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  1. From my limited experience with foreclosures, I noticed that the flippers were able to DIY some of the renovations (e.g., kitchens). I.e., saved on labor costs. The flippers who didn't DIY would buy houses in better condition.
  2. Hmm ... I'd probably mop in a restaurant. At the very least, I'd use a utensil to scoop up the sauce and put it on my bread. I love sauces & gravies. That's the best part, IMO.
  3. @Bernie, I don't know about "explosive" or sinus-clearing, but I do think the vinegar taste should be present in nigiri. I like the vinegar flavor, probably more than most people do.
  4. I do enjoy grocery store sushi rolls. I also enjoy the sushi from the revolving (kaiten / conveyor belt) sushi restaurants. I also enjoy sushi from a sushi bar / restaurant (made to order or omakase). Expectations are different for each source of sushi.
  5. @heidih, I think the Bianco cans were gold-tone inside, despite that photo I posted. I'll report back.
  6. I don't have an opened can to look at right now, but, IIRC, Bianco organic canned tomatoes cans are brassy / gold-colored on the inside. Bianco tomatoes are currently my favorite canned tomatoes. IMO, they don't taste like a can. However, here's a photo from the Forno Bravo (pizza oven) website: I don't remember the insides of the cans looking white like that. I plan to get more of these Bianco tomatoes and will do a follow-up post when I open a can.
  7. MokaPot

    Caesar Salad

    I like this "3 Crabs" fish sauce as well. It's somewhat easy to find. Pretty economically-priced.
  8. Did that Instant Pot recipe involve putting the vinegar / rice / water mixture into the pot, locking down the lid, and pressure-cooking it all together? If yes, that might be the problem. The rice is usually cooked completely separate. The vinegar mixture is added later and folded into the rice, as other posters have described.
  9. On an electric coil burner, like mine, maybe the extra weight of the cast iron helps to keep the cooking surface level (flat). My mom had a few cast iron pans (not coated) that were good for eggs, etc. I abused those pans (via how I cleaned them) and they still worked well.
  10. Seems like a good shape to prevent spills. I keep my half 'n' half in a container shaped like that. (I "scoop" out my half 'n' half.)
  11. Rice vinegar would probably be the mildest. Maybe it's the quantity of vinegar you're using. Also, there's supposed to be some sugar (and other ingredients) in there to balance it out. Lemon juice, I don't know about that.
  12. MokaPot

    Breakfast 2020!

    Haven't had the chance to try scrapple yet, but yours looks like something I'd try. Eggs & tomato look good.
  13. @Kerry Beal, yes, my Bamix did come with that attachment (a small bowl & small food processor blade). Maybe I should have played around with that attachment more before I gave away my Bamix. The Bamix, in general, did seem like a nice-quality product.
  14. Little embarrassed to post these because they're kind of froufrou. I was looking for a coffee cup that was more like a large teacup. This is what I ended up with. The coffee cools off a little too quickly, though. Over all, I like them.
  15. Maybe this sounds dumb, but here's a warning. I got a Bamix blender, intending to make salsa (pico de gallo) in small batches. Not a great tool for raw tomatoes. Yes, I know I can hand-slice tomatoes, but I actually like the texture of raw tomatoes pulsed in a food processor (e.g., Cuisinart). I thought that the Bamix would be handy instead of the Cuisinart. Anyway, ended up giving away the Bamix to a family member. The salsa / pico de gallo was my main intended use.
  16. For those who like the Carr's lemon ginger cookies. I want to alert you to a very sad situation. The formula has changed for the worse. It looks different, cookie part seems drier. Less ginger flavor. I'm not even sure I will finish eating these. Might even be smaller.
  17. MokaPot


    If you want to try frozen artichoke hearts, I can recommend these 2 brands: Birds Eye / C&W (I guess these 2 companies merged). Signature Select (used to be called "Safeway Kitchens," this is the Vons / Safeway store brand). Both come in 8-oz. boxes. Little bit expensive, but when you think about how many leaves & how much refuse artichokes have, it makes sense.
  18. I wonder if you could use a Dremel (drill) with a sanding bit on your existing glass lid & sand a notch into the lid. (I was writing this as @Chris Hennes posted.)
  19. MokaPot

    Caesar Salad

    Another non-authentic but tasty salad dressing. If you don't have or don't want to use anchovies, use pitted kalamata olives instead. I've made this dressing in a stand blender. I like anchovies as well, but this is a nice alternative.
  20. After a long absence from the shelves, Carr's ginger lemon cremes (Oreo-type cookies) reappeared. The box looks a little bit different from before, so I hope they did not change the formula.
  21. Cooking chopsticks (used sort of like tongs). The tips (skinnier ends) are silicone-coated. The silicone runs about 2.5 inches up. When I ordered them, I thought the chopsticks were going to be fully-coated in silicone. I use them in nonstick pans and just general use as well.
  22. How about this Stanley "scratch awl" tool (for woodworking, I think). $9.99 on Amazon, which has reviews & customer photos.
  23. Well, more for you, then, @chileheadmike.
  24. @Dante, is/are there one or two dishes, in particular, that you're interested in? Maybe that would help.
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