Appetizers: $12-20 Entrees: $30-40 5 course tasting menu: $74 All prices are in Canadian dollars 3842 St Denis St / Montreal, Canada / (514) 499-2084 *Jardin Nelson Lunch entrees: $10-12 (Canadian) 407 Place Jacques Cartier / Montreal, Canada / 514-861-5731
  20. Peter B Wolf


    Woodburner's quote: "Paprika is used primarily for its coloring properties, and sometimes for flavor." Don't quite agree, see the Original Hungarian Paprikas available in Hungary (possibly in a Eastern European ethnic groceries ) 1. Kulonleges (there is 'two dots' over the "u" & "o") - Exquisite Delicacy 2. Csemege - Delicacy / hot & mild 3. Edesnemes - noble sweet 4. Feledes ( the first two 'e's are 'accented' ) - semi sweet 5. Rozsa ( the 'o' is 'accented' ) - fiery 6. Eros ( 'two dots' over the 'o' ) - hot I think all are called "Kalocsa Szeged [ Magyar] " (Not sure, plus as always: I stand corrected.)
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