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  1. Steven helped make the world a much smaller place and helped open my eyes to the world, food and people around me....RIP Fat Guy
  2. I did the whole evening at Hells Kitchen thing...it really was as bad as it looks on TV....but there was a lot of booze!
  3. I think its played out, I mean there are some great steaks on the strip and downtown...for $$$$ and for $....but., that said, tourists will flock to the place and pay way too much cash for what will be an average steak...that said, I might check it out...but only to call him Donkey!
  4. Chris! Good to see you again. I think your show was aimed exactly at foodies. Why else do it? Thanks....I guess I should hang around a bit more often....I just burnt out for a while....the show was aimed at foodies...but it was a bit "too foodie" at the time....and I was told it was about TV, not foodies....as I learned during the process...it is about TV
  5. One of the first things I was told when making food tv was that we were not making a show for foodies.....but I thought that was the whole point of food tv?
  6. I contacted a few N.O. locals, including my producer who is from N.O......oh and to clarify, the refusals from places were for my show, I dont know about feasting as I was not on the trip itself....I was contantly sending information gathered from cops, foodies and other sources along the route to them....I am sure there were others as well....from what I have seen I think they did a great job on the trip....it was a long month for them, I can tell you that...
  7. There was a ton of research done for the show....I can tell you that firsthand....I know that he was trying to find a good muffalata place in New Orleans....there are a ton of logistics involved.....and remember....not everyone wants to be on TV.....we (Hungry Detective Crew) were told several times by restaurants that they did not wish to be on TV....
  8. They just got done shooting it, should air soon....Jill Davie is in it, she is the best...exec at Josie here in L.A. and a fireball....really fun and creative.
  9. Jill is a friend of of mine and great chef...she is a fireball and I think she will do great, I am keeping my fingers crossed for her!
  10. We are going to the premiere in Hollywood on Friday...cant wait! It looks so cool! Chris
  11. Hung is the man, he is my friend Adam's Sous at Guy Savoy....I know for a fact that all those young chefs at Guy are top notch...I am rooting for Hung!
  12. I watched it for a few mins last night....that is the extent I will be able to comment on it....and to answer WiscoNoles comment about trashing of Food Network people....its amazing, the anonamity internet let people say really mean and cruel things without thinking of what the person on the receiving end feels...I mean its brutal....but enough said....I am gonna watch hells kitchen tonight...Donkey!!
  13. I know that Hung is a Sous Chef at Guy Savoy and is highly thought of by Adam Sobel who is Chef De Cuisine and one of the hottest young chefs around. Adam says that Hung is gonna kick butt!
  14. Wow, I thought they would be gone from New Orleans already...yea they hit the road on Monday...going up the Mississippi...
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