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  1. In the old European Kitchen/Cuisine Hierarchie it went like this: * Chef de Cuisine * Souschef * Chef de Party * Gardemanger * Saucier * Tournant * Rotisseur * Entremetier * Potage * Poisonnier * Patissier * Casserolier * Plongeur and, as always: I stand corrected
  2. Can anyone help me please. When making Creme Caramel at home, it seldom was a problem when I was still in the business, my caramel in the ramequin will alway harden after proper baking. I like to see the syrupy caramel to run over my custard when inverted. Bad Luck?
  3. A couple of questions and points to make. Does NY State/City law provide for 'minimum' state wage law for service personel or ist it like MA where service personel does NOT receive state minimum wage? Do you really think that restaurant patrons know the difference between 'Gratuity/Tip' and 'Service Charge' ? I think not. I'll bet that more than 75% of all customers think that this 'service charge' will be paid out to servers (mainly). Which in turn the establishment does not legally have to, since "Service" in this case is not defined. Do you believe customers at Per Se will totally and understandably stop leaving a tip, or will they, as most patrons more often look only at the bottom line Dollar amount, still tip? And, even if they understand it, then at what percent? Also, is it not true, and I stand corrected - as always, that the larger the bill the lesser the "percent" amount of tipping/ Example: Party of six, total bill with tax and beverages $ 900.00 next, three parties of two, each party's bill $ 300.00 I venture to say party of six will tip $ 150.00 (16.7%) and the other three parties will tip $ 60.00 ea. (20%) I do "tip" at 20%, never 'after tax', Cocktails and Cordials/Liqueurs and bottled Wine at 15%. Wine above $ 50.00 - 10%, plus $ 10.00 for the Sommelier/Wine Steward. And if there is a "Service Charge" - NO Tip/gratuity. Does this make me cheap? Remember, I retired after 49 years as Chef. Does that make a difference? You tell me. You can't hurt me - I am not allowed to posess feelings anymore.
  4. Mein lieber Koellner (Schneich) Oh yes there is a 'German' Curry Sauce. It is made by adding just any pre-mix jar 'Curry Powder' to any Veal or Chicken base Veloute. Believe me, ask the 'elderly' , every Restaurant in Heiniland in the late fifties and sixties had this on their "Sonntag Gute Karte" : 'Bombay Art Huhn auf Reis' or 'Huehnerfricassee Indische Art mit Ananas' I had to learn to make it during my Apprenticeship in Muenster-Westfalen early fifties. Daniel, see above Veloute ! The Art of Schnitzel, "Wiener Schnitzel is always Veal !!" But 'Schnitzel' can be any other light meat, such as Pork, Chicken or Turkey Thin slices of veal, I use the top round cut. You don't have to worry so much about tenderness because the veal is pounded. Place it between sheets of plastic and pound it flat. Season with Salt & white Pepper. The flour coating is just a dusting, the eggs are beaten with a little cream and a fork, and the bread crumbs should be unseasoned and white. Be sure to have enough bread crumbs to dip the veal into, and turn it so it comes away coated without having to shovel or pat the crumbs on. Everything is put on very gently, at the last minute ! very important ! Your pan should be two inches deep. And you need a good half inch of oil, with a little butter to give a nutty flavor. Fry each schnitzel individually and keep it moving in the oil by sliding and gently rotating the pan on the burner. That's the only way to get the coating on the veal to form a puckery, crunchy surface.
