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  1. I don't know about the Islands but you can get some great Loco Moco at Gardena Bowling alley coffee shop in Gardena and TNT Cafe in Torrance California. Jason, if you guys come out here, the Loco Moco is on me!
  2. You are not kidding, that place is great, my wife and I had a wonderfull meal there this summer, great atmosphere too! I ate a nice grilled meatloaf sandwhich and some great homemade bean and ham soup at a place called S and W Country Diner in Culver City today for lunch. Its at 9748 Washington Blvd. The place D and D Diner next door looks promising as well. I will have to go back and check them both out some more!
  3. Dude, Mexican Coke (in the glass bottle, natch) is awesome stuff, way better than the American product. I'll often order it when I'm at a tacqueria... I second that, man its so good in those tall glass bottles!..nothing better on a hot day along with some good "cart taco's"!
  4. El Jimador and Vallarta reposado are pretty good at a decent price.
  5. Jamaica, hands down! I had some of the best lobster ever with the food critic of the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper Rosemary Parkinson at a shack in Negril called 3 dives....very simple stuff, pluck em out of the sea, split em, grill em and cover em in garlic butter...served with rice and beans and a nice view of the ocean.....20 bucks for 3 lobsters! On the other side of the coin I have also had a wonderfull couple of meals at Julia's high up in the hills of Montego Bay. Full on formal with white jackets on the staff and service on the veranda, with the most amazing view!....Damn, its been 6 months and now I need to go back again! My avatar is of me in the ocean in Negril
  6. i saw it in the store the other day..20 bucks, to much for me to spend on an unknown!
  7. Make that a Wendy's triple cheeseburger...oh yea, greasy heart stopping goodness on a bun!
  8. Check out: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=www...-8%26oe%3DUTF-8 Click on her pic in the middle of the second row down. Be sure to note her educational background if you're among those who despair of the "giggly" female judges. SB (likes IC Sakai best) OK, she is smart...but she is still hot and does giggle alot!..I love the outfits she wears..so over the top sometimes. I am glad the UK people are getting this show as its so entertaining and fun, I really find myself getting into it!...I would give anything to see a battle of "Anthony Bourdain vs Emeril Lagasse"....Now just to find the perfect theme ingredient for the battle, I wold pay serious money to watch that!
  9. I love the really good theme's such as "Battle Milk" and "Battle Yogurt"..I also am in love with Mayuko Takata who is often one of the "guest giggling bimbo's" ..She is so hot!
  10. I just wrote a top 5 column this week in theDaily Breeze...I dont know if its what you want but these little places are great! Culinary Detective
  11. I am cooking on a 1950 wedgewood..I sure could use a nice Viking!
  12. we are reading Culinaria, The Caribbean by Rosemary Parkinson. she is the Jamaica Gleaner food reporter and quite an interesting person. My wife and I had the pleasure of joining her for 2 days of eating in Jamaica this summer. Its a big book and weighs about 5 lbs!..But lots of pics and great stuff. I know that she is in the process of writing a new book on Jamaican food.
  13. So what would go into a foodie burrito from El Bulli?....Would it have foam instead of sauce?
  14. Aren't those Californian requirements too? Specifically the power Hollywood lunch kind. Soba I think that it is more "raw food and atkins" now! So I save airfare...but thats the least expensive part..I hear that French Laundry is not part of the 2 for 1 entertainment book places!
  15. OK, so tell me everything!...and start at the begining!
  16. I keep reading El Bulli this or El Bulli that...I have tried to figure out this place...Is it real, is it an elaborate e gullet running gag, whats the deal!...Ya I know I am a burrito and burger guy so I may not be "sophisticated" enough to know about it ie "El Bulli, yes Thurston and I dined there last week before the theater, fabulous darling"...so whats the scoop all you New Yorkers, fill in a regular west coast schlub on this El Bulli place....if it even exists.. If it does exist, will I need to look for a good interest rate on my second mortgage to purchase a meal there....Do they have burrito's?
  17. It's not. It's really not. I've fallen victim to the Gumbo Pot twice now, and while I am sure it is a fine sandwich on its own, it's a disappointment as a Po Boy. I try to forget that I ever had what they pass off as beignets. I agree, I was not to impressed with it..I much prefer the Ragin Cajun in Hermosa Beach...There is also a new place in Gardena I am going to try called the DUTC grill.....
  18. Is that place "sammicci's" that was painted zebra striped still across from Vandy?...We used to eat there a bunch, then go up to the Stone Mountain store to buy our tie die shirts!
  19. King Taco rocks!..WE used to go there everytime we had to take a prisoner to Sybal Brand jail!... My wife and kids went to Disneyland today and left after 4 hrs...said it was the absolute worst...total zoo with massive lines for everything!
  20. You can try acosta taco's which is just off the 105 fwy at prairie.....a little out of the way...but tacos to "die" for......no joke....I wont go there without a gun!
  21. That would be pretty cool, I think the airfare would be the big cost factor. I would love to go native during the trip...My wife speaks spanish and loves to do that stuff....I guess I better go check on airfare!
  22. I was in Puerto Vallarta the day after...We checked out some of the cemetary grounds and got a few cool shots...I will post some if you would like....I would love to spend that time down there one day!
  23. When I was a new Officer in the 1992 I remember that our jail served really good food...Chili dogs, burritto's cheesbugers etc...But then we got audited/sued by a bunch of libral lawyers that wanted us to provide for nutritional needs ....caloric, fat intake etc...Now the poor prisoners eat a TV dinner type meal that tastes like crap but meets all the guidlines set out for the meal......The ruined a good thing for the prisoners, butting in where they did not have too!
  24. He's right. And enjoy the specialness of being "forced" to dress up. I have been in California for over half my life, and I think the casual aspect is far overrated. Won't it be fun to get glammed up and be part of that whole scene in New York? Happy anniversary, Alicia! I dont know, I pretty much like the casual aspect of California dining. Being able to enjoy a great steak with a view of the sun setting over the ocean and having only to put on a good aloha shirt and nice shorts.....But on the other hand, I will being doing Vegas on new years eve and plan on wearing my ivory dinner jacket and black tie!..Now I just have to figure out where to wear it!
  25. When I was living in the Kappa Sig house we had this guy named Lorenzo that was supposed to cook...He would sit there in the nasty dirty kitchen smoking a with the ash hanging out over the food....oh it was nasty....oh but I miss those carefree and innocent days now!
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