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  1. Maybe the better question would be whether or not NOLA would bump someone for former Prime Minister John Major. Don't go there!
  2. This is ridiculous! Why does everyone hate Oliver so damn much? I can't believe the pettiness in these posts; the automatic assumption that it must be a put-on or a sinister media manipulation. Sure, Naked's a media whore. But so what? He's one of the most effective communicators of the Alice Waters/Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray school of using the best and freshest ingredients. I say, good for him and his staff.
  3. I probably use them all (ca. 100) once a year. I tend to look up a recipe in 5 or 6 different ones even before I start.
  4. I really like the CP cookbook series, there's one thing. (Notwithstanding Jeremiah Tower's assertion that she had very little to do with them.)
  5. malcolmjolley

    1918 Yquem

    Wow! How couldn't you try it?
  6. Related note: it has become de riguer in less sophisticated North American restaurants to ask someone who didn’t order the wine to taste it, like it was some kind of special treat. The usual scenario is I order the wine and then the server asks my guest(s) if he/she/they would like to taste it. At one point I used to explain that I would prefer to taste the wine to spare my guest(s) the displeasure of tasting it if it was off, but it I gave up and now just nod and smile.
  7. Some say it's the best in Canada. I think Conde Nast Traveller ranked it in their top 10 of the world. I haven't been (yet), but a gourmand who's opinion I respect told me he thought it was better than the French Laundry. Let's call out for posts from those who've been. Is it as good as they say?
  8. Cool! Thank you. I'll check it out and post back.
  9. I've only heard of CSA in the NYC area. Does it exist elsewhere? Is there an umbrella org that coordinates it? I'd like to see something like it in Toronto
  10. Will Stadtlander and Co. be open this fall? I've heard that it's to be closed for a while (?).
  11. Someone needs to mention Elizabeth David, so I will. Maybe the first true "food celebrity" in the sense that she wasn't famous for being a chef or a home economist.
  12. I find it amusing that so many who put Julia Child in their hero column (quite rightly) put Emeril in their villain column, yet she's on record as giving him very high praise. Aren't they kind of best buds?
  13. By "low alcohol" do you mean "not fortified"? Wines can vary quite a bit in their levels, but I wouldn't recommend limiting your tastings to only low alcohol wines (very yummy German Reislings, not withstanding). I don't think there is any a particularly bad place to start. Try a variety or find someone in your local store that can recommend good valued bottles and/or their personal favourites. To certain extent price will be a guide, although there are very many exceptions. I would recommend trying as much as you can. (I'm still doing that.)
  14. I find her "field" pieces are much better than the Latte ones.
  15. Fondue can't be far behind. I agree with your premise and prefer to have someone skilled make my dinner if I'm paying for it.
  16. You may well be right about Moosehead being available at a lot of places, but as I said before, I can't recall seeing anyone ordering it. We probably go to different bars. Maybe in 1995 people were ordering Moosehead...if anything they're ordering Keith's now. I like that new Mill Street organic, though I don't like the tiny bottles - good on draft. Tried a new one (for me) on the weekend: Neustadt. Quite tasty. My new favourite. Neustadt Springs Brewery Ltd. 456 Jacob St. Neustadt, Ontario Phone: (519) 799-5790 Hours: 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Sunday Brewer: Andrew Stimpson Won a silver medal at Guelph Beer Festival 2000 for Neustadt Lager. Reputed to be the oldest original operating brewery building in Ontario. Stone built in 1859 by 40 German stonemasons, with underground caverns where the original crystal springs flow. From: http://realbeer.com/canada/brewtour/ON-mic...crobrewery.html
  17. Thanks, Craig. But the leaking cork is indicative of cooking, not a bad cork to begin with?
  18. What's the difference (chemical) between corked and cooked? How else can wine go bad?
  19. My experience with Santa Barbara is limited to a few hours, BUT in those hours I was lucky enough to go to La Super-Rica taqueria. YUM! It's said to be a favorite of Julia Child's. Very simple but very good taco stand.
  20. I know I've posted this before, but on the topic of pizza and hot ovens, no one is more thorough or entertaining than Jeffrey Steingarten. The excerpt re: pizza comes after the profile on him below: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/foodmonthly...,807445,00.html
  21. From an interview in June 2002, at the Powell's website: http://www.powells.com/authors/waters.html
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