  5. My List: Alpo Dog Food , Cat Food , Progresso Brand Lentil Soup (heat w/diced 'Sabrett' dogs) Evaporated & Condensed Milk 'Melitta' brand fine ground Coffee Portuguese & Maroccoan Sardines, yes: Tuna & Anchovies not to mention 'Marzanos' & Tom paste Sliced Peaches 'Hero' & 'Mamman' Confitures (that's Jams Jellies & Marmelades) , Nutella Italian Mustard Fruit 3/4 Mustards Iish Steel cut Oats Gallons of Extra Virgin Olive Oils
  6. The following are from my files and travels from Maine to Allentown PA (Two yeas ago) Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe - Waterbury, CT, 540 Plank Rd., 203-754-5600 , (near Exit 25 off I-84) Bantam Bread Bakery 853 Bantam Road, Bantam, Connecticut , 860-567-2737 CT I-84 , exit 7 , US-7 / 202 north 12 miles New Milford, now US-202 only 20 miles to Bantam Bantam Bread Bakery is an exception to the rule that claims great bakeries are found in densely populated areas. On a small-town road far from any city, baker Niles Golovin produces tawny-crusted peasant loaves, chewy rye with caraway seeds, rosemary-perfumed Kalamata olive sourdough, and a "holiday loaf" studded with toasted walnuts, golden raisins, and sour cherries. Beyond loaves, Golovin makes biscotti for crunchy munching, elegant tortes for dessert, and an item that somehow got labeled a "dirtball" — a sugar-coated cupcake that has the feathery texture of a butter croissant and the avoirdupois of a cake donut. Good Taste: 117 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook CT , 203-270-5509. I - 84, Exit 10, Take a left at the light, this is Church Hill Road, follow for about a half mile. Good Taste is on the left. St. Andre Cheese w\Sundried Tomato Tapenade & Basil Sandwich; Pork Loin w\ Apple Raisin Chutney on Onion Roll; Baby Spinach, Toasted Pine Nuts, Raisins & Grilled Chicken Salad w\ Balsamic Dressing; Broccoli, Red Pepper & Cheddar Chowder. They also have all kinds of regular deli sandwiches, great coffees, SCRUMPTUOUS desserts and earthy breads and rolls. For breakfast today you could have McMann's oatmeal w\sauteed pears or a specialty omelet. Its a small casual place, and they have wonderful open air dining in warmer weather. BIG PLUS- the waitstaff is incredibly nice and friendly!
  7. Beginners luck: one pint of Total Yoghurt two quart Butter Milk one can/jar of "Felix" brand Swedish Lingonberries four Tblsp. finely grated fresh Horseraddish four ounce Lime Juice half a cup Clover Honey " Osterize -it " vatt, no Kommentar ?
  8. Maltaise sauce. To 1 quart of Hollandaise, add 2-4 fluid ounces orange juice, from blood oranges if possible, and 2 teaspoons grated orange zest.
  9. I have in my house a couple of pocked calculators Texas Instrument TI-1895II, $ 7.95, it's a converter: punch in the number/zipher, punch either to or from 'metric' and the appropriate key for (now look at this); works faster for me than the computer in/cm imp ton/kg yard/m acre/square m ft/m mile/km acre/ha KJ/KC square in/square cm square ft/ square m square mile/square km USfl.oz/mL Temp F/TempC cubic in/cubic cm cubic ft /cubic m US gal/L imp fl.oz/mL oz/gr lb/kg imp Gal/L
  10. I just bought a 36'/ 6 burner gas range; Premier Pro Series Model P36S318P Waiting for delivery (local appliance dealer, a good one). I must say I haggled with him a bit about the price, claiming I could get it converted natural to propane, delivered for less what he said the price was. He came down, I got it for $ 1215. Advise from him about a hood, he sold me a Zephyr Hurricane, which has two 695 CFM blowers. I am able of venting straight up, but only 2 feet into the attic, and then 90' right plus 8 feet out the wall. The Hood came to $ 549. Since I have no cabinets above the range and counter on this 6.5' wall I will have to 'home-decorate' the duct above the hood myself (wife?). Cabinets on both sides of the range, a 12" and a 24" exist and will get new countertop, and the wall will be tiled. About the noise, I heard the hood fans running in the strore, and they are more quiet than my current JennAir downdraft. Will inform more, maybe with a picture when all the work is done.
  11. Not to often do I comment or write in this forum (Pastry etc.) But always browse. Clafoutis being one of my favorites Therefor the following recipe has never failed me, even when prepared in a larger pan vs. the individual dishes Here goes: "Clafoutis Chaud aux Framboises Warm Clafoutis with Raspberries 8 ounces shelled almonds 3/4 cup flour 9 large eggs, seprated 1 1/3 cups sugar 10 ounces(2 1/2 sticks)unsalted butter, melted 1 cup powered sugar 2 cups fresh raspberries Preheat oven to 400 F Beat eggs yolks with 1 cup sugar until thick, add melted butter. Finely grind almonds with flour, than fold in yolk mixture. Whip powered sugar and egg whites until peaks form, fold gently in yolk mixture. Put batter in 6 inche baking dishes (buttered) drop raspberries on top of each dish about 7 or 8 raspberries. Bake 18 or 20 minutes until golden brown. Puree remaining sugar and berries pour sauce on dessert dishes. Put warm cakes on each dessert dish.
  12. Yes, and for another different reason: To get my daily "pissed off at someone" daily dose. When seeing that loaded to the gills cart with all kinds of prepared foods, some already cooked, ready mixes, TV dinners, chips, cake mixes, washed and cut vegetables, canned soups, pre-marinated skewered kabobs, all sorts of cookies and, well, the lazy mens/womens meals. all being paid with foodstamps 'Food Stampers' are usually unemployed and on welfare. So, don't they have time to cook???
