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  1. In all my many years I've never been a cereal fan. But (you knew there was a but coming didn't ya), I've got a new breakfast habit. Weetabix. Weetabix sprinkled with cinnamon and some Splenda. Then a splash of non-fat half and half and some non-fat milk. Then nuke it for about a minute. Almost like the cinnamon milk toast Mom used to make for us when we were sick. :wub:

    edited to fix typo

  2. What is SB acceptable at Chinese places?  My big problem eating Chinese has been that most dishes seem to have a good bit of added starch/sugar (especially in the sauce) and the corn starch used is pretty much as bad as white flour.  I suppose one could request that no starch/sugar be used in the preparation of one's dish, but I am way of such things, especially when the counterperson has a rather limited grasp of english to begin with...

    Yes, I have the same problem with Chinese. Plus, there's the white rice thing... :huh:

  3. Nate, please give us some more input on what sort of food/atmosphere you'd like. There is great potential in 3 directions from Dana Point. Will you have a car? Can you get out for lunches? When will you be here? Are there any types of foods that are off-limits? I need to know how quickly to rush in posting suggestions. And also, if you're interested in getting together with some fellow eGulleteers, that might be possible! :smile:

  4. Considering the pollution all around us and that we have pest control come e/o month, I must say nothing but the herbs that grown in my urn (which is off-limits for chemicals). :blink:

    Edited to add: The lizards are too small and don't look tasty at all. And I hope all the crows have some disease that will kill them, so don't want them either.

  5. Well, I survived. The food was very good and I'd highly recommend this restaurant. I was terribly uncomfortable with all my questioning and asking for substitutions. Our waitress was a doll and handled it all very professionally and cheerfully. We tipped very well.

    I guess this was practice. We've going to Monterey (jazz festival) this weekend for 4 days. Fortunately there are plenty of places with good fish choices in that area. And I can always have salads--I just get tired of them sometimes. :wink:

  6. DH tends to want meat and that's optional for me. Before South Beach diet, my alone dinners would be a hunk of brad, cheese and some wine. Maybe a few olives. Ah! The good old days...

    Right now DH is in Chicago and was dining at Spiaggio tonight. For me it was some sauteed red onion, garlic, tiny bit of bacon (fat thrown out), spinach and cannelini. I put a touch of blue cheese on top. I was very happy with this, but it's not something that DH would like to eat for a meal. He'd have wanted it with steak or fish or whatever.

  7. If I go into a restaurant and visit the restroom first only to find it dirty with no hot water, soap, etc. I promptly let the manager know that I am no longer interested in eating there. Where do the employees wash their hands? :blink:

  8. I think that someone (in charge) needs to start a new thread for this. I just read this for the first time and might have missed out on the potluck because of being on a diet that doesn't include pie! :shock:

  9. :blink: I don't think I even know of an art gallery in Laguna Niguel!

    I do think that to base this discussion of good restaurants on a handful of cities in a large county is unfair. And what types of cuisine are we considering? I suspect that you might find some Mexican immigrants here that can name some mighty good hole-in-the-wall places that would rival anything you'd find in their home country.

    Maybe. Just my humble ramblings...

  10. By this morning, there were rose petals all over the table. It saddens me that this obviously expensive bouquet didn't last as long as it should have.

    Your fault. If someone is thoughtful enough to drop about $50 clams on a bouquet of roses for you, one STOPS what one is doing, and prepares the bouquet with care and attention. As well as appreciation. It takes less than 5 minutes to cut stems and plop in vase. Think of them as an appetizer someone brought that requires a bowl and a serving spoon or cheese knife.

    Hmmmm... Interesting that you didn't think about what I might have spent on ingredients that might have been at a critical point in preparation.

    We all have differing opinions on these things. That's what makes the world go 'round! :smile:

  11. As a recent hostess (yesterday--same people: family of 6 for lunch, cocktails and dinner) here's my $.02.

    Our guests arrived bringing a lovely bottle of Port and an enormous bouquet of roses. Both gifts were lovely, quite appropriate and very much appreciated. However here's the problem I always have when someone arrives with a bouquet of flowers:

    I'm busy in the kitchen. I have to stop to search for a vase. And in this case, it took some looking to find one that was large enough for this particular bouquet. It's quite warm here this time of year. As they arrived late morning, we hadn't yet turned on the a/c. The flowers laid on the kitchen counter whilst I located a vase. Once I found one I realized that I did not have time (nor space) to go thru the bouquet and trim the stems as is always recommended, so they were simply plopped into the vase with some water.

    By this morning, there were rose petals all over the table. It saddens me that this obviously expensive bouquet didn't last as long as it should have.

    OK, so the moral of my story is when you're selecting a hostess gift, please make it something that doesn't require immediate action on the part of the hosts. Something that takes no effort on his/her part will be appreciated much more!

  12. Lisa, I always want hardcovers when it comes to cookbooks (unless they're really old). I will indeed let you know if I can't find it anywhere.

    Now that this has all come up I've hit on a great idea. Don (DH) and his daughters (who live the SF/Bay area) are always trying to think of things to get me for BD and Christmas. They all love to browse book stores (online and storefront). So I think I'm gonna make a wish list for them!! That will make all of us happy and I won't have to send back any sweaters that I'll never wear!

    And now just a little aside. When DH and I decided a good many years ago to take our French (language) to a much higher level, we enrolled in classes at a local JC for several semesters. As we advanced and had to write essays, no matter what the subject matter--art, history, literature, etc.-- I always turned it to food and made a recipe from that era/area. Do I need to say that I always got good grades? :laugh:

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