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  1. I got mine today also, about 2PM, packaging material thrown, brisket in fridge, it's the Sunday treat. Mustard (one Duesseldorfer Loewensenf, one Maille), My own creamed Horseradish, Kosher Dills, and Bayrisches Landbrot from Hofer's ( http://hofers.com/pricelist.htm )
  2. Should they all not be bigger in size with all these ingredients ? How does McDonalds squeeze this stuff under that breading ? I remember in the early 'Eighties', there was a commercial on TV for whatever chain, with an actor (who later entered real movies), (was it "Vern") always knocking the competion with the words (drawn out with a Southern accent): "Parts, they are all Parts". Anyone know who this was, and what chain did he represent"? To quote Jason ".... (indicating they are likely rib meat, probably not chicken breast). " Is this the "parts" the actor implied to?
  3. Colonel, "Schulz" hier ! Ein Scheck goes in de male, when ich have de post adresse. Ganz schnell und rausssssssssss !
  4. Nothing to fear Anna, except "the Great American myth created by overzealous grandmothers and the "media"
  5. No need to hit the Gym after "toying" (no 'ton' weight limits) with the ones available thru the following: http://www.paczkipals.com/
  6. Great Article, thanks Huevos.
  7. Two points: 1. You can't "age" previously frozen meats. It will only rot 2. Ageing must be done to "primal" cuts, not individual 'steaks' Oh, one more point: I will stand corrected. Not to forget: don't anyone take the accuracy in the aging "days" so serious, they are only a "window in time" Also, places that age their meats, are very careful about accurate 'humiditity', natural light plus temperature. Someone once told me, the "feed" and digestion of it, of the cattle has something to do to 'timely' aging Any comments?
  8. And the winners are: Elderberry Jelly, Plum (not Prune) Jam, Currant Jelly, Mulberry Preserves, Quince Jelly, Kumquat Marmalade. Never ever eat Grape Jelly again. Grapes are grown to eat from the vine or made into Wine
  9. All my knives, and I have too many are either German Wuesthof, Henkel or Dick, a few Sabbatier and a Chinese cleaver no name brand. But believe it or not my Bread knife is Chicago Cutlery BT10, meaning it's 10 inch long well serrated and ever lasting. Around $28.00 at K-Mart. You will need a longer than 8 inch bread knife as it is important to do the proper long stroke 'sawing' motion to slice
  10. Closest TJ for me is 130 miles, but worth the drive every three or so months. One example: one quart Maple Syrup, their brand $ 7.45, and it's 'Grade B', which I feel has a stronger 'Maple' flavor (which I like). Plugra at $ 4.00, Morello Cherries and very good imported Swiss Jams. All worth the money, but more important: IT IS QUALITY!!
  11. Sorry also, but I mentioned "Boston / Logan" in my starting post
  12. The following translation is from my brother-in-law, who is a journalist and translator/interpretor, is married to "una Madrilena", both living in Spain. Ant (family Formicidae)** Hymenopterus that lives in societies, in tunnels that it generally opens in the soil. Above all, it likes the sweet juice of plants, plant lice and woodlice. sugar, syrup and honey. It penetrates the most enclosed pantries, and little inhabited or decayed beehives, in order to obtain honey.
  13. I declared my stuff on the back of the white form as: Cheese, hard, aged over 60 days, vacuum packed, for personal consumption, (and weight plus cost / with receipt of purchase) I was not lucky!!, It is the law. Cheeses, even raw milk ones, are allowed, as long they are aged over 60 days, vacuum packed and declared. Don't know if the Airline used is of importance, mine was Air France, and my departure point was Paris !!?? There are no meat products of any kind allowed, canned, raw, cooked or otherwise (Pate, Ham, Sausages). I would have protested the taken canned Asparagus. I would have insisted on a receipt with items taken as listed, plus agents Name Printed and signature!, badge number, date, time, Airline and flight # . ......and then filed a complaint with customs, cc to BBB and Attorney General.
  14. A short visit to my Brother-in-Law outside Madrid got me to a fine Cheese Store in Madrid. They not only advise (Spanish only) but let you taste as much as you want and can handle. I purchased five different cheeses: Garrotxa, Idiazabel, Manchego, Zamorano (Toro) and another, forgot name. Each piece weighed appr. 1.5 kilo, with an average price of 15.00 Euro per kilo. After wrapping in the appropriate 'Cheese Paper', they vacuum sealed each piece in a very heavy duty plastic for travel and preservation. No charge!. I had all these cheeses plus some canned Ventresca Tuna and my favorit "elxillo" Anchovies in a suitcase with clothes. I declared on my customs form all to what they were, and did not have to open any suitcase at Logan/Boston. The place in Madrid is: Jamoneria - Carniceria - Quesos "Bruselas", Avenida de Bruselas 49, Tel: 913-567-498, Something else, here is a good web site for Spanish Cheeses: http://www.cheesefromspain.com/CFS/Guide/C...hestabInd_I.htm
  15. The following site is in German, but lists literally hundreds of makers alphabetically and by country. Once you click on any of the names, their webste in turn will be listed, and is now ready for clicking on: http://www.theobroma-cacao.de/land/alphlis...euebersicht.htm And the following site is all in English and even lists a manufacture in China. Enjoy. http://mujweb.atlas.cz/www/chocolate/enlinks1.htm
  16. .....Tommy Answer this (since you don't have anything to do). Why are "Brussels Spouts" round when all other sprouts are looking like wiggly worms?
  17. fresh_a, I am so glad to see you use the 'Title' "Chef" (as in English "chief") for not only describing a 'cuisinier/cook', but as it is proper to describe what it is. We Americans think always that a cook is always a "Chef". I think other eGulletiers will benfit from this Info. Thank you.
