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  1. I might just get in some trouble for going that far, but If I could slingload a few crates of wine, I might be able to bribe someone in my chain of command!
  2. have you tried the lobster at the foot of the pier?...Heard alot of good things about it, it has a great view of the ocean
  3. Its got to be the Turbo Cooker...kinda of a half pressure cooker thing...Man I want that so bad!
  4. Not much lesser of an extent though!... On a lighter note, I am watching QVC gourmet food show and I am sure glad I dont have my wallet with me in my lazy boy!
  5. The latest cirqe de soliel (sp) is at the Staples center and you can get some great food at the Palm right next door.
  6. I agree...I see "unwelcome" the same as "refuse service to"..I wish I knew some Philly cops to see what they thought.
  7. It states in the article that she refuses to serve police officers, the very same ones who would lay down they're own lives in order to save hers. I sure wish I could be as choosy as she is about the people I have to serve, but alas I cant do that as I have to remain impartial and serve the community as a whole, not just the ones I like or choose to help. If she had refused to serve any other ethnic or social group, there would be lawsuits and hell to pay, but as always the cops just take it in stride and find another place where they wont spit in the food. Walk in my shoes, feel the burning stares of hatred from people you dont even know. Because of the uniform you wear, you are a target for every nut and person with a hidden agenda out there, not to mention the people that would like to shoot you. Try to remain as optomistic as the day you started I stand by my statement !
  8. I am sure she is a pillar of society...yea right, what a loser. I am sure she gets promt service from the Philly police whenever she calls them!
  9. I was there last friday, we had a nice shrimp meal at the shrimp factory downtown...a little expensive though...I would shoot for some of the smaller places I also had some great meals at the small taco stands....There are some nice looking places along the marina walkway too but I didnt get toeat there this time. I have heard that the whale watching bar at the finesterra is really nice as well.
  10. I assume you mean "San Francisco, South Bay".....as opposed to the "Real South Bay" here in Los Angeles County..... There are alot of great posters here in e gullet and I am sure you will be able to find out pretty much anything you need.
  11. Kaluha Pork Taco's and Spam Musabi at Bob's Ozakaya in Gardena!
  12. I agree....We should plan something like this out...Its totally do able thought....Heck at least maybe we could get them to make a special batch for us! It would be good PR for Krunchers as well...we should show them how much they would benefit from our experiment!
  13. Ok so let agree to let Fat Guy put a thing in the monthly letter and than we can put a post out asking all e gulleters to write them demanding Krunchers Alfredo be returned to the market!....If we were actually able to pull this off that would say something as to the power here! might be spelling errors..can barely see cause the smoke from all the fires out here!
  14. Yea, its in the www box....I figured it was just best to link it there and if people wanted to check it out they would....my next column will be online (if the web guy gets it up) on dailybreeze.com friday...its up for a week in the "rave"section....I am going to write about that great BBQ place in the hood! Its a fun column and pretty upbeat as I figure people dont want to hear about what I dont like, but rather about things I like and places they can try themselves...Its amazing to see how many people actually go and try places I write about...It blew me away when I first started writing to see the results.
  15. I write a food column in the Daily Breeze newspaper here in Los Angeles county called the "Culinary Detective". Its a real blast to write and research, for instance yesterday I ventured into the "hood" for some great BBQ with no tables and a view of a liquor store. One woman that came with us got scared as she had never been to South Central L.A. before...strictly Orange County (very upscale). I have all my columns and reviews on my site should you choose to read them. By the way...I "did" credit e gullet in my column last week! Chris
  16. yea go for it..it would be pretty cool to see if we could influence a products return. It would be easy enough for the company to do as they still make the other flavors of Krunchers. If we go for it, I will mention the e gullet effort in my column and maybe some readers will write in too!
  17. Well do you think its worth it to try to get members here to participate in this experiment? All we need to do is start the thread!
  18. I had it as well for lunch yesterday...it was ok, not greasy which made me feel good about myself as I also ate a small salad and waterm whilst my partner chowed down on a whopper and fries (I was jealous). The mustard was kinda sweet and nothing special, but it was not a bad sandwich, just small.
  19. I did get an e mail from Liz at jays foods thanking me and forwarding my info to the marketing people, blah, blah, blah.... So, should we start a new thread "let's show em the power of e gullet" and see how many people we can get to e mail them....that would rock if we could pull it off!
  20. Today I am either gonna roll down to the "Hood" (South Central L.A.) and eat at a tiny BBQ shack called Mom's on Imperial Hwy, or head down to Venice in search of the elusive Aussie meat pie!...I will report later as its only 8 am now!
  21. Its a subtle flavor, sharp yet creamy with the taste of parmsean and herbs. The chips were not overpowering in flavor, but had enough that you tasted the flavor on each chip, not just a few. Too many cheese flavored chips tend to either overpower with a processed flavor, or barely have any flavor at all..These were just right and it was such a different flavor that they were a joy to eat.
  22. I wonder if anyone got a reply from Krunchers...I think it would be cool to kinda freak out the staff there by sending a bunch of e mails...can you imagine them scratching thier heads going.....hhmmm...what brought this alfredo thing on...maybe we should bring it back. It would be a cool "experiment" to conduct and see the power of "e gullet".... The Zagat thing made me chuckle!
  23. Guess its just you me and the Fat Guy that like them!
  24. So its going to be during the business day right?..Let me know and I will try to clear my schedule so i can make it...
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