  13. Peter B Wolf

    Sausage Making

    I found this article very satisfactory. Nice pictures. Everything well detailed. http://www.hertzmann.com/articles/2001/pork/
  14. Aber wie!!! If this is a question (but how?) here is the answer: Peter, which of these versions do you prefer? I don't think I've ever had it with sago. I don't need a translation, but what exactly is Zwetschgen? Is it a type of plum, or a dialect word for plum? ← When Sago is cooked, well Tapioka too, these round 'pearls' become a bit translucent, you want them to still habe a tiny bit of a bite ("Gruel"). I prfer Tapioka. (Sago was cheaper in my kid's days) OK, Zwetschgen are plums, the 'Italian' kind here in the States, (prunus domestica) and in Germany it's mostly a dialect in the south and southwest. Fellenberger Zwetschge Bühler Frühzwetschge Italienische Zwetschge Deutsche Hauszwetschge All seem to be more 'blueish', firm and 'freestone'
  15. The Leberkäse in my freezer is a veal meatloaf. Sancerre, I've only eaten out in Regensburg...once at the Hof Brau for lunch (traditional food but neither too heavy nor greasy) and then at the Restaurant Brandner in the Sorat Insel Hotel. The meals I had there (two dinners) were also wonderful. I am heading to Germany in a couple of weeks; half my time will be spent in Cologne and half in Münster. I will probably only get out to dinner in Köln as I will be camping while in Münster. This website looked interesting to me: Kölner Brauhaus Wanderweg Of course, that's not about food but rather about Kölsch... (Edit for typo.) ← My Grandfather owned "Weinstuben Beiderlinden" in Muenster, my Dad was born in that building (long gone) in 1906, I had my apprenticeship ('51-'54) at the "Hotel Continental" (long gone) across the Train Station. But " PINKUS MUELLER " Home Brewery and typical Muensterlaender Restaurant is still there, with wooden tables, names of many carved in, see if you can find my initials PBW " http://www.pinkus-mueller.de/ " see also : " http://www.gonomad.com/destinations/0402/m...tergermany.html "
  16. Aber wie!!! If this is a question (but how?) here is the answer: Rote Gruetze This traditional north German dish. Rote Gruetze (the name means red groats) is a delicious, chilled fruit stew. Ingredients 1 quart strawberries 1 quart rasperries or 2 bags frozen mixed berries, 12 oz. each 1 pint blueberries 1 pound sour cherries, pitted (or the equivalent amount canned cherries) 1 large bottle (48 fl. oz.) red fruit juice e.g. cranberry or cranberry/cherry 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon cornstarch (please note: in this translation no Sago/Tapioka, as used by the Germans, is present). See below. juice of half a lemon dash of cinnamon whole milk or half-and-half Directions Clean and prepare all fruit, removing stems. Place about two thirds of the fruit in a large saucepan, reserving one third for later. Pour juice into pan. Slowly bring contents of the pan to a boil over medium heat. Meanwhile, measure cornstarch into a small bowl and add a little cold water to make a smooth liquid. Remove the pan with the hot fruit mixture from the heat, add the cornstarch mixture to the fruit in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Return pan to a low heat, again stirring constantly, and bring back to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about one minute. Add the remaining third of fruit, lemon juice and cinnamon to taste. Stir well to mix, and allow to cool. The consistency should not be as firm as jello or as runny as custard, but just that perfect point between. Transfer to a decorative bowl. Serve with a jug of cold milk or half-and-half for pouring on the gruetze. Rote Gruetze is meant to be quite tart, so please or in German: Rote Grütze halbfeste Grütze: Sago / Tapioka 65 g auf 1 Liter Flüssigkeit feste, steife Grütze: Sago/Tapioka 100 g auf 1 Liter Flüssigkeit Rhabarber, Aprikosen, Apflel, sogar Rosinen ergeben erstaunlich schmackhafte Grützen. Zutaten: (für eine große Schale) 1 großes Glas entsteinte Sauerkirschen 1 mittelgroßes Glas Stachelbeeren wer mag: 1 kleines Glas eingekochte Zwetschgen Saft und etwas abgeriebene Schale einer Zitrone ggf. etwas Apfelsaft 100 - 200 g Zucker (nach Geschmack und Obstsäre) 65 g Perl-Sago pro Liter Flüssigkeit etwa 200 g Erdbeeren (Tiefgekühlte, im Frühsommer gern frische) Mischung