  18. Maybe not a 'concierge' question, never the less, it's pressing. When a traveler, assuming a train traveler, has more than 10 hours of time to spend in Paris (so chosen) before resuming a trip, where in the City of Light, can such bulky valises such as a couple of suitcases be deposited until desired departure. My arrival will be at Gare du Nord, early in the Morning, and departure will be same day early Evening from Gare Montparnasse. Thank you for your help.
  19. Recommend: John Dewar and Company , 753 Beacon Street , Newton Center , 964-3577 the tastiest tenderloin, the juiciest , goose, and the finest pheasant and Foie Gras
  20. How do you get the Mustard flavor out, after grinding those little buggers? Or worse, the stickyness from Christmas Poppy Seeds? (Just Kidding)
  21. Waldhotel Sonnora in Dreis can only be reached awkwardly: From Frankfurt by train via Koblenz ( change trains) will take two and a half hours. A car not much less since the route will take you through the Hunsrueck mountains. Dieter Mueller’s place, in Bergisch-Glattbach, a three star chef since 1997, is just east of Koeln (Cologne). The train will take one hour and 40 minutes (Changing in Cologne) . Superhighway (no speed limit) Autobahn #3 and #4 will get you there in about two hours. Chef Mueller’s cooking is rated higher in Germany by German magazines (Der Feischmecker, Essen und Trinken etc) I ate Dieter’s food in 1989 when he was at the “Schweizer Stuben” in Wertheim and made his first and second star. Die Schwarzwald Stube is at least three and a half hours from Frankfurt, although by train direct to Freiburg, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, but then on with either bus or just don’t know. But even driving will take over three hours. But the trip through the Black Forest is worth it. Besides most star restaurants in Germany are in the Black Forrest area and the State / Land BADEN-WUERTEMBERG As a byline I like to mention that through and for economic reasons seven German one and two star places folded up in the past year, and they are (this is official): “Gala” Aachen, “Windmuehle” Bad Oeynhausen, “Aldermann” Berlin, Wagner’s Restaurant “Zum Storchennest” Erlangen, “Gut Faistenberg” Eurasberg, “Mertens” Hamburg’, and “Kurhausstueberl” Waging.
  22. Thank you Steve, but been there, ain't working. Not even the finno-ugrik connection will reserve. Nickn: at least you could have offered a ferry, our Maine ties to water, but hitch-hike? Seriously, The original SNCF number poster, was it BUX?, might have a solution.
  23. I know someone posted a phone number here before to make train seat reservations in, or for French trains. Anyway, I copied the number at that time (0 –11- is the telephone number for an English-speaking SNCF reservationist.). This number works ideally, I called and ask for seat reservations for TGV Paris-Irun, gave date and time and train number (Cooks Timetable), the fluent English speaking lady ask for my VISA card and address, and in four days I had my seat reservations (I have a EUROPASS SAVER ticket) in hard copy in my mail. ( all that for just Euro 3.00 including mailing - read on!) Now, to make reservations for other trains outside of France, the issue becomes an issue in Spain: The number to call (01134-902-240 202) has no one speaking English. When I hobbled thru my Spanish with the person on line, I was told: that the number is only for making a reservation that will hold for only 48 hours, one must have a valid ticket (Europass does not count as valid). Now, I asked my brother in law (who lives in Madrid), to go to the train station (Chamartin) and make my reservations for three different trains, dates, times and routes. Again, can not do!! Spanish rules: Only for 48 hours, plus, no ticket - no reservation. How do Eurail ticket holders cope with this. The frustration becomes more immenent, when a particular train is a 'Night Train' with mainly sleeping cars and only one coach for 'seating 1st Class'. By the time I arrive to use this train, these seats can most likely be totally sold and I must take a sleeper (at a horrendous cost). Now again, in Germany, a friend that lives there, went to the train station and procured seat reservations for all kind of trains without ever showing a ticket. Oh, it is known to me to be able to make reservations thru the agent where I bought the Pass here in the States, but at $11.00 per person per trip leg versus 3.00 EURO in country. On top of that they charge also a $ 20.00 handling fee for up to three reserves, more $ for more reserves. Does anyone have some kind of solution? Does anyone have a phone number and or address for the so called EUROGROUP that is responsible for Eurail Passes? And what can my recourse be? Thanks
  24. Peter B Wolf


    It pays to still have friends or family in the European Lands. One friend of mine travels to the Provence from Germany every year. I always get half a dozen jars of Honey thru him. His source is Roland Jacqueson in Rougon. The choices "Provence Montagne", "Miel de Chataignier", "Romarin", "Thym". Then I get Honey from New Sealand, where the bees get their nectar from a bush with reddish flowers, the Manuka bush. Also a Honey from the Otago montain range of the southern Newsealand island. A strong flavored "Tannen Honig" (Pine) from Germany is fantastic on Oatmeal (mentioned on another thread). Some of this stuff cost me more shipping than product. But oh, what a life - and so little of it.
  25. Here is the treat: McCann's steel cut "Irish Oatmeal", yes, first toasted in a pan (but without butter, dry, constantly stirring and shaking), cooked in slightly salted water, topped with a lump of fresh unsalted Butter (the European kind), a large dollop creme fraiche and sprinkled with Demarara Sugar for crunchyness. Don't even want lunch. The other thing is Grits cooked in milk, pinch of sugar, an eggyolk at the end, a lump of butter and beaten eggwhites folded in. Gives your cheeks that puffed up look of Michelangelo's cupits.
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