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  1. I ended up going to Las Hamacas and getting a really tasty Huarache topped with some great carnitas....Man it was good, the green salsa was just the right "heat" and I had a cold bottle of Mexican Coke to go with it!
  2. i wrote them too....whouldnt that be cool if we could convince them to make some!..Lets see if the collective power of e gullet can bring back a really good product!
  3. A hot bowl of thick corn chowder...oh yea......maybe a good bowl of french onion with some melted guyere cheese.....mmmmmm
  4. Yes they were...We should petition the company to make them again!
  5. When I was in the Army, the PX used to sell the greatest chips I have ever tasted. Krunchers brand "Alfredo" flavored chips...They were crispy and oh so good...they came in a blue bag and I would pay top dollar for a bag today....Anyone know if they still make them?
  6. I will vouch for lucy's...its been a favorite cop spot for years!
  7. Thanks for the compliment -- I used to work at a dot-com that bordered Torrance/Gardena and went out to lunch every single day in that neighborhood. I miss them all, but Shin-Sen-Gumi was a definite once-a-week place. I remember Otafuku now and frequented it moreso in the winter when I was cold and needed comfort food. Sen Nari Sushi on the corner of Western and 182nd was also a favorite. It is funny about Mitsuwa and Marukai. I'd go to Mitsuwa for its food court, mochi and other bakeries, and toys; Marukai for ceramics, general food ingredients, and antiques (upstairs!). Gads I miss that place... I live no more than 2 miles from any of those places...in fact my neighbors own shen sen gumi! Gardena has a great amount of small intimate Japanese places
  8. Its 11 am here now..I am thinking of getting a hit of Crack (Pho) from my dealer (Pho Hoa restaurant) or Mexican at Las Hamacas...they have great authentic southern mexican food that you dont see much of here in L.A.
  9. Since you brought up Trinidad....I will go with Jamaica....3 Dives on the cliffs in Negril...total shack, but for 20 bucks you get 3....count them 3 lobsters split and grilled served with garlic butter rice and beans....Man I could go for that now...I went there with the Food Writer for the Jamaica Gleaner, Rosemary Parkinson....what a trip! Closer to home, Gardena bowling alley coffe shop....best hawaiian and portaguese sausage!
  10. I have the ability to get lost within my own mind....its fun...sure made the rum experiance better, Arrgh Matey!
  11. I enjoy my rum mixed just as much if not more than straight up. I have been lucky and been able to sit on a Jamaican beach ,sip a fine rum drink and pretend I was a pirate while watching the sun go down.....
  12. Where is this Ante's place and what do they serve?...I wouldnt mind doing a thing on Busy Bee but I know they have been written about in the past. I really love getting a turkey sandwhich and a bad of chips then going up to the Bell park and enjoying the view of the ocean and catalina with my lunch!
  13. Hehe, you're a funny guy. I am glad somebody figured out that one.....It was quite the mistake I made in Katz's..i couldnt figure out for the life of me the big deal.....Just put a piece of cheese on it!
  14. Walkers was done a few years ago....Utro's is a maybe or the Lighthouse....I am going to check out the Jakes place in Wilmington soon too.... I might just write about the ports o call village and getting a big plastic tray of spicy shrimp with the huge garlic bread and beer then sitting in the sun..... i am writing a "best south bay dining experiance's" for my end of year column.....the shrimp one might just make it in!
  15. I jave eaten at the Beverly Hills SR several times for lunch...I was served one of the best pork chops I have ever had....and the bread with the roasted garlic bulbs....mmmm
  16. I am interested in the taste...you should experiment with it..reduce it and see if it gets sweet etc...Let us know, I have never heard of it either!
  17. regardless of what he thinks, I still have 6 bottles in my kitchen...one of which I will be drinking in a few short hours!
  18. Hey, I have actually been to Katz deli....When I was in the Army and went with my Jewish buddy and some other G.I.'s...I couldnt understand why my Jewish buddy cringed and became pale as I asked the old Jewish guy behind the counter to "slap a piece of cheese on that bad boy"....ah now I know!...Oh to be 20 yr old and oblivious again!
  19. If its a weekday lunch I might be able to make it...
  20. Maybe they will come up with an Italian version and get Mario! I can see Ming doing the Asian sandwhich too.
  21. you cant beat the standard vodka cranberry...If you take care of the bartender while playing video poker at the bar, there is a good chance of you getting ketel one or other high end vodka...
  22. Well at least the sandwich she is hawking looks pretty good.....I wonder from Food TV who is going to be "next".....whats the chance we are gonna see Tony B hawking a "Thai Chili" flavored chicken sandwhich
  23. The workers of the 3 largest grocery chains in California have gone on strike as the companies wanted to make them pay for health care and also not get any wage increases....work more for less. So they are all on strike as of Saturday....Its a pretty big deal outnews station here and check it out on the site. It seems alot of people are supporting the strikers.....and to top it off there is now a transit strike as well!
  24. That implies that not everyone eats the peel. That sounds kind of messy on a pizza. Sort of like having to get those stupid tails off of a shrimp in a pasta sauce. Echoing kpurvis... What the hell is a tapas pan? (That is my place, kpurvis! Move over!) Tapa's pans.....I got them at costco...3 for 20 bucks..they are 8 inch non stick with 2 little handle's on the side....kinda like a mini pealla (sp?) pan...You make small dishes in them and just plop them on the bar and everyone grabs a bit out of the pan....Like you can fit 6-7 big fat shrimp in a pan, then roast em...and garnish them....it looks really neat when they come out sizzling. as for the lemons....I sliced them really thin with no salt....just put them on a pan....and some onto the pizza....this is really something to start experimenting with....You could add some spice to it before roasting....maybe some tapatio sauce....I am really gonna play with it...Maybe I can make a sugar mix that would harden and dip them....the possibility is endless...this could be a fun and simple project for us to try and give each other feedback!..What do you guys think? By the way I roasted them at 350 for about 10 mins.
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