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  1. I’ve only started the book, but I looked up some of the slagging and it doesn’t seem to me to be all THAT bad. (Compared to, say, Chef Bourdain’s description of the Naked Chef in a Cook’s Tour.) I wonder the controversy around it has less to do with the snide remarks and more to do with attacking a harmonious myth of American gastronomy where Saints Fisher, Beard and Waters are hallowed?
  2. badthings: I couldn't agree more and have eaten pounds of the stuff over the sink myself (good with Mexican hot sauce). Yum. Bill_Klapp: I had forgotten about that thread. In fact I do a version of "Checca", which has its roots in an old New Basics recipe, that includes lots of lemon rind. This is making me think of something along the lines of "marinated in lemon and mint." hmmm.... (edited for typos - you would think I would learn)
  3. I’m looking for new ideas to fuel my addiction to Buffalo Mozzarella. I have been binging on Insalata Caprese and a salad I make with Arugula, Buffalo and prosciutto with a very simple dressing of EVOO and fresh lemon juice. Is anyone doing anything interesting and tasty?
  4. He's certainly had an interesting life, either way. And the book (so far) is fun. On Chef Bourdain's point: from what I've read, Waters has been quite gracious about it all. I suspect she'll come out of it looking as good as ever. (edited for typos)
  5. Starbucks. How else can you get a decent cup of coffee in an airport?
  6. Thanks, I'm aware of the whole greenhouse/Kyoto debate, but I still don't understand GordonCooks' car accident reference (?) and it's buggin' me!
  7. Just saw this on the NYT site (don't see it posted elsewhere): http://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/06/dining/06GLOB.html Not sure what to make of it. Seems a little too up beat (?).
  8. malcolmjolley

    Fresh Wasabi

    What would one do with fresh wasabi, other than make it into a paste?
  9. I'll give it a whirl-- though my old gas oven doesn't have a self cleaning setting. I guess I'll just crank it up to 500, open the windows, turn on the fan, and let her rip. This reminds me of the Jeffrey Steingarten piece where he's trying to bake the perfect pizza: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/foodmonthly...,807445,00.html Scroll down past the interview for the extract.
  10. I have become sick after eating very rare beef twice in my life. Both times I had had very little sleep the night before. I wonder if the steak tartar/Paris connection has more to do with jet lag and being tired to the point of lowering the immune system? Just a thought.
  11. Even Brillat-Savarin had lots to complain about. I imagine crappy food can be found anywhere at anytime.
  12. malcolmjolley


    Maybe a little prosciutto added? (Edit: to/with the crostini, not the soup)
  13. I'd like to watch someone remove orecchiette with tongs. Touché
  14. I have found that removing the pasta from my water with tongs, rather than straining in a colander, improves the taste. Whatever residual water on the pasta seems to enhance the texture and taste. (I picked this up from the Naked Chef.)
  15. QUOTE (maggiethecat @ Jul 30 2003, 10:46 AM) Pasta Putannesca, heavy on the anchovies and capers. And shoot me, but I like grated parm atop.
  16. Fresco's got it right Also often served with a slice of "Canadian Cheese". One of the few instances where processed is superior is superior to real (sorry for the heresy on a Mennonite thread). Was transported in barrels with peameal in early to mid-1800's.
  17. Joanne Yolles She's very, very good at Pangaea: http://www.pangaearestaurant.com
  18. malcolmjolley

    Fresh Herbs

    mint, basil, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic?
  19. Has anyone done anything interesting with fresh herbs this summer? (I had fresh peas with mint for the first time this year last weekend - yum.)
  20. yuk. Richard Olney has similar protrayals of Beard in his memoirs.
  21. Hear hear! Debt to Pleasure is brilliant!
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