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  1. @blue_dolphin 2nd photo with the soy sauce and vinegar still looked pretty to me. Soy sauce makes almost everything taste better, IMO. Maybe I'm biased.
  2. I might have to try Peeps this year ... stale Peeps. (I heard stale Peeps were the best way to eat them.)
  3. I met someone who was a cook on a research ship. She made some homemade Twinkies that I got to taste. Very good, but not exactly the same texture as Twinkies. IIRC, she made the Twinkies jelly-roll style (didn't have the Twinkie pans), one complete revolution with cream in the middle. But I can understand wanting the exact shape of a Twinkie.
  4. I had a great, original idea to make Twinkie tiramisu (b/c I never see ladyfingers at the store). I Googled it and turns out that one of the Disney resorts already thought of it. My next thought was Milano (Pepperidge Farm cookies) tiramisu. Late to the game on that as well. I don't even like tiramisu that much, so not sure why I'm trying to find a twist on the original.
  5. Shoot, @ElsieD, I knew I should have taken note from the packaging (now discarded). I plan to purchase them again. The people at that store are helpful, so I'll ask them what I got last time. I'll take note & post when I find out.
  6. MokaPot

    Flan tin

    Yeah, sounds like a springform pan. I've made a few flans and seems like they'd leak from a springform without foil or something to hold it in.
  7. Bought these frozen mandoo dumplings. Vegetable filling. Extremely tasty. Would buy again. Made these gyoza dumplings, below, with pre-made, round wrappers (labelled "wonton" wrappers). Tofu, chive, ginger, & garlic filling. I need to buy larger wrappers; these wrappers were too small and I couldn't get enough filling inside. Good, though. The frozen ones tasted better.
  8. I haven't tried this trick, but according to the Preppy Kitchen guy, if you swap out some of the flour for cornstarch (he uses 1/2 cup / 60 grams cornstarch), you can get a "no spread" sugar cookie with sharper edges.
  9. @rotuts, I do like russet (and other) potato skins, even in potato salads. The Japanese potato salad has to have *peeled* russets, though.
  10. I actually like russet potatoes (peeled) in a Japanese-style potato salad. I don't mind the corners and edges breaking down. I've been having good luck with gold potatoes (for other uses). My normal store sells the gold potatoes from a bulk bin (labeled "gold," not claiming to be "Yukon gold"). I could probably inquire about the brand. @Darienne, if you're interested, LMK, and I'll ask about the brand of these bulk gold potatoes.
  11. IIRC, I poked (pierced) the yolk with something really small & sharp, maybe a sewing pin or the tip of a paring knife. IIRC, I poked the yolk more than just once, maybe 2-3 small holes. I think I also adjusted (down) the power level of the microwave.
  12. I never did get a down-pat method for the sunny-side-up type of egg in the microwave. But I did get some decent results. I did poke the yolk and never had an explosion. If you like a runny yolk and a white that's not runny, I think you're still working against the different temps at which those 2 things set up. (The yolk sets up at a lower temperature than does the white.) I did make some really good (IMO) scrambled eggs with cheese, though. IIRC, I adjusted the power level (down) of the microwave and paused to stir the eggs (then resumed cooking). Really nice, fluffy texture.
  13. I've experimented with cooking eggs in the microwave. You can try piercing (with something small & sharp) the yolk. That might help with the explosion situation.
  14. @blue_dolphin, would be interested to know what model Canon you use. Your food photos look great and, somehow, cheerful. I think focus / steady camera is an issue for me. (Lighting as well.) I don't mind my iPhone camera, except that I can't get a photo that looks like it was taken 100% from a head-on perspective (perpendicular). It's not that apparent in food photos, but if I'm taking a photo of a building that is symmetrical, I can see that the approach looks skewed. Could be due to the lens being on the left side on the back of my phone.
  15. @chromedome, good find on that tall cabinet. Fits just right into that space. I definitely have some storage areas that should stay behind closed doors.
  16. I like both butter and jelly / jam on toast, in whatever quantities you like. @kayb's toast looks good to me (with that much jam). Grew up eating jelly or jam on grilled (griddled, really) cheese sandwiches. (Parents got us used to eating grilled cheese that way.) One day, at our grandparents' house, we kids wanted jelly or jam for our grilled cheese and our grandmother balked & refused, too much of a luxury, too excessive. (Not the typical grandmother spoiling her grandchildren.) Anyway, I think our grandfather felt bad and took out a can of Underwood deviled ham spread, which didn't really hit the spot if you're wanting jelly or jam. And, no, that experience with my grandmother didn't stop me from using jelly / jam on grilled cheese and buttered toast. Used to like the Knott's Berry Farm boysenberry & seedless boysenberry. Hard to find that now, though.
  17. I needed gochugaru (crushed chili peppers, no seeds) and ended up with additional items. Vegetable mandoo (dumplings), shrimp crackers, can of Sajo (Korean brand) tuna, and "dried" daikon (radish) kimchi. The kimchi is good. I think I want to get back into making my own gyoza / mandoo (not the wrappers, though).
  18. MokaPot

