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  1. Alton is doing the job of Fukua San and Doc Hatori and the job of Ohta is being done by Kevin Brauch from the thirsty traveler (nice guy too), the Chairman is Mark Decascos from film. I have some great pics...if you want to see tthe new kitchen stadium you can find a photo on my site...i am too chicken to post it here!...plus to stupid to figure out how to do it! Off to Vegas!
  2. Wow, that place sounds like a "must do", I am gonna have to put it on my radar! Thanks
  3. Did your friend eat the entire portion of meat?...That thing was huge!..Oh yea, how much did it cost?
  4. I agree, a good trailer park ingredient would have to wait until it became a real challenge...I mean how great would it be o have a bunch of guys expecting truffles, have to work with velveta or spam instead...that actually might throw them for a loop!
  5. Would you have time for he Jello to set?...and yes love has kept them together!
  6. Yea, he meant sauce..its a typo! I hope I dont get busted for having the picture on my web site...Now my ambition is to be a judge on Iron Chef, but only if its like battle Kobe Beef or Battle Lobster. I suggested Battle Spam or Velveeta to the FoodTV guys...they agreed it might be fun. I think that a standard household ingredient would be neat to use in a battle. What do you think, which "regular" ingredient would be best?
  7. Chris Cognac


    Sounds pretty neat, I would tear that place up...to bad they can never have an internet cafe inside for people to use......to much SPAM I couldnt resist!
  8. Thanks for the complement, I will tell my uncle Daryl Dragon (the Capt. half of Capt and Tennille) as he is the guy that keeps it going and made it...and yes I am a full time Police Detective and also a part time police helicopter tactical flight officer...I will do that tonight, glad you like the site...I hope to have some good things working soon!
  9. you will be pleased to know he is an Apple guy (powerbook). I myself and typing this on my new 20 inch Imac...but I cant stand the keyboard and it really makes me screw stuff up with double tasp etc...oh well..oh i got some of the questions back from Sakai yesterday (I gave him a list)...here they are! Questions to Iron Chef Mr. Sakai by Mr. Chris Cognac 1) What is the hardest part about being an Iron Chef? (Answer) I always have to invent new dishes. 2) Can we expect to see any new restaurants in the near future? (Answer) If we have a chance including the investor, we would like to have a restaurant in U.S. 3) Have/Will any of the dishes invented in Kitchen Stadium makes it onto the menus of your restaurants? (Answer) Yes we have several dishes, which were invented during the Iron Chef show in Japan. This time, we are planning to add the ÅgTrout Ice creamÅh onto our restaurant menu. Of course we need to improve it before do so. 4) Your cuisine is said to appeal to women, do you think that true, if so why? (Answer) Yes, it is true. My cuisine is Artistic, Fashionable and Healthy. We use many kinds of vegetables and source on our dishes are not thick as the ordinary French cuisine.
  10. You're right! Alton needs a spellchecker and to learn how to resize his images. Or his web person should take care of things for him. And he needs a decent digital camera. I respect the talent, but I hate that he makes his page look so unprofessional and techno-clueless. Please, Alton, leave it to the professionals. Don't try this at home! just to let you know...he did the update from his hospital and hotel room, give the guy some credit...man you guys can be brutal
  11. ...man you get the best scoops... Glad it's nothing major...thought maybe it was something Flay prepared... I have got some stuff in the works that might be even better, but cant say till I am sure!
  12. I just talked to him 20 mins ago, he is fine and its nothing major.
  13. Mario Batali,Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay are the new Iron Chef's! These 4 shows that they filmed are kind of a handing off of the baton from the Japanese Iron Chefs to the new chefs....It was good,I do thing you will like it from what I saw. Post production is another thing though and can change some stuff for better or worse. Depending on how they do, ratings wise, the Food Network will make more.
  14. I will post a new thread when it/they come out.I didnt get much time with Morimoto and asked the simple questions...one of which was submitted by hillvalley,the question was what was he thinking when he used Coke with Natto in Battle Natto....His answer was great...simply "I like Coke"!
  15. If you are wrong, I will tell you if you are wrong...but trust me, you guys will NEVER find out from me! I got the gig througha combinations of stuff..its a long story, I might be writing a bit for a major paper...just waiting for the call back..that would be cool! It was a good day yesterday..Iron Chef...and a good tax return that day to boot!
  16. April 23rd it will start, I can't publish anything about it until the weds before so I will have to be vague in my descriptions of things. I think everyone will be pleased with it,I know I was. Sashimi,welcome to e gullet! My article will be in either the weds food section or the Rave magazine in the Daily Breeze newspaper (dailybreeze.com) and maybe in all 12 Copley papers (which would be cool). It will run on the 21st or 23rd..I will post a link, but the online edition does not have photo's,some of which are really cool
  17. It was at a studio in L.A. downtown.It was a really nice set up...I have never seen so many all clad pans in my life...I wonder what they do with them after the show...wish they would give them to me! I am gonna try to post a picture but have to figure out how.
  18. No Kishi,No Miss Cleao...isnt she in jail?...and by the way,non of us were even close on the theme ingrediant. Now as for Bobby Flay I must say I was not expecting to get the time of day from him, but he was really down to earth and a decent guy. shot the breeze with me for quite some time and made time to come back and finish. The guy is into food and had some serious skills, one of the things he and morimoto were making was a green basil chili sauce that smelled amazing...The worse part for me was I had to eat drive through taco bell for dinner afterwards! The guy from Thirsty Traveler is doing the "ohta" role, and well I might add. But I was still amazed with Alton Brown...The guy was doing to role of Fukai san and Satori san.Speaking of that, Torakris if you see this I will be on Fuji TV on the 8th..They loved my sushi shirt and interviewed me during the taping...it was cool!
  19. I just got back a few mins ago, I must say I was impressed and they pretty much stuck to the original formula. I got to meet and hang out with all of them (alton, flay, batali, morimoto) and found they were all very good guys and tthey went out of theyre way to answer questions etc. Nobody had any ego's at all, Alton was the coolest guy and did the play by play really well. Batali is aware of e gullet (more to come on that later) and Alton is into it as well. I got the chat with the exec proraming director for quite some time (he is a big fan of you Tony B) and got to learn alot about how things are done. I got some great pics and will upload them when I can. I think its going to do well and I wish them the best. I cant say much else as we were sworn to secrecy and I am not going to go back on my word about the theme ingrediant...but they are good! I will post more when I can.
  20. That was pretty nasty and I actually turned it off for a few mins. I doubt it will be as slimey and gross as in Japan...Well, I am off to find out right now with notebook and camera in hand!
  21. I leave in 5 hrs,I will check this thread at noon for anymore ? and print them out to take with me. I am still saying its going to be Lobster!
  22. That would be good...but picture raising up from amid the smoke the theme ingrediant being...that blue and yellow can we all love...SPAM!
  23. If you want Burgers,you must go to B&R burgers in Hawthorne.It was the very first review I did for the newspaper and the burgers are the size of your head and really good....I will take you if you want (you need a gun for protection so that is why I must go with you).
  24. They are filming 4 battles this week,the first is today with Batali vs Morimoto then Flay/Sakai then the team battle (which I will be going too), then Puck Vs Morimoto.I think its all going to be good,now if I can just manage to get on as a judge (I will be handing out cards left and right)!
  25. I was thinking about the assistants, will they be Japanese? One of Each (English speaking/Japanese speaking) or will there be no assistants at all...Oh man this is gonna be great
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