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  1. Regarding the scarcity of yeast, from Food 52: "Here's Why All the Yeast Is Sold Out Right Now" And if you're out of yeast and there's a brewery in your area, they can be a source for yeast: "San Diego brewery offers up yeast to make bread at home"
  2. Just posted on the Dinner thread about my belated slow cooker corned beef. I never soak my corned beef either. As for the little package of spices., if you prefer your own spices, then add your own and get down with your bad self! There was one time I opened my package of corned beef and couldn't find the usual enclosed spice package. So I thought "How hard can this be?" and added some pickling spices I had on hand. I should have measured better...it ended up tasting like bread & butter sweet pickles! Once the corned beef is done in the slow cooker, I use the cooking water in another pot to boil the potatoes and carrots and the cabbage is done in its own little pot since it would just shred if boiled along with the potatoes and carrots. My slow cooker is actually a Westbend brand cooker. The rectangular cooking pot can be removed from the heating "griddle" and used on the stove top, which comes in handy.
  3. Toliver

    Dinner 2020

    Had mine late, as well. It was a case of #FirstWorldProblems. I only have my small freezer atop my refrigerator. I bought two Corned Beefs, planning to cook one and freeze the other. But didn't have the room due to a small Prime Rib roast from Xmas in the freezer. So for St. Patrick's Day, I had Prime Rib and the fixin's (with my rub concoction and Martha Stewart's oven times and temps). It was superb. Once the Prime Rib was out of the freezer, I put one of the corned beefs inside. This past Sunday I finally made the other corned beef in my slow cooker served along with potatoes and carrots, No cabbage because Walmart had jacked up the price to $1.57/lb, the rat bastards!
  4. "Joy of Cooking: 2019 Edition Fully Revised and Updated" Kindle Edition $2.99US Use the "llok Inside" feature and scroll down quite a way to see actual listings of recipes 9in the menu planning section), then scroll down to see many recipes from the cookbook. Dan Lepard's "The Handmade Loaf: The book that started a baking revolution" Kindle Edition $.99US Use the "llok Inside" feature and scroll down to see lots of pictures illustrating the different kinds of breads you can make. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  5. Some finds from this afternoon: Patricia Wells' "My Master Recipes" Kindle Edition $1.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the list of recipes then scroll down to see some of the recipes. "All About Cake: A Milk Bar Cookbook" Kindle Edition $2.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature then scroll down to see some of the recipes. From the Williamsburg restaurant of the same name, "Saltie: A Cookbook" Kindle Edition $2.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the list of recipes. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  6. Toliver

    Chick-Fil-A 2011

    Sadly, no. Not crispy at all. Makes me think it was either under a heat lamp or nuked.
  7. Toliver

    Chick-Fil-A 2011

    I am an idiot. This was supposed to go in the Dunkin Donut discussion! My apologies for being distracted and making the error.
  8. Toliver

    Chick-Fil-A 2011

    I tried the Bag 'o' Bacon. It's good in a sort of protein/Keto sort of way. As you can see it's 8 half-pieces (interesting that they're torn, not sliced). If you can't take spicy things, you may want to pass on this breakfast item. The cherrywood smoked bacon has a sweet coating (brown sugar?) along with a heavy dose of black pepper. The spiciness from the black pepper built up over time as I ate the bacon pieces. In a breakfast sandwich, I don't think it'd be considered spicy but by themselves it's a different story.
  9. I noticed that the hoarders that stripped the grocery store shelves of wheat-flour pasta left behind the alternative flours pastas (lentil pasta, rice pasta, etc). Thank goodness the hoarders haven't expanded their culinary horizons.
  10. Well, if those stores are anything like my local Walmart Grocery store, Nathan's are quite a bit more expensive. It's no wonder they're still sitting on the shelf. I guess even hoarders like to save money..
  11. Toliver

    Taco Bell 2014 -

    "Taco Bell introduces toasted breakfast burritos to fend off Wendy's and McDonald's" McDonald's added new chicken breakfast sandwiches and now Wendy's has debuted breakfast, as well. Are these Taco Bell added items enough to stave off the competition?
  12. "McDonald’s Added 2 New Burgers To Its Line-Up Including A Double Big Mac That Boasts 4 Patties" McDonald's is ripping off In 'n' Out's 4x4. So much for innovation, McD's!
  13. Toliver

    Chick-Fil-A 2011

    "Chick-fil-A will start selling bottles of its signature sauce"
  14. Toliver

    Food recalls

    "Listeria outbreak: 4 deaths, 30 hospitalizations linked to recalled enoki mushrooms"
  15. Toliver

    Oreo Cookies

    I am thrilled to see the Dark Chocolate Oreos are still being stocked on local store shelves (as opposed to being a limited time offer). Just the aroma will soothe my soul after a bad day at work. Remind me to get a life.
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