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  1. The feeling I get from this debate is the same that I got as a rookie policeman at a domestic dispute.....some people are never going to agree on things and its much easier for all if they just move on and dont let it bother them. I have noticed Steven on the defensive a bit and it does seem as he is being hammered a bit.....Let just move on.....I had Korean BBQ today for the first time and really liked the BBQ Pork, do you guys like Korean BBQ pork?
  2. If I went there and it sucked, I would say that I did not agree with your tastes. People bitch about my reviews all the time...even to the point of calling my editor because they don't like the food I wrote about. But the fact remained that I liked it, they did not. Its a simple difference of opinion....and that reminds me of a saying we have at the police dept...opinions are like assholes, everyones got one!
  3. I have been lurking in this thread and just feel I should post a little something to bring us back to the basics....People...ITS ABOUT FOOD!....If I read a write up about a great place that makes good burritos, I want to know about the burrito...not the fact that the guy making drove past you once on main street and you shop at the same market. I just want to know why the burrito is good and how I can go about eating one. I am aware of the power of the media and food press with regards to reviews but the bottom line is I want to read a review about the food and maybe the ambiance of the place......nothing else, if you have been to places the food writer recommended and did not like them for yourself....Maybe you dont have the same taste as that writer and should stop going to those places! Thank you, you may now resume your "debates"
  4. I just had my first taste of Korean BBQ today for my lunch (by myself) at Furusato BBQ in Gardena (16410 Western). Pretty good stuff but I wish I had you guys to help me and share stuff with!
  5. I had some of the best tasting pizza I had ever tasted on in Scranton Pa while stopping for the night on the drive to NY from Tenn. Man I still talk about it..Wish I remembered the place, but the sauce and flavors of herbs were just right....and the crust....dont get me started, crispy and flavorful....oh...I want some pizza now and its only 8 am
  6. Wow, with all the foodies leaving law practice are we in danger of have "too few" Lawyers, my god what would the world be like! Sorry, I couldnt resist
  7. Man I am bummed I had to miss it (work christmas party that night) it sounds like you guys really had a blast. Joan, found any places we can go in the south bay yet?...There are some little hole in the wall places on Western in Gardena near my house...Maybe we should just ambush one of them and go in cold....
  8. Our local paper in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County does a pretty good weds 1.5 page food section. It is usually a mix of stuff from the wire and from food section editor/wroter Cerise Valenzuala. Lots of stuff with recipies and ethnic food plus some nice photos. Its the Daily Breeze.
  9. The vending machines are half the reason I want to go to Japan...along with capsule hotels!
  10. I have not had much luck with rum in Mexico..Its usually run of the mill bacardi..I think everyone is after tequilla when south of the border, and in Baja maybe some wine as they are starting to produce more/better wines now.
  11. Cool, keep em coming!....I like the 10,000 greasy spoons but it might be a little long for a logo....But it could be an intro for a show! I will check the logo in a second!
  12. Damn your good!...I was hoping it would play out a little longer with more clues....so was it the Beach Boys or the muskrat clue that gave it away.... I am actually on the Tennille side as my mom is Louisa Tennille who was always the "look alike sister" in the band. Daryl does the Culinary Detective web site and does a pretty good job I think...He is always getting new toys and stuff to play with and web sites are his new thing....must be nice to be a bored former pop star with a ton of money to burn! Please let me know of any slogans you come up with! I will e mail him about the pickle joke! and yes they are in the background of the 30 second Kohls ad...you have to look for them.
  13. I was thinking of the looking glass thing, even the sherlock holmes hat....Also the badge thing would work.... I like the "if you can eat it he can find it".....or maybe if you want/will eat it,he can find it. Next hint, he was once a member of the Beach Boys......next hint...Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam!
  14. i am going to get the logo designed by fredlet on Stevens advice...now just what to make...I was thinking of including a few words like "following the clues that lead to great food" or "find it and grind it" or the follow your stomach, you might like where it takes you"....I am up for any other Culinary Detective type of sayings that would be cool in a logo! Chris Hey no guesses on the celeb web master?
  15. I checked her web site and e mailed her. I just need a logo so she said she will work with me. I just have to figure out if its worth the expense. I figure that it will pay of in the end so I will most likely go for it....I would like to replace the current "logo" on my web site. Oh this is cool trivea.....which grammy winning 1970's celebrity is my web master (and uncle)....winner gets, nothing! Hint, he is in a television ad running on the west coast at this very moment!
  16. Steven, who did you get to do your logo..I am trying to get a cool "Culinary Detective" logo to use on the site, column and cable show but cant for the life of me find a person to do it.....also how much did it cost?
  17. I love going to Duke's! Even as a tourist destination they concentrate on customer service. The food is good as well. So is the places underneath Dukes..Chimayo or something like that. I had a very enjoyable and reasonable price meal there with my wife a while back.
  18. Which side of the street was it...was it "Dukes"?...Or the rib place in the mall?...
  19. I was wondering the same thing!...I also do travel writing so I was thinking "food and travel writer", but who knows!...Also should I put the name of my regular column on the card?
  20. Cave aged Guyere A good Stilton A Neals yard Chedder. MMMM I love me some cheese
  21. Roasted Pumpkin, hands down...I made it the other day....so good, but make sure you have a good chicken stock, I used canned and it just was not the same as when I made my own stock.
  22. Just wondering, how much was the bill for this amazing meal?
  23. O.K. now I need a drink after looking at this one....Hmmm its 9 am and I want fried Chicken and Rum...better not look at any more of these NOLA posts!
  24. Damn...now I want some fried chicken and its only 9 am!
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