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  1. I agree. Contrary to what you might think, I have ofter found good deals at Williams-Sonoma. They must do them as "loss leaders".
  2. The little place by the Cook Book Store is pretty good for gadgets and very good for glassware. I have been told recently that Embros is not as big of a rip off as it used to be. It's certainly a nice looking store. Lately, I've found myself strolling the ailses of Canadian Tire, where you can get most basic tools for much less.
  3. malcolmjolley

    Carrot Tops

    I think carrots and parsley are from the same general family (I have a friend who is allergic to both and celery, also related). Maybe we could begin by using them as a herb or garnish.
  4. malcolmjolley

    Matters of taste

    IMO, this is a very silly article. I have watched the price of table wine go up incredibly in the last 10 years and as a member (just) for the 18-34 group I can tell everyone that my peer group is as into their cups as any other. The popularity wine related products (including this forum) is proved by their proliferation. There MAY be some decline in the British industry, which may have more to do with healthier lifestyles than anything else. Young people may be less likely to go out for a four bottle lunch every other day. Also, Fat Bastard is French "Shiraz", not Australian.
  5. Just bought a big hunk of Pied-de-Vent at Chris' - excellent selection of raw milk Quebecois cheese. Yum. Apparently the new alex Farms in the ManuLife Centre also carries Quebec Cheeses, although in the Market they leave it to Chris'.
  6. malcolmjolley

    chateau guiraud

    This is a great work on wine. I picked it up a few months ago and reading the notes is pure entertainment, not to mention good book-learning!
  7. Love the taste, but they're pretty hard on my system. My wife and will not go out after eating them (always par boiled, then roasted or sauteed. CanCon trivia: they were "first noted" by Champlain and can be classified as a truly Canadian veggie.
  8. malcolmjolley

    Wine Scams

    Interesting article in this week's Spectator.
  9. Great thread! It's time for Cal Chard lovers to come out of the closet. Bring on the butter and oak!
  10. An interesting piece on Matt Kramer on the NYT site: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/08/dining/08WINE.html I'm not familiar with Matt Kramer but he sounds like a good read. Has anyone read him?
  11. At the risk of digracing myself at a forum with the esteemed Ms. Wolfert, but I'm dying to know: what's frik? (I got nothing on Google and my Oxford Companion to Food is at home!)
  12. Great post! I am sick of buying cardboard garlic...Garlic Experts please post soon...
  13. 1974 Vintage Dom Perignon belonging to my parents, when in high school (circa 1989). This was at 3AM digestif to about a dozen beers and God knows what else ingested. Luckily they "didn't really care for Champagne" and more or less let me go free when discovered. [ed. 4 sp.]
  14. This is a great treat to have you for a Q&A. We’re seeing more and more Bonny Doon labels up here in Toronto. Please keep them coming! My question is, do you know, broadly speaking, who your customer's are? (Or do you care?) Judging by your site (at which I have received exemplary customer service), you are building some a database of wine lovers. If you are, have you noticed any demographic trends over the years? Or do you ship more cases to certain cities or regions? In the USA? In the world? Yours truly, Malcolm
  15. I have to admit there was SOME educated guessing involved... They wouldn't tell me either, I suppose this encourages more study. Can't wait for all the helpful information I asure to receive! ;)
  16. Get it good and hot. Then wait for it to get hotter. I'm blessed with my grandparents' cast iron, given as a wedding gift in the late 1920's. It takes the heat and delivers the sear!
  17. OK, I'll bite: How does one go about about making one's own mozarella?
  18. (Bit of a segue way, but chefworm’s post reminded me…) Why do all the presenters on Cook Like a Chef speak the same way? I find the show intensely irritating. Am I the only one who's noticed this?
  19. Hear! Hear! Part of my NYC routine whenver I'm there. Good burger washed down with a cold beer.
  20. I think this is the story of his new resto "15" - I think it aired in the UK a couple of years ago. He takes a bunch of street kids and makes them into chefs.
  21. Also, don't forget the Cheese Boutique http://www.cheeseboutique.com/ The latest issue of Toronto Life has their Food Guide, too.
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