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  1. To Quote: "Zum Stammtisch in Glendale (Queens) might be my favorite." sorry to say, 'guested' the "Tisch" mid August Steak Tartar, what an aweful 'mess'. must have been ground, ground and ground again as Chopped Chicken Liver is coarser. Not served as a 'mount' but spread on triangular cut pieces of so called Rye bread. Bread was soggy and blood red, although the 'mush' was not leaking any juices. Tasted a bread piece without 'topping' and determined Beet Juice created the soggyness and redness. Anyone please recommend any place for a fine Steak Tartar please
  2. Schwarzwaelder Schinken, The "REAL" one, German import ??? (NOT so called "Black Forest Ham") Please provide places/sources, anywhere New England. Please provide sources with addresses and phone numbers plus possible costs. Thanks
  3. I always get it at night. But here is the catch, never from anything else but "Pastries/Desserts/Sweets" of any kind, but not from 'Ice Cream'!! The other catch, never from homebaked or homemade "from-scratch". So, other than my wife's preparations (or mine), stuff made with apparent 'pre-mixes' or 'storebought' will give me Heartburn after laying down for about 2/3 hours. Remedy, and I love all sweets and can't always help it not eating 'any', when knowing that I will have some, not "Wolf Lair made", a couple of prescribed, and always on hand, including pocket, " SUCRALFATE TABS 1GR
  4. Now here is a site which should be suggested for everybody to read. ......and not only by 'eGulletiers'. Please suggest it to your friends by email and/or all other means. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/02/weekinreview/02bittman.html?src=dayp&pagewanted=print Second paragraph as quoted here: " The problem is, real food is cooked by real people — you! — and real people are cooking less than ever before.We know why people don’t cook, or at least we think we do: they’re busy; they find “convenience” and restaurant foods more accessible than foods they cook themselves; they (incorrec
  5. A Restaurant’s 75th Anniversary is not often celebrated in the United States. Here is one which needs to be noted with due respect. The Student Prince and Fort Restaurant in Springfield Massachusetts. http://www.studentprince.com/ I personally can attest to this occasion as not only being there on the event, which was duely celebrated on the 24th of September this year 2010, but also as a former proud member of it’s staff. (Chef 1964-1969 and 1972-1980). “The Prince” as it will always affectionally be referred to by me, was part of my fifty year carrier in the culinary world which I will not
  6. Quote: " Let's collect all the remaining references we know to the word "gourmet" and scrutinize them. Perhaps we can do the world a service and retire the word for good, much like "ether" and "horseless carriage. " Super Markets with "Gourmet Isles" merchandising Marzipan, Brisling Sardines, Mole Sauce, German Sauerkraut and Red Cabbage, Maggi Soups and Biscotti Contact your local Market and request, no, demand: "do the world a service and retire the word 'Gourmet' for good
  7. .............and past Kansas City, in the middle of the State: Russell Meridys Restaurant & Lounge 1220 S Fossil St, Russell (785) 483-4300 They serve some great steaks any time of the day.Breakfast anytime u want. Their breakfast steak is just wonderful. A daily noon buffet is featured also ssome evenings and weekends. Y ou may want to call ahead for reservations especially on holidays. Take a visit to Barneys lounge any evening full menu served here also .They have a wonderful banquet room for large parties and will cater out if u want. The food is excellent! .........I had the Breakfa
  8. Don't know if this is the right forum category to post. But I think it deserves attention. eGulleteers might have experienced the same. It is where periodicals such as Saveur Mag does not respond to readers' comments. I had sent emails, followed up the (see below) hard copy letter to the editor, and again followed up by another email, and still no response. I am disappointed if not actually angry. My subscription to the mag has ceased, by me!. What do you say ? Here is my letter, Peter B. Wolf, CEC 2 December 2009 Saveur Magazine, Customer Service, 15 East 32nd Street, New
  9. We consumed our Thanksgiving Day Dinner as done for the last seven years amongst friends at their large home in Georgetown Maine. This year we were only 14, but in the past we were as many as 20 congenial people loving to eat, and loving to be together. A newcomer to the festivities, a young man 18 years old, a casual friend, without parents, of our daughter also 18, whom she invited after asking us if it was alright, with which we agreed since we know him for quite a few years. One has to mention, Devan is not much experienced in number one being treated and number two to eat a more tasteful
  10. Johnnyd, are you familiar with this Pattisserie ? http://www.geospatisserie.com/ BTW, like your Portland Info(s)
  11. I am using just any towel hanging about to wipe my hands, then trowing it over my shoulder, anticipating to use it again (and using it) versus rinsing or washing hands. Wife screams, 'This towel is icky!'
