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  1. I was kind of relieved by the crumbiness of the bread the last time I was in Italy. It was reassuring that not everything was perfect.
  2. I remember reading about this in Esquire (I think) in the early 90's, when I was young and impressionable. Either Jim Harrison or John Marianni described the reasoning behind the practice (as their father had taught them): The owner will always have a cheaper bottle he/she likes for friends, etc. Is that right?
  3. malcolmjolley

    Poor folk wine

    I like the Liberty School Cab., very much. Just abou the only decent California Cab I can afford. Been drinking a lot of a Buzet lately: Baron D'Ardeuil, 2000. retails in Ontario at $CAN 16.90, which would be about $12 US. Edited, to add: welcome to eGullet, Pogo!
  4. Thanks to all for the illumination. I saw all those "AGA" cookbooks and assumed it was some newly re-discovered culinary method, involving lots of yoghurt or something. "Afghani Grain Alimentation", etc.
  5. I saw a reference to it on a UK site, but can't figure out what it means. This is driving me nuts. It seems to have something to do with seasonality, but I can't make sense of it. Help! - A Curious Canuck
  6. How hard is it to pour coffee over ice? (You gotta give credit to Nestle for it's sheer evil genius at selling useless products to people around the world.)
  7. This is ridiculous. I think Canada should start accepting foodie refugees.
  8. Expansion plans? Where ISN"T there a McDonalds? Re: decline of McQuality, I say "Bring Back the Beef Tallow!"
  9. I also really enjoyed Jay McInerney's "Bacchus & Me" - a fun little book for beginners and up. In fact, the sort one could read while sipping something.
  10. The day the espresso stops being made by the busboy is the day it'll cost $20. I think I'll just have a calva instead.
  11. Matt Kramer's "Making Sense of Wine" has been recently reissued and is excellent.
  12. malcolmjolley


    I'll side with budrichard: less is more. I prefer to think of notes in terms of what one might say to a table. Better to keep it short and sweet to compare against the observations of others. Lately, I've been leafing through Michael Broadbent's "Vintage Wine: Fifty Years of Tasting Over Three Centuries of Wine". He doesn't waste his words, which makes it fun to compare his notes against one another. In the end, though, it's all about whatever you makes you happy.
  13. I agree. Nevermind my post. There is no substitute!
  14. some kind of smoky beef sausage/salami? a bacon substitute? turkey bacon, perhaps? or maybe just skip it and use butter/another recipe.
  15. And Fruity Pebbles! This is bringing back serious memories of grocery store tantrums as my mother insisted on buying "healthy" brands.
  16. Washed down with a bottle of the Fussy Pussy, no doubt.
  17. malcolmjolley


    I've said this before and I'll say it again: where could you get a decent cup of coffee on in an airport before Starbucks? Or on an Interstate? Or at the mall? No, it's not the apex of humanity's quest for the prefect cup of coffee, but if in an area of North America with a relatively low concentration of Gaggia's, it can be a sight for sore eyes.
  18. More like Fwah gRRRRah, I think. Could just call it "fat liver". Hungary has a tradition of foie gras, what do they call it, I wonder? What would be the idiomatic translation? It was a Roman invention I wonder what they called it. Where are the Food Historians?
  19. What about the knife sharpening dude with the cart and the bell? He's been around since I was a kid. If you live between Eglington, Keele, the Lake and the Don Valley, he must surely come around with his whetting stone on wheels! It's all very old world fun and he sharpens like a mad man!
  20. Not that I know what I'm talking about, but I have friend who brings cases in from the Stellenbosch who claims the duites are pretty reasonable. A buck or two a bottle. If you're willing to buy by the case there are lots of wine agents who privately import, I assume you could buy though them. At least that's what many restaurants do.
  21. Fiesta Farms is on Christie between Dupont and Bloor. Don't be put off by it's grody exterior!
  22. I absolutely love Fiesta Farms. IMO, by far the best (and most reasonably priced) supermarket in the city. Don’t be put off by it’s grunginess, they really have amazing produce and hard to find things like Jerusalem artichokes or cardoons. Great butcher counter too. I bought a few ox tails for last night’s dinner. Are there any other great supermarkets out there? Not specialty boutiques, but somewhere for every day shopping. Does anyone shop at the Asian supermarkets in Markham?
  23. I more or less agree with Fat Guy, stagefright notwithstanding. My question is: what exactly needs to be attended to?.
  24. Those are Canadian Pesos, so really more like $US 28. Besides those OXO things are cool!
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