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  1. @Shelby, there's something called "cowboy candy" (jalapeños) that are supposed to be really good. I haven't tried making it. It's called "candy," but is eaten as a pickle (with savory foods).
  2. MokaPot

    Breakfast 2020!

    Looks good, @Kim Shook. How did you get your scrambled eggs in those disc shapes?
  3. I subbed coconut oil (for a neutral oil) into a cake and my cake turned out dry. (Had made that cake before and it was not dry.) I always attributed it to the way coconut oil is semi-solid at room temperature. Maybe you had the opposite problem. Coconut oil can also be semi-liquid at room temperature. Maybe that's giving you the oily feel. (You said you subbed it for butter, which would be "solid" at room temperature.)
  4. IIRC, somebody did make these and did post photos of these (chocolate spheres, little marshmallows, etc., inside) on eGullet within the past few months. I've looked around on the threads and can't find the post now. I'll keep looking.
  5. Thanks, @Shelby. When you do the knife thing, do you blanche in advance? I'm guessing you could use a butter knife since you're using the back of the knife? Appreciate your help.
  6. The Red Weapons look really good. I don't always like tomato skins, so serious question: how would you peel those small tomatoes? Like the ones in the photo, below. They look like cherry tomatoes. Thanks in advance!
  7. Pretty amazing to get 2 gallons from 6 turkey necks (plus your vegetables).
  8. MokaPot


    Marsala sauce / gravy?
  9. The prices seem OK to me (Réunion), for what you're getting. Not something I could afford every day, but I would definitely try to support a place like that. That prosecco poached pear galette with hazelnut cream, raspberry crumb, and roasted hazelnut for $4.50 is what I'd eat there. Looks like a kouign amman.
  10. Salsa (canned tomatoes). Prefer fresh tomatoes, but canned is what I had and it's pretty good.
  11. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    Not sure about the Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki), but you can pan-fry the Japanese rice cakes (mochi). You get a nice, caramelized crust on the "cakes."
  12. MokaPot

    Lunch 2020

    Lemon grass tofu sandwich (there's lots of tofu in there, underneath the pickled veg) and sweet potato French fries.
  13. I don't mind new-ish developments in fruits. The Honeycrisp apple (delicious, IMO) was developed in a research center at the University of Minnesota, U.S. Seems like you only hear about new fast foods. (I like fast foods, too.) So, it's nice to hear about interest in fruits. No, I won't spend $49 for one pineapple, but I'll try it when the price comes down. Broccoflower, I didn't like.
  14. MokaPot


    Honeycrisp apples are available and tasting pretty good this season (not mealy). Just letting you guys know. Little bit expensive, but hey.
  15. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    Black bean "chili" with Swiss cheese & corkscrew pasta. Not my favorite cheese to pair with chili, but it's what I had in the fridge.
  16. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    Sounds exciting, picking up a car in Munich. BMW? (Hope you don't mind me asking! I like cars.)
  17. MokaPot


    It's been a while since I've bought it, but I like the Comté cheese as well. I *think* it was Kirkland.
  18. MokaPot


    Costco has stopped selling BelGioioso "fresh" mozzarella cheese (two logs, pre-sliced). Costco now sells Kirkland brand "fresh" mozzarella cheese. The look of the cheese & the packaging (two logs, pre-sliced) was so similar to BelGioioso's product that I thought maybe Costco had contracted with BG to produce the cheese & slap a Kirkland label on it. However ... the Kirkland product was not that good. Bland, no flavor, texture not great. Yes, I realize this is supposed to be a mild, milky cheese. Also, the slices were thinner than BG's slices. I like to bite into a thicker slice, like the BG slices. Will not buy Kirkland fresh mozzarella again. IMO, if Costco wants to start selling Kirkland everything, it should be as good or an improvement over the displaced product.
  19. MokaPot

    Flavored soda

    I like grated ginger & lime juice.
  20. IMO, that S&B curry powder has more flavor than what's in some of the pre-made bricks. I think you'll get a better curry in the end. I have eaten curry rice in Japan (and elsewhere) and I think the S&B powder is a decent product.
  21. I saw those Loacker Quadratini cookies at the store the other day. I had to look at it twice because I thought the label said "Quarantini." I've been thinking about coronavirus too much.
  22. @weinoo, I like the S&B curry powder a lot, but it can be a little expensive, IMO. If you like it & want something that costs less, the Frontier brand "muchi" curry powder is really similar and just as good (IMO), plus cheaper. Stores that sell spices in bulk might have the Frontier product.
  23. Maybe you should've bought more than 3 lbs. You could probably roast & can or freeze.
  24. I'd probably try the blueberry muffin. I was only recently alerted to McDonald's stopping serving breakfast all day: https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-mcdonalds-cuts-back-on-menu-ends-all-day-breakfast-2020-3 IMO, they should just extend breakfast from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 or 11:30 a.m. I like the coffee drinks (iced coffee, cappuccino) at McD's, but seems like they're the same price(s) as Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I like the cup they (McD's) serve the hot drinks in as well, but I wonder how long those cups take to biodegrade.
  25. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    I would say it's like seitan. I've only ever had TVP in crumbles form. I have had seitan in small sheets. I'm having a hard time comparing the two right now, haha. Now that I think of it, the vegan dim sum that I had was probably seitan, not TVP.
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