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  1. There are several things I want to eat in life....those are one of them..I looked at the web site and it looks so good. I just cant find one out here in L.A. I think I am going to ask my readers in my next column if they know of a place...I usually get good feedback from them (except the armenian food request). There used to be a place in San Jose called the "Australian restaurant" that was pretty tasty...I wonder if its still there...a short flight to San Jose would be alot cheaper than one to Australia! The pea sauce, is that the stuff made with the green dye?...
  2. OK...Footy is what?... And what the heck is a Chippy... Footy = Australian Rules Football Chippy = Fish and Chip shop/van Aussie rules football rocks..I watch that on TV..Those guys are men and take some serious hits...not like some of the "they dont pay me enough" NFL boys these days
  3. OK...Footy is what?... And what the heck is a Chippy...
  4. You know that blank look that Homer Simpson gives....I currently look like that! By the way, I do have an awesome tattoo of Homer on my right arm! I am thinking of getting one of the "Bender" from the "Iron Cook" episode of Futurama next.
  5. Yea I wanna know as well...I have seen Nigella make em and I think Tony B ate some on his show...They look great, but where the heck can I get em?
  6. O.K, I am no wine expert but I had a bottle of Charles Shaw Cab last night and enjoyed it very much...So what are anyone's thoughts on "2 buck chuck"?
  7. Chris Cognac


    How about a ham and cheese scramble for breakfast....
  8. What is a pukka pie...and what the heck is a chippy?....It must be a UK thing right?
  9. Why has nobody mentioned one of the best out there..Cabo Wabo...Its so smooth and tasty, the Anejo is great....makes a mean margarita when you use fresh limes, and a touch of Blue Curacao!
  10. Do you serve them with the potato's and peas, then gravy?....Also can I make a big pie from a pre formed frozen crust or should I make them smaller individual size?
  11. I had a great meal at Macaroni Grill out here in L.A. yesterday..I must say for a Chain its pretty good quality and flavor....decent price as well.
  12. OK thats the place...now all I have to do is figure out where to get something like that in L.A....There are a million Aussie's over here...dont they eat meat pie's?....There has got to be someplace!..I think I know which episode Tony B was posting about...the one with the fish in the pies...nasty, but the green pea gravy topping looked good. Had lots of trouble posting this (meaning the actual typoing of it) due to 2 hr cooking sesion, bottle of 2 buck chuck Cabernet and a big steak with a Cab, butter shalot reduction....hit the spot, but to much cab for me and not enough for the steak!
  13. This is a two part question.. I was watching Food Network the other day and saw them go to this great trailer/meat pie stand in Sydney. They served a meat pie that was topped with mashed potato's and some green mushy pea's and I think some gravy....I am dying to try one of those things....Does anyone know where I can find one in the L.A. area.....if not, does anyone know how to make them! mmmmmm...flaky, gravy goodness!
  14. O.K...I just finished one for lunch. Not bad....not great, but not bad. It does not look anything like the picture!..The bread was actually pretty good, the sauce was a smokey flavor but did not have much heat to it. I was pleased to see that the chicken was a real breat, not a pressed and formed piece of crap. There were not alot of peppers or onions...but all in all, not a bad sandwhich and is a somewhat healthy alternative to burgers....But I am still suprised that Bayless endorsed it....Its nothing that I would expect him to be involved with....Not a high enough caliber product for him.
  15. Chris Cognac

    School Potluck

    Mostaciolli Bake...cant go wrong, its easy, filling and tastes great...all that cheesy goodness!
  16. I have a recipie for SOS on my site...I dont know how to post the site rather than cut and pasting it...So you can just click the little www box at the bottom of the message... Anyone else develop an affinity for SOS while in the military?
  17. Back in the late 80's early 90's I was a G.I. with the 101st airborne at Ft Campbell Ky...There was a place called Tommy's on Hwy 41a just past the base on the Tenn side...The had the best grub for the lowest prices..its kinda famous among the grunts (Infantrymen)....might be worth a quick stop for some cheap Chinese.
  18. I saw that they are now for sale at my local BK..I am gonna go get one this weekend and see for myself if its any good....Which is exactly what BK wants me to do....oh well, I am just do damn curious now!
  19. Chili Cheese Frito's....I have a small bag a day at work....Nothing hits the spot like Frito's!
  20. That suprises me....He is very well respected, I have always believed that he was about authentic preperation and all that....hmmmm, be interesting to see what is behind this.
  21. I did not see a review of the Appleton's 250 blend...The anniversery edition..Picked up 3 bottles in Jamaica last month and they are great!
  22. Jack in the Box has one out here in California that is actually pretty good!
  23. I love private stock..Its got such a great flavor to it...But my absolute favorite is a rum called "Zaya" from Guatamala...18 yr old....smooth as silk and a taste like heaven!
  24. The port hole is a classic..I checked it out while going to 6th st bistro..Which is quite good as well!
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