von Beeren (rote oder schwarze Johannis-, Brombeer-, Him- oder Preisselbeeren) ... tiefgekühlt als "Waldbeeren" erhältlich Die Sauerkirschen, Stachelbeeren und (so gewünscht) die Zwetschgen fülle man aus den Gläsern in ein Sieb, das über einem Topf liegt. So kann der Saft gut abtropfen! Dazu gebe man den ausgepreßten Saft der Zitrone und etwas Zitronenschale. Das abgetropfte Obst wird beiseite gestellt. Die erbeutete Menge Flüssigkeit wird nun in einen Meßbecher gefüllt und auf einen Liter aufgefüllt - ich nehme dazu lieber Apfelsaft statt simplem Wasser. Man gebe die Flüssigkeit nun in einen ausreichend großen Topf und bringe sie auf dem Herd zum Kochen. Man süsse den Saft nach Geschmack mit 100 bis 200 g Zucker. Währenddessen messe man 100 g Perlsago ab, den man unter steigem Rühren einrieseln lasse, sobald der Saft aufkocht. Nun wird auch das abgetropfte Obst aus dem Sieb dazugegeben. Der Sago muß nun etwa 15 Minuten bei geringer Hitze ausquellen, bis er ganz durchsichtig und weich geworden ist. Erst kurz vor Ende der Garzeit gebe man das frische Beerenobst dazu - die Erdbeeren können ganz oder zerkleinert untergerührt werden. Sobald der Sago gar ist, fülle man die noch heiße Rote Grütze in eine kalt ausgespülte Glas- oder Porzellanschale. Während des Erkaltens ab und zu umrühren, damitsich keine Haut bildet.
  17. I also am in the market. The following has been discussed somewhere else on this board: http://www.universal-akb.com/prpr36sebuga.html Am now looking for a decent exhaust/venting hood. Can't believe that one will cost half as much or more than the range. Any help out there? Varmint's was $1,100.00
  18. Parchment not only on the bottom, but make a sleeve (strip) from parchment, grease the pan side and stick the paper on it. It works
  19. Varmint, quick question please: Your hood size, capacity, ducted to outside, brand, source, cost, other specs Thank you
  20. Peter B Wolf

    School project

    To quote you: "I'll do the budget later, ..." I would be interested to see your complete detailed Cost of Goods (COGs) worksheet. In other words, list of all materials used, their cost and ultimately your 'plated' cost.
  21. Glad to be able to help you. I am not familiar with a restaurant in or near Cologne that serves horsemeat. But a butcher is here who does sell Horsemeat. Have you friend call, the butcher might know a Restaurant that has horsemeat on their menu. Köln-Ehrenfeld , Pferdemetzgerei M. Krosch (seit 1920 in Familienbesitz) since 1920 Körnerstrasse 22 50823 Köln-Ehrenfeld Tel.: 0221 / 2856935 oder 0172 / 7813772 Dienstag bis Freitag: Tuesday-Friday 09:00 - 18.30 Samstag: Saturday 09:00 - 14:00 Bestellungen und Anfragen auch per Email: derpferdemetzger@aol.com Info & Ordering by email Koernerstrasse is off to the right, leaving City Center going on 'Venloerstrasse' in a northwestnortherly (NWN) direction for about 4 miles.
  22. Does anyone know whether the practice of having as many as six meals a day arose in Germany or in countries bordering it? Soba Jawohl, ran jetzt und wenn wir raus fliegen: *Fruehstueck 6AM *Zweites Fruehstueck 10AM *Mittagessen 1PM *Kaffee und Kuchen 3:30PM *Abendbrot 7PM *Betthuepferl 10:30PM All that til about 1935, the third Reich left us with about tree meals only After 1945 in the DDR the Betthuepferl often took the place of all other five.
  23. You will be glad you bought it. On another note: a friend of mine from India gave me: " Mrs Balbir Singh's Indian Cookery " 11th printing '84 , ISBN 0 7135 2050 7, bought at Happy Book Stall, 32 Hill Road, Bandra (west) Bombay 400050
  24. I have a copy of: Mimi Sheraton , 1965 " The German Cookbook " , Random House, 500 Pages, What I like the most about this book, it has the original German name for every recipe, correct spelling (I was born and lived there until I was 19) and a wonderful complete seperate English & German index . But here are a few of my own German listings I miss and crave (and then make them) at times: Rheinischer Sauerbraten Koenigsberger Flecke Hoppel Poppel Leipziger Allerlei Berliner Leber Muensterlaender Toettchen Servietten Kloss Speckpfannkuchen Kalbsvoegel Rote Gruetze Pinkel mit Braunkohl Zwetschgenbavesen Fuerst Pueckler Bombe Labskaus Have you heard enough? Most of these are also in Mimi's book
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