  12. Bernie`s Dining Depot , 749 James Street , Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020-3915 (Take Exit 5 Mass Pike, Memorial Drive, go north to 2nd Rotary, turn right toward AFBase) http://dinesite.com/info/rstrnt-60843/?&t=3 Best known for Prime Rib & Seafood, this is a family theme restaurant. The restaurant focuses on a traditional American menu. Expect the average entrée to cost $10 to $18 *************************** Chez Nous , 150 Main St., Lee, MA Tel. 413-243-6397. http://www.cheznousbistro.com/ocean/host.php?page=0
  13. I will never ever eat any kind of Baked Goods, even if it is a 'Birthday Cake', that has icing or decorations made in BLUE color
  14. " we pour off the fat " , who is 'we' , I don't !!
  15. Leatherwood from Tasmania Thyme from Spain Coriander Blossom from the Balkans Fir/Spruce from the Toscana Honey with Ginger It's good to have family and friends in Germany: They can always get me mine from here: http://www.allos.de/produkte/honig.html
  16. Home baked Cheese Cake with Sour Cream Topping and Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
  17. Got a legal question here. It's about terminology. What is the difference, when printed on a restaurant menu, between "Service Charge" and "Gratuity" ? (the word "TIP" is seldom printed) Some time ago I was told that a Service Charge added to a bill does not need to be payed out by an establishment to servers when a credit card is used. Whereas a Gratuity must be paid to servers. Mr. Shaw, you know the law ?? !!
  18. NYC prohibits built-in restaurant tips over 15 percent As the economy sours, more New York restaurants are tacking on unfair service charges including built-in tips as high as 20 percent, the Post reported this weekend. The Department of Consumer Affairs today confirmed to NewYorkology that restaurants are allowed to tack on a mandatory service fee or tip only if they meet several city rules: The fee must be listed on the menu in 10-point type or larger. The fee can only apply to groups of 8 or more. The fee cannot exceed 15 percent. Charges for two persons splitting one meal, or a per-person
  19. Dave, sorry about your Stroke, but you nedd to strike back: Horizon Brand low fat Cottage Cheese and Friendship Brand low fat Farmers Cheese (this cheese is almost identical to German 'Quark') and "Quark" is available thru some Vermont Dairies. I can get you a German Cheesecake recipe using quark email me.
  20. Prairie Oysters, Kraft Slices, Wonder Bread
  21. To quote 'MagicTofu' " we probably need to stress that the ban is limited to the historical center of the city and not to the municipality as a whole. " Let me comment on this note. About 30 or more years ago MacDonalds opened a Restaurant in Freiburg, Schwarzwald (Black Forest) Germany. Right downtown City Center, and no less in a historically protected edifice. The building actually being one of the last remaining city wall towers from medieval times. Since the ground/street floor of this tower had been used for many years for commercial businesses no objection by city fathers nor the p
  22. "Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be." - Thomas Kempis
  23. Steve, been using this knife since 1964, although got new one in 1986, will need new one soon. 10-in. Bread Knife ,by Chicago Cutlery, Walnut Tradition IN STOCK! $50.00, on sale $14.95 from: " http://www.cutleryandmore.com/prodlist.asp...dID=7&LineID=21 " My reason, I do not use regular American White Bread, buy artisinal only from here, see my post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/423525 Sorry, posted this also in eGullet, but can't find it
  24. from Wikipedia: " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gugelhupf "
  25. Try this site : " http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/2615/russ...orodinski-bread "
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