    Lunch 2021

    Corkscrew pasta with tuna and tomato. The tuna is Sajo brand (Korean) canned tuna. Kind of too fishy, IMO. Yes, I realize tuna is a fish. Still tasty, though.
  19. MokaPot

    Dinner 2021

    @Dejah, I'm assuming those are raw & then frozen. I like to eat abalone raw, but not sure if you'd be comfortable eating them raw. I've also had fresh-picked abalone, cooked. The person who picked the abalone cooked them. (I really wanted to eat that abalone raw, but I was not the one who picked them off the rock(s).) Anyway, I remember watching it being cooked (sliced, then cooked semi-briefly in butter) and I remember it being very rubbery and hard to eat (tough). My conclusion: if you cook it, you've got to cook it down for a long time in order for it to become pleasant to eat. Liquid braise sounds good. I would try braising it whole and then slicing it later. Good luck!
  20. MokaPot

    Burger King

    Ouch! I like the onion rings 😀.
  21. I probably have a high tolerance for "fishy" and other objectionable food aromas. At my old work place, there were a lot of baby-tasters. Lots of complaints about food smells (e.g., curry) and use of the microwave. I had to be careful about what foods I brought to work and ended up going home to for lunch about a third of the time. (I was lucky to live close to work.)
  22. MokaPot

    Burger King

    I was disappointed with the I&O burger & fries (anemic, flaccid, IMO). Supposedly, you can order your fries "well-done" and get your burger "animal style" with mustard (?) fried into the patty, etc. I'd be willing to try the fries again (well-done), but the burger should taste good without mustard fried into it. YMMV. We all like what we like. Burger King: haven't been there for a long time, but I did enjoy the original, oblong chicken sandwich (deep-fried patty, minimal garnish). Unpopular opinion, but I actually liked their French fries more than I liked McD's.
  23. A friend gave me, as an early St. Patrick's Day gift, these See's Scotchmallows (dark chocolate, marshmallow, & caramel). The 6 on the left are the regular Scotchmallows. The 6 on the right are St. Patrick's Day Scotchmallows (mint flavor). I like the original flavor better but was glad to receive these as a gift. Before I received the Scotchmallows, my sweet tooth was acting up and I got these mini frosted vanilla cupcakes.
  24. MokaPot


    Actually, it was the texture (of the unagi) more than the flavor that reminded me of catfish.
  25. MokaPot


    Yes, I've tried both unagi (freshwater) and anago (salt water) eel. More experience with unagi. Personally, eel is not my favorite thing to eat at the sushi bar. The texture reminds me of catfish. (I have limited experience eating catfish, though.) A friend of mine really likes unagi, I suspect it's due to the sauce. (IME, unagi is served with a light teriyaki sauce.)
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